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The nights we spent together (Chapter 4)

Episode starts with Riddhima waking up and feeling severe pain in head,
She tries to remember as what happened last night,vansh then comes inside and offers her lemonade.
She looks at him shockingly,he smirks,she becomes more shocked.
Riddhima:What..what happened
Vansh:Nothing,just last night was tooo beautiful.
She got more shocked and looked at her,
Riddhima:What...what do you mean
Vansh:I had went to next room,for sleeping,you changed ,wore my black shirt,and came to my room,dragged me here,it was just so perfect.
He then laughed.
Riddhima started crying ,bitterly,saying please say directly,this can not happen.
Vansh stopped over her tears,it made him helpless.He held her hand and asked her to look in his eyes.
Vansh:Riddhima..nothing happened.You just drank energy drank by your sisters,which was actually alcohol,you yourself wore my black shirt,(Riddhima remembers taking black shirt from his wardrobe),you went in rain and started dancing and fainted,I just got you here and made you slept and went to other room.Do you trust me?
For Riddhima,it was unknown marriage to an unknown person,but stillthe firmness that he had in his eyes,his sweet gesture,his politeness,his goodness,it all made her believe on him.
Vansh continued: Trust me Riddhima,you are completely safe here,I ,will never hurt you,Everything will be according to your wishes and consent always,except,except the fact that I will look at you whenever I want,even without your consent.
Riddhima got warm,and looked other side,and blushed.She then smiled to him.
Vansh too smiled,
Vansh:You change up and get ready,your luggage has arrived and meet me downstairs,till then I will make breakfast,
Riddhima got stunned,
Riddhima:No...I will make it .
Vansh:But its your first day here?
Riddhima:Yes,that's why I will make it,bride makes food on first day of wedding.
Vansh nodded and smiled and left.
Riddhima kept looking at him.
She then went to change and found a price tag in his shirt,
She thought to herself,
"This was new shirt,how stupid I am,I made night suit with it.her eyes then fell over price,"50000","
She got extremely shocked and scared, she changed and came downstairs in heavy torquoise blue saree,with a lot of embroidery on it.
Vansh was checking his files but when saw her coming downstairs his eyes just stopped at her,she was ,looking gorgeous.
Riddhima came to him,he was looking at her without blinking,Riddhima stopped and felt his stare,it was warm stare,stare of goodness,his eyes showed that he is a really nice person.Thats why Riddhima got courage to speak about his shirt,
Riddhima:I am..really sorry vansh.
Vansh became exclaimed,:Excuse me?Sorry for what?
Riddhima:I ,,got your new shirt from wardrobe and made that 50,000 rs shirt,a night dress
Vansh smiled ,:So what
He sat on sofa,Riddhima was standing besides him.
Riddhima:But that was a royal shirt Vansh
Vansh:Even my breath is not royal in front of you.
These words,made Riddhima shocked,but he was saying it truly,it felt that he spoke his heart out.He then excused and left,Riddhima stood smiling.
Then Riddhima made breakfast,Vansh kept eating it like he had eaten anything first time,praising her continuously,she was just smiling.
Then he saw her standing,
Vansh:Why are you standing?Sit na..
Riddhima denied,:Mom said,eat after your husband ,in his thali.
Vansh laughed ,:You are so innocent na.
He held her hand and made her sit and forwarded his thali,
Vansh:Eat with me.
Riddhima stunned,Vansh again ordered that eat with me,she blushed ,and they both ate breakfast.
Then Angre arrived,and dropped Angelina.
Vansh smirked.
Vansh:Meet Angelina Riddhima
Riddhima's smiling face suddenly turned serious ,who is Angelina.
She then saw A huge Alstanian dog coming,
She got extremely happy,and hugged Angelina.
Vansh:She is my real companion.
Riddhima laughed,:You are....so bad na...you
Vansh laughed more.
Riddhima hugged Angelina.
Vansh kept looking at her.
Vansh: One thing ,that I want you to understand,is that I swear there was no girl in my life before you,and ,I swear again,there will be no girl other than you in my life.
Riddhina smiled,for a wife,these words meant the most.

So guys this was there first night,hope you all liked it,do tell me about your ideas for second night too in comment section.

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