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Bawara Dil 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sidhi saves the day

Bawara Dil 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shiva looks at the video in which Sidhi told Narpat’s man to get lost as she is Shiva’s wife and won’t get involved in Narpat’s mess. Jalwa tells Shiva that you were doubting Sidhi for no reason, she had no reason to doubt her. Shiva thinks I shouldn’t have doubted her.

All are tensed in the house, Sidhi comes there and sees Yashwant sad. Sidhi asks what happened? Why are you all sad? Soni says Auwra Bai was coming but she didn’t come, we don’t know the reason. Yashwant says I really wanted to her come so she could bless us, that’s why I took an off but I should go back to the office. Shiva comes there. Sidhi tells Yashwant that I know you are feeling bad, we can do something still. Yashwant says what? Sidhi says you trust me right? Yashwant nods. Sidhi asks Soni to start preparing and goes from there. Shiva looks on.

The family is preparing for the ritual. Sidhi comes there dressed in a gorgeous saree. Everyone is surprised. Mangala comes there and glares at her. Everyone prays to the lord. Sidhi sings praises of the lord with the family. Mangala thinks she has to shine everywhere. Yashwant tells Kaka to start preparing for the bhajan. Soni puts tulsi pot on Sidhi’s head. Shiva smiles seeing that. Yashwant gets happy as Sidhi walks with the pot and twirls around. All family members join her and sing bhajan. Shiva can’s stop smiling and rings bells as well.

The next day, Sidhi is busy studying when Soni brings her washed clothes, Sidhi thanks as she leaves. Sidhi starts putting away her clothes when she sees Shiva’s shirts in between, she rolls her eyes and puts them away. Shiva comes there and is on the call, he sees her holding his shirt, Sidhi puts it down. Shiva is on the call with Jalwa and says if you can’t make Rajesh accept this then it won’t be nice, just go and talk to him. He ends the call and is angry with Jalwa. Sidhi looks on as he drinks water directly from the bottle. Shiva asks what? Sidhi says nothing, I was putting away clothes. I have separated our clothes, she turns to leave but slips and falls in Shiva’s arms, the clothes fall over them. Dil ki gustakhiya plays as they both look into each other’s eyes. Sidhi says why are you staring at me? Shiva says you are staring. Sidhi says leave me, he says fine and drops her. Sidhi screams and says ill-mannered person. Shiva says you asked me to leave. Sidhi says as if you listen to me all the time. Shiva says you slipped but it’s my fault? Sidhi says I was putting away our clothes, I was putting your clothes in the cupboard too. Shiva says why? Did I ask you? You have ruined them now. Sidhi says why do you have to fight always? Shiva says because of the company. Sidhi says you are saying that I fight? Shiva says leave me alone masterji. Sidhi says don’t call me that, ill-mannered. Shiva says you can call me anything but I can’t? Sidhi says I don’t want to talk to you. Shiva says then leave. Sidhi says why should I leave? It’s my room too, if you have a problem then you can go. Shiva says yes I am going. Sidhi says who will clean this mess now? Shiva says you did it so you will clean it up. Sidhi says I expected this from you, I will handle everything. Shiva says yes, you can handle everything so do this. Sidhi says yes, I don’t need you. Shiva leaves from there. Soni comes there and sees clothes thrown around, she asks what is all this? Sidhi says your brother, what does he think of himself? Why did you come? Soni says your father is here, I will clean this, go now. Sidhi gets happy and leaves.

Scene 2
Sidhi comes to Ishwar and hugs him. She asks how is he? He says I am fine. They both sit down. Ishwar says I came to invite you and Shiva for a dinner. We wanted if you both came today so the ritual can be done. Sidhi says he is busy, I don’t think he can come today. Ishwar says it’s about 2-3 hours, just have dinner with us and then go back. Sidhi hesitates and says today morning.. I mean Shiva had to leave today for some work. Ishwar says I can talk to him? Sidhi says we can have this dinner some other day? We won’t be in a hurry then. Ishwar says okay, if you want that. I should leave now. Sidhi says I will make tea for you. Ishwar says no, I have to stop Malini from preparing the dinner. Sidhi says I will come home to meet her soon. Ishwar tells her eyes and leaves. Sidhi looks on. Vijiya comes there and says your father left? I brought tea for him. Sidhi says he was in a hurry so he left. Vijiya sees her tensed and asks what happened? Sidhi says nothing, she leaves from there. Vijiya looks on.

Shiva is in the garden when he sees Ishwar sadly leaving. He greets him and touches his feet. He asks if everything is fine? Let’s go inside. Ishwar says no, I was just leaving. Shiva asks if he had some work? Ishwar says yes, I came to invite you and Sidhi for a dinner. Shiva recalls how Bai said that it doesn’t matter if he loves her or not but the village should think that they are in love, their marriage is a key to their victory in the elections, you can be nice to her family, you can act like you are in love with her, you are a nice guy so you can do this. Bai told Shiva that till we win the elections, your marriage with her should continue, I know you can do this for me. Shiva agreed. The flashback ends. Ishwar tells Shiva that if you don’t have time then it’s time. Shiva says who said I didn’t have time? I always have time for you. Ishwar gets happy hearing that and says Sidhi said you have a lot of work so it’s fine. Shiva says yes but nothing more important then your invitation, when do we have to come? Ishwar says if you come today then we will be very happy. Shiva says your daughter and I will come for sure. Ishwar says it’s a ritual so we wanted to do it. Shiva says I would have come regardless it was a ritual or not, it’s enough for me that you want us on a dinner. We will come for sure and that’s my promise, he touches his feet. Ishwar gets elated and leaves.

Sidhi comes in her room and gets Malini’s call. She asks what does Shiva like in food? Sidhi says why? Malini says your father came to invite for dinner. Sidhi says but I told him no. Malini says what? He said that you both are coming. Sidhi says Shiva has some work so we can’t come. Malini says just talk to Shiva, come here for some time. Sidhi says don’t do this today, we will come some other day. Malini says just ask Shiva once. Shiva comes there. Sidhi tells Malini that she will talk to her later. She ends the call and tells Shiva that my father came here to invite us on dinner, I said no. Shiva says but I said yes. Sidhi says what? Shiva says yes, he met me so I said yes. Sidhi is confused.

PRECAP – Sidhi tells Shiva that when we don’t have a relationship then why did you say yes to my father? Shiva says they are my inlaws as well so I will go if they call me. Sidhi says don’t say big words in front of me, you will get a call and will forget all these relationships. Shiva gets Akka Bai’s call and says yes I am coming. Sidhi says I told you, you will forget everything when you get a call, now you don’t want to go to your inlaw’s house for dinner? Shiva looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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