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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti’s song makes it rain

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Tiwari singing his raag with Teeka. Tiwari says he is making fool out of us lets go, Angoori says I have trust in him it will rain. After sometime it starts raining and everyone gets happy and shocked.

Vibhu in his hall watching news regarding rain so vibhu says to himself it was possible because of Malkhan and Tillu. Teeka brings coffee for Vibhu then Tillu and Malkhan visits Vibhu and start praising them, Tillu says why are you teasing us we ask the person to bring water tank but he did not bring any tank, Malkhan says there is scarcity of water in whole kanpur. Teeka says but it rained heavily in whole Modern Colony. Vibhu gets shocked and says as I sang raag it started raining it means my raag is so pure that it started rain. Tillu says to Malkhan he did extraordinary thing. TMT start touching Vibhu’s feet in respect. Tillu says so please make us singer like you. Vibhu says for that you have to practice so much it will take time and ask them to leave and sleep. Vibhu talks to himself regarding the earlier situation how it rained because of his singing.

Angoori giving water to plant’s and singing, Bhoorey visits Angoori. Angoori gets shock after seeing him and ask how are you. Bhoorey says I’m not good. Angoori asks what happen is everything all right is dadi okay. Bhoorey says yes she is fine nothing has happen to her but our field have become all dry all the crops will get destroyed if it didn’t rain and landlord always sees me everytime because I didn’t paid him tax from last two time if this time also I’m unable to pay me he will make me slave for lifetime. Angoori says I have a plan, we will ask Vibhu to sing in our field and calls Vibhu. Vibhu come and greets Bhoorey, Angoori says to Vibhu that I was telling Bhoorey that how much big classical singer you are and told him Bhoorey how he make it rain after singing. Bhoorey asks Vibhu is it true. Vibhu says you can ask anyone who was sitting there they all saw that. Bhoorey also start singing and Angoori says to Bhoorey you are also great singer why don’t you sing and make it rain. Bhoorey says last time I tried to make it rain but the rain was of acid so I took an oath not to sing again and ask Vibhu to come with him and make it rain. Angoori says to Vibhu to sing in her dad’s fields to make it rain. Vibbu says my neck is all dry. Bhoorey says I brought English scotch for you it will make your neck all wet. Vibbu says to Bhoorey that you are insulting my talent by offering alcohol to a classical singer from next time please dont offer me these kind of insulting deals. Bhoorey says I’ll give you milk, juice just come with me and make it rain in my field. Vibhu says yesterday I make it rain now I have practice for atleast 3-4 days to do that again and tells Bhoorey that I’ll meet you after 3-4 days and leaves. Angoori says don’t take tension these classical singer are moody last when he sang it tooks lots of energy to and he was full of sweat.

Vibhu visits his Guruji and greets him. Guruji says how’s your practice going on. Vibbu says its all good when i sang raag last time rain started and everyone started praising me all because of you guruji. Guruji says it’s not because of me its because of my guruji Komal Chatterjee. Vibhu says I need to learn more different raags from you. Guruji says what all raag. Vibhu says the kind of raag which will help me to get women. Guruji says after seeing you first time I understood you are a big personality and worthy of being my student don’t worry I’ll teach you raag but do you remember you promise. Vibhu says my thumb Guruji. Guruji says when time will come I’ll let you know.

Angoori listing song and Tiwari calling Angoori and remove her earphones. Angoori asks Tiwari when did you came. Tiwari asks wht are you listening. Angoori says to Tiwari I was listening to great classical singer Vibhuti. Tiwari says till now his singer was sleeping and all of sudden he wakes up. Angoori says to Tiwari he told that in between he stopped practicing didn’t you see how he make it rain. Tiwari says I don’t believe in this it’s all coincidence I saw there were cloud and lighting. Angoori says when I saw it was all sunny. Tiwari says stop it you believe in anything. Angoori says to Tiwari today whole morden colony became fan of Vibhu. Tiwari says but I’m not his fan he is fraud. Angoori say’s its your wish but I’m his fan and I’ll take blessings also every morning.

TMT doing household work. Teeka says insects are coming out of this and Guruji has not taught us anything. Malkhan says he is making us do each and every work. Helan comes and says to TMT you came here to do fun or to do work. Teeka says Helan we came here to learn music. Helan shouts this is not cleaned properly how will you learn music. Tillu asks what is connection between music and cleaning utensils. Teeka says all the famous singer clean utensils. Helan shouts on Teeka says dont talk rubbish look everything thing is dirty. Vibhu come and says to Helan dont talk to like this to servant. Tillu says we are not your servant. Teeka says mind your language we are not servant we are your student. Vibhu says you are my student and asks helan to leave. Malkan says do we get forward from this household work. Tillu says instead of singer we will become servant. Vibhu says to TMT in early years students use to serve there Guruji every time. Teeka says to Vibhu we don’t have time and start leaving. Vibhu says I was taking your exam you all passed now we will start practicing.

Vibhu singing his new raag Angoori comes and slaps him and says you pervert whenever you sing mirror breaks in my head. Vibhu says what are you doing Angoori. Tiwari says slap him he has make our life living hell.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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