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RadhaKrishn 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Meets Radha

RadhaKrishn 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Hanuman while resting thinks Dwarka is peaceful like Ayodha and he is experiencing peace after a long time. He dreams about meeting prabhu Ram who says he woke up from sleep after generations and went between humans. He says he was neve alone as Ram and Seeta stay in his heart and Ram is everything for him, he wouldn’t have come here if Radha had not announced that she the universe’s biggest devotee. Ram says to be true, he called him here. Hanuman gets happy hearing that. Ram says he called him for a special task and after its completed, he will visit him and is present here in Dwarka. Hanuman is surprised to hear that. Ram says he will give him a task. Hanuman eagerly asks what is it. Ram says he will inform him at the right time, he should complete his sleep for now. Hanuman thinks Ram himself visited him, he will fulfill Ram’s order.

Balram sees Sam and soldiers sleeping and thinks he will find Kanha’s special guest at any cost. Krishna walks to him and asks why did he wake up early. Balram says he didn’t speak whole night, but looks like Krishna enjoyed sleep. Krishna says more than that. Balram says his guest is still missing even after him and solders searched him everywhere. Krishna says he can see how tired soldiers are. Balram asks if he is not tensed with his guest missing. Krishna says why should he when his chief commander is present. Balram asks where is he going early morning. Krishna says with a satisfying sleeping, he is going for a satisfying bath and then will go to Shiv mandir for special pooja. Balram says looks like he is behind all this. Krishna says he is involved everywhere.

Radha returns to store room and thinks she couldn’t meet guest yet, where he must be hiding She picks empty utensils when hanuman wakes up hearing sounds. Maid walks to her and says she broke the biggest ghee pot. Radha asks if she is hurt, she need not worry about the ghee. Hanuman hearing that thinks this lady is very courteous and is worried about maid’s health; he cannot understand when she is so pure and courteous, how can she make such an unusual announcement; he is sure that someone provoked her, he should inform her about it, but as promised to himself, he should touch her feet and thank her for her laddus. He gets back into his original size and calls her. She drops plate in a shock and says vanar. He holds it. Balram hears her and rushes towards her. Hanuman says he doesn’t want to harm her and is the one who ate all her tasty laddus. She asks if he is Krishna’s guest. He says he doesn’t know as he came here by himself; her laddus reminded him of his mother, so he wants to touch her feet and thank him. Radha runs away from there afraid. Hanuman thinks if feet touching culture is gone from Dwarka.

Balram sees Krishna and asks how can he stand here peacefully when Radha is calling him for help, he will punish his special guest for his mistake. Krishna says he has complete right, but even with his full power, he cannot do anything. Balram says he looks overconfident and will repent. Krishna says he will repent instead as he doesn’t know whom he is facing this time. Radha rushes out calling Krishna. Balram asks what happened. She says Krishna’s special guest is found. Balram says he will catch and punish the guest. Hanuman walks to Radha and asks why did she get afraid and ran here. Radha says he is the one. Balram stands mesmerized with his personality. Radha says he tried to touch her feet. Krishna orders guards to catch him. Hanuman asks not to trouble themselves as they will fail. Balram asks if he is so proud of his powers. Hanuman says he is proud of his devottion. Balram asks who is he. He says he is prabhu Ram’s devotee Hanuman who came wanted to touch Radha’s feet after eating her prepared laddus as she reminded him of his mother Seeta. Balram asks how can he eat laddus without permission and if he is Krishna’s guest. Hanuman says according to holy scriptures, food belongs to hungry, so he ate it rightfully and since Dwarka reminded him of Ayodhya, he came here without anyone’s permission; his prabhu Ram ordered him to come here and gave him a special task after which he will visit him. Radha asks what is that task. Hanuman says he doesn’t know, so he will touch her feet first. Balram asks why did he come here. He says Radha announced that she is the universe’s biggest devotee, but he came here to prove that he is the biggest devotee and hence Radha should take back her words. Radha denies and says he doesn’t know about her relationship with Krishna.

Balram orders guards to catch him and drag him to jail. Hanuman says when Ravan’s army couldn’t catch him, how will they and orders them to try their best. Guards fail to even shake him. He pushes all of them. Balram says now he will drag him to jail and holds him. Hanuman says he was feeling pain and now is feeling good with Balram’s massage. Balram shocked. Hanuman asks who is he. He says he is Krishna’s elder brother. Hanuman puts his toe on his food, Balram shouts in pain and pleads to leave him. Radha requests to leave Balram Dau. Hanuman leaves him and says when Ram is present in Balram’s name, how can he harm him. Krishna smiles hearing that.

Precap: Hanuman meets Krishna, gets mesmerized with his charm, and asks who is he. Krishna says he is know by his devotee’s name and Hanuman has to teach the meaning of devotion to Dwarka.

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