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Qurbaan Hua 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat vows to find Neel and get him married to Alka

Qurbaan Hua 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

In the night Chahat is taking care of the children because they both have fever, she applies wet towel on the foreheads, Alka comes questioning if the fever has gotten under control, Chahat assures they both would be better in the morning, Alka ask her to take some rest however she refuses to saying that if there is a need for the doctor in the night then she would be with them, Alka offers her some milk saying that she has not had anything to eat, Chahat says that she has listened to the scolding and the insult so would not have anything to eat, Alka then leaves.

Neel is standing outside in the hall, he questions what has happened, Alka replies she refused saying she would not even drink the water of this house, Neel leaves with the glass of milk, Chahat sees Neel coming who says that while she was living as Toup Singh she had eaten a lot of food so why she is now acting, Chahat questions why does she care for her, Neel responds why would he not because he wants her to remain healthy till the time he is married to Alka because he has gotten a small chance to take revenge, Neel questions why did she come to his house in the first place, Chahat responds that she hates his family so desires to murder them all but he should now leave otherwise the children would listen to their conversation.

In the morning Chahat checks the temperature of Shlok, she is relieved because the temperature is ninety-eight so she explains that he is healthy now once again, Shlok praises her saying that he feels she is sent to only care for him, Chahat combs his hair, she exclaims how handsome he is looking so then she prays he doesnot get any bad omen which might be wrong for him.

Chahat says that when he gets older there would be a lot of girls who would desire to marry him, Dua questions what about her, Shlok replies that she is also looking pretty but cat and dogs would stand in line for her, Dua runs after Shlok when he apologizes to her for being rude and also prays that nothing wrong happens to her.

Dua and Shlok both hug each other seeing which Chahat gets emotional wondering how would Shlok be able to live when she takes away Dua, Shlok hugs her sitting beside explaining there is no need, Shlok reveals that he would talk to his father and ask him to not scold Chahat because she is really nice, Dua explains he cannot talk in front of his father however Shlok says that he gets courageous when Chahat is beside him.

Chahat says that they must go downstairs because everyone would be waiting for her because of the wedding, Chahat heads downstairs with the children where everyone is crying and really depressed, Chahat sees Alka crying so questions what is wrong and why is no one telling her anything, Alka asks her to read it for herself, Chahat reads the letter in which Neel has written that he cannot marry Alka till the time Chahat is staying in the house because he doesnot want their relation to start because Chahat is in their house, Naveli takes both the children inside when they ask about Neel.

Aalekh starts blaming Chahat saying that everything that is happening is because of her because whenever she comes Neel goes away from their family, Alka standing also says that Neel is right saying that she has come as a bad omen for their wedding, Chahat tries to explain saying that she did not had any intention of the sort, but Alka is not convinced and Godamabri also exclaims that whenever she comes there are a lot problems for their house and because of her even Vyas je did not come to give his blessings. Chahat mentions that she would bring Neel for his wedding with Alka who questions how she would know where to find him, Chahat mentions that even though it has been seven years she knows where he would go when he is worried, so she would find him, Alka asks if she is not able to find him then what would she do, Chahat assures that she would leave the house to never return.

Chahat leaves and Bopho also follows her, he questions why she is putting so effort into finding Neel because he would only hate her, Bopho explains that after she left everything changed as Neel got scared and he would run form the problems instead of facing them, Bopho is worried about where they would find him, Chahat says that whenever he would be depressed, he would go to a point where he would be able see the sunset.

Chahat hears the song, which is their favorite, she goes inside but is not able to find Neel, she then starts singing praying for him to finish the lyrics because she doesnot remember them, she hears someone completing the lyrics so rushes believing that it is Neel however they are shocked to see that it is someone else, Chahat sits down crying for Neel.

Precap: Shlok says that he saw two men beating a lady but when he got scared so was not able to see his face, he hugs her pleading with her to protect him, Chahat explains that she would not leave until Neel comes, she would be the one to protect Shlok.

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