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Riansh Os- Riddhima’s condition and vansh’s trauma by attractiveuser

This os was requested by dear aditi(a fan of Riansh username). So here we go! If you want me to write any os of your choice do comment!

One note from 1234aayu(writer of born to be united and souls forever)- she will not be able to post today because her mind is not in the frame to write! So let’s start:

It starts from ishani’s birthday party:(storyline is same before this just Riddhima is not pregnant)

All family members were enjoying and then a dart was aimed at riansh. It hitted Riddhima and she fainted. All rushed to her. Vansh was shocked. Angre called the doctor. Doctor came and went in to check her. Vansh and sia were waiting outside the room and were crying heavily. Angre were consoling her. Dadi was in the temple praying for Riddhima.Doctor came out.

Doctor: mr Raisinghania her life is in danger.

Vansh collapsed on the floor.

Vansh: Riddhima (crying)

Angre: boss nothing will happen to bhabhi..

Vansh looked at Riddhima from outside. His heart was peircing seeing her in this condition attached to so many machines. After a while doctor came out.

Doctor: sorry Mr. Raisinghania but she is in coma.

Vansh collapses. He starts crying bitterly. Sia also cries. Angre was trying to console both of them but was crying himself. Dadi came from temple and got to know about it. She also started crying.

At ishangre’s room:

Angre comes to his room and sees Ishani dancing.

Angre: are you mad Ishani! You are dancing here and bhabhi is in coma.

Ishani: so what can I do!! She just spoiled my birthday!

Angre: shut up Ishani!!you don’t have humanity in yourself!

He leaves. Some days passes. Riddhima didn’t wake up. Vansh was in trauma. He had caged himself in his room. He used to eat very less and didn’t talk to anybody.(here you wanted trauma aditi so I added it but of vansh not Riddhima because I am writing what is coming to my mind.)
Dadi and sia used to come to his room but he didn’t talk to them. He did not even open his door. They just used to pass the food to him.

In vansh’s room:

He was sitting there like a lifeless body chanting Riddhima’s name. His face turned pale. His eyes were dried. There were marks of tears on his face. Anyone can say that he had been crying from many days. He was in his room since Riddhima went into coma. He didn’t look at his business. Angre used to manage it. He was in serious trauma. He kept on looking at Riddhima’s picture and say’ please come back sweetheart’. After few days he decided to go to Riddhima. He came out of the room and went to see Riddhima. He sat besides her.

Vansh: sweetheart please wake up(crying). I can’t live without you I just can’t (crying).

He then left. Now everyday for once he came to meet Riddhima and say ” sweetheart wake up. I can’t live without you. I will kill myself if you don’t wake up”.

He had turned weak. He was not the old VR. He was just Riddhima’s husband. He used to not eat at times because he used to think about Riddhima. One day he went to Riddhima with a matchstick.

Vansh: Sweetheart wake up or else I will burn myself.

He waited.

Vansh: fine..

He was about to burn the matchstick but Riddhima moved her fingers and hand. Vansh threw the matchstick. He was having happy tears in his eyes. He hugged her.

Vansh: sweetheart I know you will not leave me!(happy tears)

He called the doctor. After 2 days Riddhima was back to normal. He made vansh the old ‘VR’. She helped him come out of the trauma. Vansh was now back to his original one. Things get solved and they led a happy life ahead.

.                  THE END!!

I know it was a very very short one but this was a different kind of story so I could write this much only 🙂! Hope you like it🙂!





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