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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini refuses to Rajvi

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nandini taking Rajvi. Chetan asks do you think Rajvi will change her decision. Vipul signs no. Shobit goes. Darsh thinks what magic Nandini did on Rajvi, how can Rajvi decide this. Nandini asks Rajvi to take rest. She says I can’t take this responsibility. Rajvi says fine, go and kitchen and cook food for everyone, when you get done, come to me and talk about tomorrow’s lunch, do you want to handle kitchen, girl’s goal is such, you don’t have to achieve anything in life, you had put a sweets stall in front of my house and took a stand for milk vendors, why don’t you trust yourself.

Nandini thinks how to tell you, I m not going to stay here for a long time. She says I would have made sweets, I m sure that family name won’t get spoiled by my sweets, but I can’t snatch other’s rights, Shobit, Namrata and Darsh have a right, you wanted Darsh to become the head, don’t make a compromise, talk to the shareholders. Rajvi asks don’t you think you are part of this family, I joined business to help dad, then this business reached here. Vipul comes. Nandini says this is my house, my family, I m lucky that you think I m capable, but Darsh, Namrata and Shobit will always be more capable than me, I can’t do this, don’t worry now, take rest. She goes. Vipul smiles and says you were right, Rajvi, we could have never got a better girl than Nandini for Darsh. Rajvi says she will take our company to new heights one day. Darsh says what’s going on, seriously, Nandini will be the CEO. Shobit comes. Darsh asks what. Shobit says Nandini well played and impressed mom, I couldn’t impress mom, relax, I m kidding, mom never takes a wrong decision, Nandini got a good hold on mom. He thinks you have well played, I will not remember any relation while keeping this enmity. He says congrats and goes.

Darsh says Nandini knows how to take an advantage of the situation. Gunjan tells everything to Vanlata on call. Shobit comes. Gunjan goes to him. She says mom decided in hurry, what does Nandini know, why should Darsh and his wife get always, you are also son of this family. He gets angry. He asks her to salute him. She asks why. He says please do it. She salutes him. He says practice to salute Nandini every day. She says impossible. He says you also start winning family’s heart, why is Nandini becoming mom’s fav, make your position at home, understood. She says yes, sorry. He goes.

Namrata sits with Rajvi. They have a talk. Rajvi eats kulfi. Namrata asks did doctor allow you to have it. Rajvi says its okay, you can also have it. Namrata says I don’t like sweets, you also don’t have it. Rajvi says you got angry that I don’t let you run the factory. Namrata says I want to do it because… anyway, tell me something, what’s connection in running sweets business and not liking sweets. Rajvi says business is done my mind and heart, you should have passion for sweets, Darsh looks for sweets at 2am, he is a halwai, Nandini loves making sweets, what’s the use, she doesn’t want to become part of our business, she refused. Namrata asks did she tell you. Rajvi says I will try to convince her, Nandini is like me. Shobit burns Darsh and Nandini’s pic. He thinks of Charmy. A pic flies to Nandini. She asks what is he burning. He stops her from seeing pic.

He asks her not to see it, he is burning Shamika’s pics, he doesn’t want a problem in Darsh and her life. Nandini smiles and says I always wished to get a brother like you, my wish got fulfilled. She ties a protective thread to his hand. He ties it to her and says you need this more, you will handle the business, you have to face new challenges. She says no. He gets a call. He goes. She says I refused for business, I don’t think I m capable, Darsh thinks I married him for money. Darsh recalls Rajvi’s words. Nandini comes. He taunts her. She looks for his watch. He asks her to take the sand clock. She asks where did you keep my watch. She sees sand in her bag. He says everything will slip out of your hands like sand.

Darsh says I won’t let you take any rupee. Nandini says I will pay the bill and leave. She taunts Darsh and reminds his promise. She says I won’t be with you if there is no respect between us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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