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Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mishka Plans Big With Kabir

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Rudra tells Preesha that he cannot give such a bad news to a small kid Sunny. Preesha says soon he will find out about his mother somehow, so its better they inform him. Sunny hears them and asks what happened to his mummy. Preesha says he know his mother had cancer, hence they found out yesterday that his mummy passed away. Sunny acts as panicking and cries that his mummy cannot die. Rudra hugs and consoles him and Preesha also consoles him. Saransh shatters noticing that and thinks his parents don’t love him anymore and love only Sunny. Rudra and Preesha console Sunny that they are with him and he need not worry. Yuvraj noticing them thinks Sunny deserves Oscar for such a good acting, he praises himself for such a good plan and goes into flashback where he tells Sunny that Rudra and Preesha are very intelligent and must have called Delhi’s all cancer hospitals by now. Sunny asks if they found out truth. Yuvraj says they will not, gives a chit and asks to keep it in his bag and somehow make Rudra and Preesha notice it and when they question tell them that his mummy packed his bag. Sunny asks if they will stop questioning him. Yuvraj says yes. Sunny leaves. Yuvraj thinks Reema’s chapter is close from today and remembers bribing ward boy and making him lie that Reema is dead due to cancer. Out of flashback, he thinks Reema’s chapter has finished and Sunny’s entry in Rudra and Preesha’s life has started. He then sees Saransh in balcony and thinks he is getting jealous seeing his parents’ attention towards Sunny, so he should now make Sunny and Sarash fight to make Rudra and Preesha fight seeing their fight.

Yuvraj walks to Saransh’s room and asks why he looks so angry. Saransh asks him to go from here. Yuvraj asks if he failed in any subject. Saransh shouts that Sunny took away his parents. Yuvraj says he should be angry on Sunny instead or make him a friend to get back his parent’s attention. Saransh shouts that his parents don’t love him anymore and love Sunny instead. Yuvraj says he shouldn’t worry as he is getting his needs fulfilled and if he doesn’t, even he will think his parents don’t love him anymore. Saransh walks away fuming. Yuvraj thinks Saransh is trapped in his plan.

Rudra continues consoling Sunny and says its a difficult situation for him, but he has a family with him, Preesha, Saransh, and 2 grandmas to take care of him. Preesha also consoles him and says let us watch cartoon movie which Saransh also watches when he gets sad. Sunny agrees. Rudra says Saransh is his champ #1 and Sunny #2. Preesha asks servant to bring popcorn and inform Saransh that they are watching his favorite cartoon. Sunny insists her to start the movie and watches it holding their hands. Saransh walks to them and asks Preesha how can she watch his favorite movie without him. She says how can she, she sent a servant to call him. He says nobody came to him. Preesha calls servant and asks if he didn’t inform Saransh. Servant says Saransh wasn’t in his room. Preesha asks Saransh to watch a movie with them now. Saransh insists to sit between her and Rudra in Sunny’s place. Sunny reminisces Yuvraj ordering him to make Saransh jealous and believe that his parents don’t love him much anymore. Saransh insists Sunny to get out of his place, but Sunny insists. Their fight starts. Yuvraj watching them praises Sunny’s acting. Preesha stops them both and makes them both sit between her and Rudra and offers them popcorn. Rudra thanks Preesha for stopping their fight. Yuvraj fumes thinking Chipkali/lizard Preesha spoils his plan always.

Mishka walks into Sulochana and Kabir’s room and says she came to find out where their plan is heading. Sulochana murmurs that she is trying to board a running vehicle. Kabir nervously asks what plan, if she is out of her mind. Mishka asks her to stop his overacting as Ahana already informed her plan about grabbing 500 crores, etc. Yuvraj enters and addressing her as sasti Kareena asks if she asked if they want her in their plan or not. She says he is a loser and Ahana left him as she didn’t want to stay with him. He says truth is her father died. She warns to dare not talk about her father. He says may his soul rest in peace, but its a truth and Ahana went to London to pack up his business. She says she replaced Ahana. He says her sister was smart, but she is an utter dumb. She shouts to mind his language. Kabir shouts jhand khopdi and tells Sulochana that Mishka is Ahana’s sister and will be part of her plan. Yuvraj says only 3 of them will be part of the plan, he and Culochana will plan as Kabir is dumb like his muh boli behen Mishka. Kabir holds his collar. Sulochana stops him and asks why he boards a wrong train always. Kabir shouts Mishka will be part of their plan and walks out shouting. Mishka taunts Yuvraj that Kabir should have punched him. Sulochana shoos sasti Kareena away. Mishka leaves. Yuvraj consoles Sulochana that kids react, but they should calmlyl plan as they cannot lose 500 crores.

Kabir fumes that he will not spare Yuvraj for his misbehavior. Mishka walks to him and thanks him for his support. He says Yuvraj has hypnotized his mother and she is just obeying him. Mishka says they both should prove their worth with their plan. He flirts with her. She warns him to back off as he doesn’t have any chance. He backs off and asks what will they do now. She says he has a plan.

Precap: During breakfast, Saransh asks Preesha to bring him water. She walks to kitchen and seeing Sunny’s injured finger nurses it. Saransh gets angry seeing her attention towards Sunny. Sulochana and Sharda ask about Kabir and Mishka. Kabir enters with Mishka after marrying her. Rudra asks why did Kabir marry Mishka when he loves Ahana.
Mishka says he married her as she is pregnant.

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