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Udaariyaan 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh helps Sandhu family

Udaariyaan 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman and Rupy saying we can’t get the ration on advance. Satti asks what will happen now, how will we get things. Rupy says no one should have a dad like me. He cries. Fateh comes and greets everyone. He asks the men to keep the ration inside. They get surprised. Biji blesses Fateh. Harman asks does the groom’s family know that we have no money. Fateh says this is nothing, its just some ration. Rupy says we can’t take all this, you are from the groom’s side. Fateh says Bebe just see he is making me an outsider, I m from your pind. Satti says but Fateh… Fateh says don’t say anything, I understand your emotions, you want to get the marriage done on your expenses, you can pay the shopkeeper when you want at your convenience. Satti says thanks. Fateh says don’t thank me. Satti gets lassi for him. Fateh sees Jasmin and smiles. He says I will go now. He leaves. They say he is a nice guy, he saved us. Khushbeer reads something on the laptop. He asks Amrik to get the charger, the laptop got off. Jasmin sees Fateh leaving. She asks him to take the gifts. He says thanks, we have become friends. She says its the same gifts you gave me. He asks why are you returning.

She asks what will I do of these gifts, you aren’t from Canada. He says I have full scope, gifts can’t be taken back, its for you. He goes. Amrik gives Fateh’s laptop. Mahi sees this and says Fateh’s jobs in Canada tabs will be seen. Amrik asks what will we do now. Khushbeer switches on the laptop. He doesn’t see the tabs. Amrik and Mahi come and take Fateh’s laptop. Mahi says I was doing project on Fateh’s laptop, he snatched it from me. They act to fight and go away.

Fateh dances with Jasmin. He goes to help the halwai. Satti saves his hand from burning. Jasmin says he is wasting time, I can see what he is doing. Fateh helps Bebe in work. She blesses him. Fateh takes the sweets for Jasmin and pleases her. He does shayari. Tejo looks on worried. Jasmin goes. Tejo asks what’s this drama, you think you can win everyone’s heart. He says I m befriending Jasmin. She says your dream will break, Jasmin’s heart will also break along with yours. He says I have planned to go to Canada. She asks him to leave.

Rupy asks Harman to call Viraj. Viraj comes home. He says we lost the banquet hall, we lost the advance money also, manager was showing me rules form. Satti asks how will Tejo’s marriage happen now. They all cry. Tejo comes and asks what happened. Fateh sees his Dada saying shayari for Dadi. He says wow, what a shayari, will this work if I have to convince someone. Dada says this will work for sure. Dadi says don’t lose the girl. Dada says remember one thing, if you love someone, then tell the truth, never hide anything. Tejo asks why did you hide this from me, we didn’t get a banquet hall, I had a wish to get married from my house, I got much love in this house. They all get emotional and hug her. Fateh gets a call from Canada. He says really, thanks a lot, my job application is accepted, so interview will be next week, its fine. Khushbeer looks on. Fateh says I had applied for online class. Khushbeer says okay and goes. Fateh goes to Dada and Dadi. He hugs them.

Dada says you look happy. Fateh says I will tell you soon, once I clear the interview, then I will send my alliance for Jasmin. Jas says I have spoken to a property dealer to sell the land. Jas’ mum asks him to have patience. He says we have fooled Neetu. Bebe asks Rupy to take her jewellery, she will take it back with interest later. He cries and says we need some more money. Harman gets a call. He says my friend is ready to give us a loan. Satti says Jas and his mum shouldn’t know about our financial status. Jas says they will never forget their daughter’s marriage. He sees the police and worries. He asks her to pack the bags, they have to leave. They quickly pack the bags and look out in the corridor. Jas sees the police coming.

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