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Imlie 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Aditya Shocks Malini With His Truth

Imlie 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Nishant asks Imlie to share her problem if she has any. Imlie says he has problem instead and asks which medicine he consumes. He says multivitamins. She says she heard him telling doctor that he has leukemia and she found out yesterday that its a blood cancer. He asks her to speak slowly. She asks why did he hide the truth. He asks if she thinks he is the only person who hid truth. She asks that means he knew about his illness and returned home for the same reason, why didn’t he think about his family. Pankaj overhears their conversation and asks why didn’t he really think about them, since when he is having this illness. Nishant closes door and requests not to inform about it to anyone, he is getting his treatment and didn’t want to trouble them. Pankaj hugs him and says what if Tauji and Taiji finds out about his illness. Nishant says he doesn’t want to inform them for the same reason. Imlie says she read about leukemia and read complete treatment hasn’t yet been found, if Nishant will be fine. Pankaj apologizes her for nothing thinking about her and sending her to someone else’s house, but she is thinking about them even now. Imlie says when she came here and didn’t have a shelter to live, they gave her a place in their hearts and wherever she goes, she considers them as dear ones. She asks Nishant to trust himself and leave rest on god. She walks away thinking good Pankaj found out about Nishant’s illness, Nishant won’t be alone now. she picks Adi’s watch and reminiscing the incident thinks she doesn’t have right on his time and maybe there won’t be. She keeps watch in Adi’s room and thinks she is returning his stuff, but cannot return his memories and has to live with it.

Aparna tells family that she tried her best to solve Adi and Malini’s problems, but couldn’t. Tauji asks what is she thinking. Aparna says they couldn’t send Adi and Malini for honeymoon, so they should send them somewhere at least and make them realize that they are made for each other. Imlie passes them. Tauji stops her. Tauji asks what she wanted to discuss with Nishant. Pankaj walks down with Nishant and says nothing much and asks Aparna what were they discussing. Aparna says she wants to send Adi and Malini alone somewhere to clear their differences. Nishant says it means she wants to send them on a date. Aparna says its should be a surprise date to not let anyone know about it. Tauji asks Imlie to join them. Rupali asks Imlie to go as nobody except her and papa want her to join them. Imlie walks away saying she is getting late for college.

Imlie returns to Anu’s house remembering Aparna and Rupali’s words. Anu mishandles her and says because of her, Malini and Adi canceled their honey, what did she tell Adi and why did he go to him. Daadi tries to rescue Imlie. Anu says she will not leave Imlie until she answer. Imlie stammers she had some work. Anu pushes her by hair on ground and tells Daadi that she is supporting a liar who is ruining her granddaughter’s life; Imlie wants to become a home breaker like her mother and tries to slap her. Imlie holds her hand angrily and warns to dare not speak about her mother or else she will forget that she is Malini’s mother. Anu says shameless girl is threatening her, she is doing a big mistake. Imlie replies that she is doing a mistake by dragging her mother in between; she keeps quiet doesn’t mean she cannot answer her. Anu yells characterless girl acts innocent and helpless in front of Dev and hypnotized Adi that he wants to destroy his own house. Imlie says she can if she wants to. Anu asks what rubbish. Imlie with a grin on her face says if she wants, she can ruin her daughter’s life and her daughter got her right since she didn’t ask her right. Anu warns to be in her limits as she is a servant. Imlie shouts her daughter became bahurani since she became naukrani. Anu asks what did she say. Imlie, with a pride expression on her face, says she spoke what she wanted to and walks away. Anu hits her head with a stick injuring her badly. Daadi, who was standing silently not shocked with Imlie’s replies, rushes to her and says Anu did really wrong. Anu walks away saying she will never forgive Imlie. Daadi insists Imlie to take her to hospital as she needs stitches. Imlie says Anu gave her deep injury and she doesn’t want to forget it in her life, her injury will remind her that she can tolerate pain and not insult.

Adi reminisces Imlie coming home and Anu getting angry seeing her and thinks Anu will vent out her anger on Imlie, so he needs to speak. Malini gets Nishant’s message that there is an emergency and she should reach Deer Park immediately. Adi also gets Nishant’s message and reaches Deer Park. Malini surprised to see him asks what is he doing here. He asks if she sent him a message. She says even she got same message. He says his family is trying their best to reunite them. Malini says they don’t know that its not possible now and tries to leave. He stops her and says its time to reveal truth.

Imlie wipes blood from her hand reminiscing Anu insulting and beating her and thinks why she is crying as whatever happened today is not a new thing, she is seeing since childhood that city people consider villagers as slaves and ruthlessly torture them, they don’t value poor’s blood; her mother truly loved her father and she is waiting for him lifelong, even she has to stay away from Adi now; why Adi acted a loving her and lied when he wanted to return to Malini. She thinks she had to bear her mother’s insult today and Adi is enjoying an outing with Malini; she tried to reunite Adi and Malini. On the other side, Adi informs Malini that he loves Imlie. Malini is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Malini asks Adi if Imlie is not the first woman and he must be having many extramarital affairs. Adi warns her to think well before speaking. Malini asks how dare he is to warn her to mind her tongue while he did heinous act, she can drag him to court as she is his wife. Adi reveals that she is not his wife as Imlie is his first wife.

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