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Will be Friends Forever – Episode 1

Hey all here is the next episode .I didn’t get much images  so less images would be there.I have not added much family drama ,that I will add from episode 2


In a room ,a girl is seen sleeping peacefully and then ,

Mishti –  Kuhu ,wake up . Today is first day of college .

Kuhu – Oye chotu , Let me sleep . Their is still 1 hour time.

Mishti – Kuhu ,  I don’t want to get late if we got late then our whole future will be gone ,no one will give us job . Oh no … ( After taking pause)  If you want cheese pizza then ,get ready.

Kuhu sternly waking up ,

Kuhu- Cheese pizza 🍕 😋 yummy. Come let’s go to college.

After getting ready ,

Kuhu sneezes .

Mishti – Oh no ! Kuhu I have told you na you should not sneeze when we are starting something new . Now ( abshagun ho gaya) something bad will happen .

Kuhu-(laughing loudly) Oye chotu , it is nothing like that , now come let’s go to college .

Together ,Mishti and kuhu go to college.


At another house / apartment,

Abir – Hey bhai , Let’s go to college .

Kunal – Let me sleep na bro.

Abir – What are you padhaku ? At night you study and at day you sleep 😴.

Kunal  sees the time and gets shocked.

Kunal – Abir ,why didn’t you wake me up ?

Abir- I tried .. Abir was about to tell then suddenly,

Kunal- Don’t talk with me . Hurry let’s go to college.

Saying they both left for college.

In Singhania Sadan,

Naksh – Naira , Naira , wake up ,today I will drop you at college.

Naira comes down wearing a beautiful outfit.

Naira – Bhai ,I am already ready .

Naksh- You are looking so pretty like mumma … And then got silent and shared a hug .

Bhabhi maa and devyani were watching all these  and to make them smile said

Bhabhi maa – You are looking so sweet , we all know what happened , but bahu and Munna would be proud of you.(Naitik is in hospital)

Naira- Can I call preesha, too bhai ?

Naksh – Definitely call her .

In Khurana Mansion ,

Preesha was ready for her college

and naira ‘s call came .

Preesha- Hi naira , ready for college.

Naira- Ha , I and bhai are coming to pick you  ,so be ready .

Preesha- Ok naira .

Preesha thinks she need to tell Saaransh about it.

Preesha- Good morning baby

Saaransh – Good morning mumma .

Preesha- Baby you know na I am going to college , so we mill meet in evening.

Saaransh – Don’t leave me .

Preesha – I will come again ,ok . Don’t trouble  them ,ok.

Preesha goes down and says

Preesha –  Mom ,dad I am going to college . Give me your blessings .

GPS gives preesha blessing  . Preesha was about to take blessings from Vasundhara but she goes .

In an flat ,

Mahima- Because of you preesha , I lost my Saaransh and he thinks you as his mother ( if you want then past will be revealed ) (and their problems will resolve soon) so I will come in your college to take revenge.

Saying these ,she also goes.

In Khurana Mansion ,

Rudy- Rajeev bhai ,I am going to college.

Rajeev- wait for me.

Rudy- Bhai (angrily) you know na I don’t take anyone I am just alone. Bye .

And he goes . Rajeev too goes after sometime at college.

In Goenka Mansion ,

Kartik – Kirti , bubble , come I will drop you at college .

Bubble and Kirti together coming bhai .

(Shubham is not their)

Kirti wears a long yellow  lehenga

And they go to college  after taking elders blessing .

In Avni ‘s home ,

Aditya(yrkkh one) Didi I am going to college .

Avni comes down  and says ok adi and also says

Avni- I am going for interview .

Aaditya- ok didi (sry for typing any spelling in Aaditya and keerti ).

In Neil s home,

Neil s pov

*I am feeling so lonely , huh sees the time and says I have to go now ,1 girl is coming for interview *

And saying Episode Ends.

Precap – Mishti and Abir serious argument, Kunal and kuhu  funny argument, Kartik impressed by naira ,Avni meet Neil , keesh meets each other , Preesha meet mahima , bubbles talk with Aditya.

Here is the 1 episode . Hope you all like it .


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