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I Love you Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari – 8 by suma

Heyaaa people welcome back to my flashback part -2 and yes may be it’s the last part of my flashback

After that night spending in jail I feel like I have achieved something 🙈🙈🙈🙈 like I would do anything for my girl.

Days passed…months passed…it’s been a year still I didn’t confess my feelings to her And still I didn’t met her. Still I behave like she doesn’t exists when she saw me .

Only question why ? Why ?

May be whenever I see her my heart beat is  faster than moving bullet train. I don’t want it to stop beating … because it’s beating for her.

Today’s class was so boring I thought to see my princess so came in search of her. But I didn’t find her in class..asusual my brother is also missing…I think he is doing too much … where ever she goes her network ki Tarah he follows… 😤😤😤😤 Bilkul Acha nai laga mereko …

When iam passing through the canteen I saw them going on bike. Soon I ran like mad to catch missing train. I followed them 😁😁😁

They reached one orphanage and saw the name little heart orphanage..though I never visited this place…. I heard from Aditi as she is also orphan …I went inside to look what’s they are doing…I was surprised to see … because I have never saw her being this happy with kids. She is playing with them and laksh is distributing the sweets and chocolates to kids.

I overheard their conversation

” Are  you happy Ragu ? “

(He nicknamed her 😱😱😱)

” Very happy laksh ” she hugged him thanking.

” Why you love this place Ragu ? “

” It gives me unknown happiness laksh, spending time with these kids is my habit from childhood… everytime I go with my dad …this time with you ….I feel disgusted to those parents who gives birth  and left here…it’s very difficult to live without anyone’s love. What sin they did laksh to be orphan ?” Her eyes got moisted.

” Ragu..” he caressed her cheeks

Soon they left the place. But I was stuck there…not physically …but mentally.

Yes! What sin these kids did …why they have to be orphans ?? Why they have to lead a life without parents… without any ones love..

Everyone pity them. But none help them .
I don’t want to be in ” None ”
I wanna be” one “

I asked the orphanage head that how much it costs to  educate them. Then only I understood it’s not like in thousands ….it deals with lakhs of money …
Then I decided to do part time job. But what I get is very less.
Then I asked my dad I will join in business and study simultaneously. He agreed

Then I gave money to them for their education and all. And I often visited these place and they get  so attached to me .i can literally see happiness in their faces. I wanted to see ragini happiness when she found these kids are happy.

After a month I think I went to college…I found her nowhere and I went to canteen and talking with my friends then I saw laksh and ragini coming …

She looked really like an angel ❤
She is looking at me and asusual I’m not looking at her directly but I’m looking at her through my friend glasses which is  on table.

I really wanted to kiss her today , but I can’t…
Then I saw her going to washroom to wash the hands and followed without notice of laksh.
I entered washroom and went near to her and holded her wrist in one hand and her waist in another hand. She is looking me through mirror. Soon I placed a kiss on her cheeks. She closed her eyes and yes I left the place.

(She thought it as dream)
But I didn’t knew it’s her birthday and I gave her gift and she don’t know yet 😒😒😒
(Everytime she thinks it as dream)

Laksh didn’t knew about me joined in dad’s office as I told to dad…
I wanted to confess my feelings to ragini. When I was going to tell her about my love on her birthday.
Kavitha called me out. I went with her as she said it’s urgent. We went for dinner and then she again proposed me.
This time I seriously warned her about this. She cried and I consoled then after that to make her better we went one cafe and came back home.

After that incident I came to know Kavitha is addicted to drugs due to my rejection. Seriously I can’t take this anymore. She is my friend but she is spoiling her career because of me. I don’t liked it a bit. Thought to take care and get her oout of this addiction and I’m on it…

And everyday I feel like missing ragini so much. One day I saw laksh and ragini going somewhere and I followed them and I saw them going to temple and I came to know there laksh loves ragini.

