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Pandya Store 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam pacifies Rishita’s insecurity

Pandya Store 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Raavi to trust Lord, he will take her on the path of happiness. Wind blows. Bell starts ringing. They look at the idol. Suman, Prafulla and Anita walk. Prafulla gets tired and sits. Suman asks Prafulla to get up and walk. Gautam comes and hugs Dhara. She says you always do work, focus on me at least here. He asks what happened. She cries and hugs him. She says no one is happy, if I made a mistake, then my children shouldn’t get punished. He asks what happened. She says Dev and Rishita were kissing in open, Raavi reached there, Rishita got uncomfortable and scolded Raavi, when I reached there, Raavi was crying, I also scolded Rishita. Gautam says you are crying for a small issue, don’t cry, else I can’t understand anything, issues will increase when family is expanding, I came to share happiness, Dev and Shiva were hugging and talking well, I think everything got fine between them. She asks really. He kisses her and says yes, nothing can spoil now, else I will beat them. She says don’t dare to touch my children. He asks her to go and get Rishita to the garden, they will talk in open with free thinking. Krish runs after the girl. He sees a cycle there. He asks whose cycle is this. The man says Rajvir. Krish says what’s happening, that girl was riding this cycle. He goes.

Rishita says you are taking me to get scolded by someone else, are you not done scolding me. Dhara takes her to Gautam. Gautam says you like mango milkshake right, I had seen your pic on social media. Rishita says yes. Gautam asks Dhara to get mango milkshake for them. Dhara goes. He asks Rishita to sit. Gautam says I m sorry, we couldn’t talk well till now, we are part of one family. She says no, its fine. He says you can call me Gombi. Dhara gets the milkshake. He asks Rishita to have it. Rishita takes it. He asks is everything fine here. She says yes. He says you left your family, you love them a lot, you would be so hurt, its a big thing to get separated from family, they would be also hurt. Dhara thinks Rishita can misbehave with him by feeling bad. Gautam says Raavi also left her family and came here, you both have to stay under the same roof, you have to understand each other, you understand the situation, you got your love, Raavi didn’t get what she thought. Raavi comes to her room and cries. She asks happiness to come to her. Shiva comes there.

Gautam says we are happy for you, but we can’t ignore Raavi’s sorrow. Rishita says Dhara told everything to Gautam. Gautam says no one complained about you, its my family, you are a part of my family, I want to know if everyone is happy or not, its my responsibility, you are sensible, I know you will understand, I do realize your problems, so I m taking you as a brother, stop misunderstanding Raavi, its my request, your reaction is right for Raavi, I understand, but we know her since childhood, she grew up dreaming to marry Dev, her feeling for Dev was pure, but Dev never loved her. Raavi says there is much difference in old and new Raavi. Shiva goes to Krish and shows the video. He says take this get up from today. Krish says I m the best in acting. Shiva asks him to show if he can scare Rishita. Krish makes scary face and dances. Shiva says great. Raavi hears the song. Raavi looks on. She gets shocked seeing Krish dancing like a woman. Krish gets shocked seeing Raavi.

Krish steals cosmetics from Raavi’s room. Raavi stops him. She asks Shiva to see, Krish is stealing cosmetics. Shiva asks Raavi not to tell Dhara, Krish has an identity crisis, he likes to dress up like girls.

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