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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 36

The episode starts with:

Vansh with everyone reached the airport.

Vansh: shivaay you go and drop everyone home. Only me and angre will remain here.

Shivaay: but vansh..

Vansh: no shivaay it’s dangerous.

He nods.

Anika: but jiju what will we tell to dad?

Vansh: tell him that Riddhima had some very important work in college so she is there with me! I assure you I will get your sister back to you! And then I will everything to them!

Anika nods. They all leave. Angre calls the police and gets the airport sealed. All flights from Maldives were being checked. Police was checking every flight. Kabir noticed this. He changed his avtar to an old man (remember DSR😂). Police checked the flight but could not recognise Kabir. They went to vansh while Kabir took Riddhima to an old dark place.

Police: sorry mr.raisinghania but we couldn’t find him.

Vansh(shouting): how can you…where can he go!! He returned from Maldives only..then where is he..I don’t know anything find him anyhow.

They nod. Police officers go and start searching for Kabir and Riddhima in different directions outside the airport. Vansh and angre too went in search of her.

At dark old place:

Riddhima was tied with ropes on a chair. Kabir came there. He threw water on her face. She woke up with a jerk. Her hands were bleeding. She was in pain. She was not able to speak. The only word she could say was..

Riddhima: vansh…

Kabir: your vansh will not come to save you!! He can’t find you.(laughing)

He clutches her face with his hand. She screams. He then slaps her very hardly. She falls on the ground with her chair because she was tied.

Riddhima: van..vannshhh..will not…lea..ve you..(stammering in pain)

Kabir laughs evily.

Kabir: Riddhima.. Riddhima..your vansh will not come. And you boiled my blood by saying his name. Now you have to bear the consequences.

He leaves from there and comes after a while with a large wooden stick. Riddhima was shocked.

Riddhima: no..no..van…vansh..

Kabir hits her with the stick.

Kabir: now also you are using that vansh’s name. Now no one can save you from me.(anger)

He starts hitting her very badly with the stick. She cries and screams in pain. When her hands and legs started bleeding,he left her. Riddhima was crying and fainted due to much pain.

On the other side:

Vansh was trying his best to find Riddhima. Police officers were also trying to somehow get her location but cannot.

Vansh: Kabir will die from my hands. No one can now save him from my wrath.

Angre: boss I think we should track Kabir’s phone.

Vansh: I have already sent that to the police agency but it is not easy to get his number tracked. They are trying their best to track his phone.

Angre nods.

At dark place:

Kabir comes to riddhima.

Riddhima: now..what you want to…do…

He keeps her shoes on her bare foot. He rubs his shoes on her foot.

Riddhima: ahhhh(pain)

He keeps on rubbing it while she was crying and screaming. Then she started slapping her. He gave her 7-8 hard slaps. Now she was not able to talk or scream because her jaws were paining. Her lips started bleeding because of those slaps. Then Kabir gets a call.

Kabir: hello..

Person: sir I am from credit card company..

Kabir: I am not interested. You disturbed me at this time. Just keep this phone.

On the other side:

Vansh: location tracked(happy)

He with the police drives to that location.

Vansh(thinking): I am coming Riddhima..I am coming..

At the dark place:

Kabir comes to riddhima with hot boiled water. Riddhima gets shocked.

Riddhima: nnn..oo…k..eee…ppp…iii…ttt…aaa..www…aayyy(trying to speak)

He threw it on her foot. She screamed. He then threw the boiled water on her hand. She was continuasly crying. He was about to throw it on her face. Riddhima was shocked and scared. He was about to throw it but he hears a voice.

Voice: Kabir leave her(shouting)

He was none other than vansh. Riddhima had a smile on her face seeing him.

Riddhima: va…nn..shh

He saw her. He was not able to see her in this state. His heart peirced. He punched Kabir on his face. He started beating Kabir. Police came and took Kabir with them. Vansh untied Riddhima. She hugged him. He reciprocated.­

Tujhko… main rakh loon wahaan
Jahaan pe kahin
Hai mera yaqeen

Main jo… tera naa huaa
Kisi ka nahin…
Kisi ka nahin..

Vansh: sorry Riddhima I promised you but I cannot protect you(crying)

Riddhima kept her finger on his lips. He made her stand but she was not able to walk because of her burnt foot. He lifted her up in his arms and took her to the car. He made her sit in the car and drove to VR mansion. On the way he called Shivaay to call anika,Sejal,Aayush and aastha to VR mansion.

At VR Mansion:

Riansh with angre entered inside. Everyone was shocked to see Riddhima in this condition.

Aayush: what happened to my daughter!!

Aastha: riddhi (crying)

Vansh: I will tell you everything. First let me take her inside so that doctor can treat her. He took her to his room. He made her lie on the bed. Doctor came to check her. Vansh went out and told everything to everyone.

Vansh: I am very bad!! I cannot even protect her(crying)

Aayush: no vansh it is not your mistake!

Aastha: my daughter..he tortured her too much(crying)

Aayush: yes(crying). Vansh I need a promise from you!! That you will torture that Kabir in this way that he will demand for death but you would not give!

Vansh: yes dad!! I promise!!

Doctor came out.

Aastha: how is she doctor??

Doctor: she had been tortured very badly. These are her medicines and ointments. Make sure you all keep her happy.

They all nod. Doctor leaves. Riddhima was sleeping. Aayush aastha anika and Sejal decided to remain in VR Mansion only for now.

In vansh’s study:

Angre: boss..how did you track bhabhi’s location!!

Vansh: I asked the police officers to call his number as a credit card company and get his location(smirk)

Angre: nice plan boss! By the way boss I have kidnapped that Kabir from police custody. Now he is in our torture room.

Vansh: good ! Now he will face VR’s wrath!

Precap: Riddhima: I hate you vansh!

Done for today! Don’t throw anything at me for precap🙂😂😂!

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