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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Pundalik’s bride Malti is welcomed by his parents while he isn’t available.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Pundalik’s father begging his son for not to go out tonight & he tells his father that why are you pleading instead I have to obey you hence I won’t go anywhere tonight but his father tells him that you are saying this since many weeks but not obeying & he takes oath placing his hand on his Prabhu & promises that I will obey of not going out tonight & if at all I do this mistake then let my legs leave my body & let Prabhu punish me of becoming poor while his Prabhu is shocked saying what kind of oath he has taken which I also can’t stop if he does the mistake.
Pundalik’s mother shows him the jewellery for his bride who’ll come today to give her by his hands while he gets surprised & selfish seeing the jewellery which attracts Chandrakala hence again plans to go to meet her so keeps the jewellery at other side.
Rukmini intimates Shri Krishna that he is again getting attracted to that woman it seems & he tells her that’s what I also was concerned about.
Pundalik’s father tells his brother’s son Diwakar to keep eye on him while he thinks all must happen as per plans properly today.
Pundalik thinks of going to meet Chandrakala & return immediately but his Prabhu holds his shirt cloth while he remembers about his promise but he tells his Prabhu that he’ll just meet & come back soon before his bride arrives hence he leaves taking the jewellery box & keeping cloth on his Prabhu.
Rukmini asks Shri Krishna that what’ll you do now & he tells her now I have to take part in this to be with him.
Pundalik’s mother informs him that his bride has arrived while his nephew is waiting outside his room hence tells him to get ready soon but actually he isn’t in the room.
The bride Malti arrives but she has come with an old woman who stands ahead of her cart. Pundalik’s father wonders who this woman is & she gives her identity to them but tells them to call her groom Pundalik.
The flower vendor comes to meet Chandrakala whom her mother had promised that if her person whom he had introduced as rich according to her demand becomes poor then he’ll get the chance to meet Chandrakala but instead she abuses him while he too warns her to divide the wealth they earned from that rich person who is none other than Pundalik & she again insults him. He leaving their place cursing her sees Pundalik & meets him seeing the jewellery box asking him that does it contains something special but he instead ignores him & goes inside Chandrakala’s place.
Malti’s grandmother asks Pundalik’s father where he is who should be here before everybody but his nephew Diwakar diverts her attention saying that he is so busy & devoted in his work that unless he doesn’t complete it he does not rest but he’ll come soon & Pundalik’s parents also say the same accordingly.
They welcome Malti in their house following all rituals by which he feels very happy & also shows her their Prabhu’s house temple praying their Prabhu.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that why that flower vendor was behaving weird towards Chandrakala’s attraction & he tells him due to selfishness such people are ought become this way for either attraction or wealth.
Pundalik handovers the box to Chandrakala’s mother while Chandrakala is enjoying with him. Chandrakala’s mother opens the box in excitement but finds only the flute feeling shocked.
Shri Krishna tells Rukmini that this flute itself will bring him back now & she asks him will everything become fine later but he tells her going ahead there will be more problems to be faced as his such act will spread across everybody knowing about what Pundalik use to do.
Malti’s grandmother intimates her to not to keep quiet but to know anyhow where Pundalik can be or may be some other woman mustn’t be while she feels very depressed hearing this but Diwakar hears & tell them that all are waiting to eat food.
Pundalik’s parents along with Malti & her grandmother sit to eat food while one seat is empty seen by Malti & wonders Pundalik still hasn’t arrived.
Pundalik is eating food fed by Chandrakala with her own hands & he is enjoying the same. Chandrakala’s mother comes to inform her about the flute but she instead tells her that to think big to achieve wealth from him & then to leave him alone.

Precap: Malti thinks that she has to ask them where Pundalik is while Pundalik’s father is pleading Prabhu to help & Prabhu says that I have to help my devotee ultimately hence makes the flute fall down while Pundalik resting near Chandrakala gets up hearing the sound & tries to leave but Chandrakala shuts the door for not allowing him. Pundalik’s nephew Diwakar is calling him from outside the gate of Chandrakala’s place while he wonders what to do.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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