It broken me totally💔💔💔..I don’t wanted to confess my feelings. A pain …like a small thorn is wantedly hurting my heart again and again ..on the same place which is already bleeding.

Then whenever I saw them together it’s like feeling heavy in heart … couldn’t explain to anyone as no-one knows about my love or my pain. I’m just struggling myself in my own hell.

Still I can’t stop loving her. Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like hugging a 🌵 cactus , the more you hug tight…the more it hurts.
I can’t stop loving her. Slowly my attitude changed…my behaviour changed…silence mode on, in my life. Clearly I can sense the pain my heart generating and  my body is like not cooperating with my mind and heart like I’m suffering from some disease which I don’t know.

( On the other side laksh also suffering from same as already ragini confessed about loving sanskar)

My mom slowly observed my changes and thought about my marriage as I’m getting out of control as I’m leading my life into darkness.

I tried to explain that I don’t want this marriage but
” I don’t think my mom will understand how stressful and painful to explain what’s going on in my head even I don’t understand clearly “

I have been in love
Its painful
Its pointless and
Its overrated

I’m hurting myself in this painful love story. But I don’t want to hurt my mom. What’s her mistake in this? So yes I love Ragini….now I see her love in those kids whom she left it for me as memory….
But in the end it takes time to accept the things for heart …but my mind already knows it. 😥😥😥😥

I agreed for marriage and everything is going soon. I never knew it’s Ragini. On the engagement day I came to know it’s Ragini…but I was thinking what about laksh …then I saw him on the hall happily roaming…means are they just friends !!!!

But I’m the happiest and confused soul on that day ✌ …after that engagement I was lot tensed with Kavitha as she informed me about her condition and I was hell scared regarding her health …I not even met ragini till marriage.

On the day of marriage…

I was feeling something bad! I don’t know what is it ?? Then I tied nuptail chain and filled her maang with vermilion and made her mine. I wanted to confess my feelings that day Itself ….
But I planned it for the special night ❤ tonight.

I never expected things turn this out.
After marriage they are doing some rituals and I  was feeling dizzy and came to Washroom by passing I saw laksh screaming and throwing everything aside saying ” I love you…I love you Ragini “

It was literally startled me. Then I felt something is wrong with me and without any late I ran to Washroom and vomitted blood.

I didn’t understand at first but later I came to know after running to hospital that im counting days to death.

Listening this nothing came to my mind except the glimpse of filling vermilion on ragini maang…I don’t want  to spoil her life  … I’m mentally dead like thinking nothing just blank ….

Later I came to mandap and saw ragini crying on her vidaai. I just came and sat in car and thinking about it how things turned like this. I wanted to live a happy life like everyone but now …there is no chance to me …I don’t want to spoil her life too. I was deeply thinking and first I don’t want her to like me. So I started behaving like I don’t like her at all.

On our first night …I left the place and came after she slept … I just wanted to cuddle her and wanted to cry like anything but I wanted to see her and fill her in my heart ,I don’t want to sleep …

I always kept her far from me and making close to laksh as he loved her, may be she realise his love and accept him.

But one day I went to meet Kavitha without informing her …then I heard from her mouth that she isn’t drug addict and she slowly injected a poisonous drug into my blood day by day without my knowledge.

It hurted me a lot …that my best friend did this to me….she loved me…how can anyone think to hurt when you love them? I don’t understand this ….I left the place and met doctor , he said there is nothing he can do at this stage.

Now again I’m left with no chances….hurt, anger, betrayal, heart break, frustration and then Aditi came to know about my struggle and she is helping me to get through this by making laksh and Ragini together.

Flashback ends

Laksh was shocked and tears were rolling …and saw sanskar unconscious and ran to him and hugged him.

But other than laksh someone is sobbing holding breath.

Its Ragini…On call…when he came to gave Aditi bracelet ragini called him and he mistakenly lifted the call thinking it got rejected and she listened total story


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Will ragini accept laksh now?

Thanks to all who supported me and this story is now ranked #7 in short story
I’m loving this support.

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