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The Twisted game of Destiny-The Deal ep.17 IMMJ2 Fanfic

The deal

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The Twisted game of Destiny-ep 16. What’s Mine is Always Mine IMMJ2 Fanfic


Riva: Rivan!! (Rivan ran away) Idiot! Now, just waiting for tomorrow and we follow dad!

The Next day

Vansh: Angre! Make sure this house is secured, I don’t want anything going wrong here! Chang is very dangerous! After the deal he may decide to attack me or my family and you know I can’t let that happen at any cost! Take the diamonds and follow me! (left to the car)

Angre: Yes boss!

Riva: Riv, let’s go quick!

Rivan: Ri you go, I’m following you! But how will we follow them?

Riva: We can hide in the backseat. But for that we need to distract dad and Angre uncle.

Rivan: Got an idea. Pass your phone.

Riva: Why mine, use yours!

Rivan: Uhh what do you want to hide in your phone? You’ve got a boyfriend? (suspicious)

Riva: (irritated) You know what yes, not one, 100 boyfriends! Is that enough

Rivan: I pity them, how will they handle you! (chuckled)

Riva: Are you doing your work or shall I leave you alone and do it my way!

Rivan: Fine I’m doing. (took out his phone and called Angre, changed his voice) Hello Mr Angre, this is your well-wisher speaking! Go to your room quickly, there’s someone who’s trying to kidnap your wife!

Angre: What the hell! (to Vansh) Boss someone just called me and said someone’s trying to kidnap Ishani!

Vansh: What!! Let’s go (ullu banaya bara maza aaya😜😂)

They entered the hall and were walking to the room, while Riva and Rivan took the opportunity and snuck into the backseat. They curled up to hide themselves in a way that they couldn’t be seen. While the two men walked up the stairs in a hurry when Vansh thought

Vansh: Wait Angre! No one can kidnap Ishani! She will do anything to stop that person, she can shout at the top of her lungs, she can hit different things on him, and she can even hurl abuses that will push the kidnapper away from this house! He won’t even think of coming back!(chuckled) And for now there’s nothing of that sort that happened! Meaning it was a prank call.

Angre: you’re right, her scream is louder than a witch’s! (Vansh glared at him) Sorry

Vansh: I agree with that! (laughed) Anyway we are getting late for the deal. Let’s go. (went to the car and drove off)

At Chang’s hideout. (C for Chang and VR for Vansh)

C: So Mr VR you very well know that I don’t accept betrayers. There is no place for them! So you better not…

VR: (cutting him) Stop right there Chang! (commanding angry voice) Death itself has to take permission from me before approaching me so betrayal, NAHH! I hate betrayers!

Rivan: (whispering to Riva. They were witnessing everything from the back) Woah!

Riva: Come on, if you keep on blabbering how am I supposed to listen to what he’s saying. So Shut up!! (Rivan made a face)

They had hidden themselves behind spare boxes that were arranged at the back of the hideout. They were in such an angle that they could see and hear everything that took place.

C: Give me the money and I’ll hand you the diamonds!

VR: Angre!

A: Yes Boss! (he brought in the bags) Here you go Boss!

VR: Chang! Don’t touch them yet, I haven’t given the permission to yet!

C: You’re crossing your limits VR! You can’t boss around me!

VR: Interesting, Very Interesting! VR doesn’t cross limits but instead sets limits! (opening the bags) Amd here are the papers for the property.

C: Perfect! (signaling his men)

Riva: What was that signal for? Is he planning to betray Dad?

Rivan: I doubt he can! (taking his phone out) Even if he does, we’ve got proof. (smirking)

Riva: Really, you recorded? Oh thank God he finally sent some brains in your empty head!

Rivan: Oh really! Empty brain huh? Then if you have brains then why didn’t you think about it earlier?

Riva: So that I give you the opportunity to think (smiling) OMG!

She looked ahead of them to find VR and his men at gunpoint. Chang had double crossed Vansh, he wanted to escape with money and also didn’t want to hand in the diamonds.

VR: Chang!! You wouldn’t reform will you! I knew you were going to do something so silly!

C: Just admit your defeat

VR: Never!

Riva: I told you! He double crossed Dad as well Aryan and Kabir mamu yesterday!

Rivan: We need to do something! Wait did you notice something? Why isn’t anyone holding on to Angre uncle? Is he…

Riva: I think you’re right! But why would he do that if he’s Dad’s best man! (realizing look) Interesting! Very interesting! What if he’s involved in the….

Rivan: (telepathy) No way Ri! Ridiculous, I don’t believe this, you better have a reasoning for what you’re thinking!

Riva: Okay, I will but in detail later!

Rivan: I don’t know! We need to look up before we assume. But for now we need to save Dad!

Riva: Right!

They uncovered themselves from their hiding spots and approached the men, for a face off.

Rivan: Mr Chang!! (he shouted approaching them)

VR: What are you doing here! Both of you! (anger and shocked)

Riva: I don’t think this is the right time to answer that but for now it’s important to rescue you from here!

VR: Get out of here before these guys do something!

Rivan: Don’t worry they won’t be able to! (hit one of the men pointing a gun at one of the men)

Riva: (fought with the guy pointing the gun at VR) How dare you!! (anger)

Precap: Trapped!

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