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Santoshi Maa 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Babli is Liberated with help of Mata Santoshi.

Santoshi Maa 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with the owner of hotel warning for Babli if she reacts then he’ll shoot her immediately but Swati explains him to not do anything to her due to she is a soul & only he’ll get affected by her. Samiksha doesn’t believe in soul hence she feels foolish about Swati while her father calms her.
Swati is drawing a circle with powder of Mata Santoshi’s powers while Samiksha asks her what kind of foolish powder is this but she explains her that this has great powers by which Babli’s soul will get liberated one entering this line.
Babli comes readily while Swati tells her to come forward so that all the things of marriage happens as per rituals while Devi Polomi confusingly asks Dev Rishi that where are you taking me just roaming around & he tells her that you had to brought away from that place & she gets bugged on him saying that you have fooled me it seems which is wrong & tells him to stop the Rath.
Babli is slowly coming near the powder line while Swati is keeping telling her to come soon but as she is about to cross the line Devi Polomi shouts telling her to stop as they all are fooling her & she gets wild on all of them for fooling her & warns saying that I’ll kill everybody one by one now while Swati & Indresh are shocked how she came to know. The owner is screaming & shoots bullet from his gun towards Babli but she isn’t affected hence he asks how come nothing happened to her but Lovely says how can she get affected if she is a soul.
Babli gets more wild due to gunshot but Swati is trying to calm her saying that nothing will happen while Indresh is ready to marry & Indresh also calls her to come near him for completing rituals & while she is moving ahead emotionally then Devi Polomi pulls her to not to become fool & to see the line of powder which is being created to liberate her & she becomes furious on them while Swati goes near her to take her inside but instead Babli pulls her out of the line & keeps pulling her & Swati is shouting Indresh for help but also tells him to keep chanting prayers of Mata Santoshi & they all pray Mata while Mata is in meditation.
Swati is trying to stop Babli but she is hitting her furiously & also blaming for fooling her while Swati holds her stomach & Babli realizes she is having child in her stomach hence she is telling her that you are trying to save your child fooling me & tries to hit her stomach but Swati gives reason of not affecting child’s life or will get punishment of her evil deed but she isn’t listening her & tries to hit her stomach again but Swati prays Mata Santoshi & Mata holds Babli pulling her. Mata puts her hand on her forehead using her powers which makes her remind of her mother who prays for her soul’s well-being & also she getting killed by somebody but not Swati & Mata explains her to understand the truth & accept her mistake so that her soul will Liberate with eternal peace & Babli bends down on Mata’s feet accepting her mistake to forgive her.
Babli gets Liberated with Mata’s powers while Devi Polomi comes to instigate Mata saying that Babli was only a reason for troubling her devotee Swati but she is still having Babli’s mother as her trump card & Mata gets angry on her.

Precap: Devi Polomi asks help from her Guru Shukracharya to advise her that what she should do for her devotee’s to capture with her powers forever & he suggests her for performing Yagna in which Devlok’s powers are to be sacrificed & she is ready telling her Guru that for destroying Devi Santoshi’s territory she’ll do anything. Swati is performing prayers of Mata Santoshi along with Indresh & all her family members.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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