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Siblings – Bond of Heart to Heart – Episode 4

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Recap: Both couples meet each other!!!!

Episode 4

Scene 1

Asha comes to Ishwari’s house.

Ishwari: Come in…

Asha: Hi, I’m Asha, I too also stay in this area.

Ishwari: So nice to know our neighbours.

Asha: I came to invite your family for my daughter’s birthday party.

Ishwari thinks…

Ishwari: Who’s your daughter?

Asha: Her name is Sonakshi…

Ishwari: Is she a doctor?

Asha: Yes, do you know her?

Ishwari: Asha ji, your daughter is an angel. She is too good at heart.

Asha is puzzled.

Neha then tell her about the incident.

Asha: How is your health now?

Ishwari: I’m completely fine.

Asha: You all should come to the party.

Nikki: Don’t worry aunty, we’ll all will come without fail.

Asha smiles and leaves.

Neha: Ma, this is one perfect chance. Let’s make their meet a memorable one.

Ishwari smiles…

Neha goes to Dev.

Neha: Bhai, we need to go to a birthday party at evening.

Dev: Whose birthday?

Neha: Our doctor, Sonakshi. Her’s birthday. She too live in this area.

Dev: Ok you all go. Why are you telling me?

Neha: You need to come.

Dev: Me?

Neha: Yes, it’s ma’s order and also buy her some gift.

She leaves telling this.

Dev is confused what to get.

He calls his friend….

Dev: Hello Mahir….

Mahir: Yes, tell me Dev.

Dev: I have a doubt.

Mahir: What doubt?

Dev tells him everything.

Dev: Now tell me, what to get her?

Mahir smiles as it is first time that Dev cares for a girl.

Mahir: Dev, relax. Buy anything which your heart says.

Dev: Ok, atleast come with me to the party.

Mahir: Ok, I will come.

Dev disconnects the call.

Mahir: I will come Dev to see that girl who has attracted you.

Scene 2

Moloy: Mohini, are everyone ready?

Nivedhita and Anurag comes.

Anurag: Papa, should I need to come to the party?

Moloy: Yes, definitely. There will be many investors coming to this party. This will help you.

Anurag: Ok fine.

Anurag and Nivedhita go to the car.

Mohini: I know why you want Anurag to come there.

Moloy: Why?

Mohini: For match making right? You want Prerna to become our bahu.

Moloy: Yes, she is a good girl and will be perfect for Anurag.

Mohini: But you should consider his opinion too.

Moloy: I know why you are talking like this? You want Komolika to become our bahu so that panditji’s words will become true. It won’t happen at any cost. I won’t make our two families get united.

He goes angrily.

Mohini worries.

Scene 3

Prerna’s birthday party….

All the guests come and wish Prerna.

Veena: Prerna, why are you sad?

Prerna: I didn’t see Bela from morning.

Veena: Your friend will come soon. Now smile.

(Bela is an orphan. They are family friends. Bela’s family was also a rich but due to bankrupt, they lost all their wealth and her dad died. After his death, Rajesh and Veena become her guardian. Her document name is Nandhini but everyone call her as Bela)

Suddenly light gets off. An AV plays!!!

Bela talks in the AV…

Bela: Happy Birthday Prerna, my love. My unbiological sister and my world. We always stood for each other and overcame every obstacle we faced. Now, in your 25th birthday, I wish you find your love of life soon. Once again, happy birthday.

All claps….

Bela come there with the cake….

Anurag enters and sees Prerna and gets surprised….

Moloy sees his reaction and smiles. Mohini is shocked…

Anurag: She…

Nivedhita: Do you know her before?

Anurag: Yes, I saw her today morning. Ma and papa, I will tell you something at this moment. I love her.

Mohini is shocked and is in dilemma.

Moloy is happy.

Nivedhita: She looks pretty.

Moloy: Anurag, we came here mainly for the match making for you both.

Anurag is happy.

He hugs his dad and expresses his happiness.

Moloy: Now come in and wish her.

They three go in.

Mohini: Oh god, now what will I do? Will I agree to my son’s wish or will I take steps to unite our family? I don’t know what to do.

She goes in…

Prerna and Bela hug each other.

Prerna: Where did you go?

Bela: To surprise you my baby.

Prerna: You should not go anywhere.

Bela: Sure…

Prerna: Ok, atleast today you introduce me with your lover.

Bela: Yes, I will do.

Moloy and Anurag comes to her and wish her.

Prerna: You….

Anurag smiles…

Anurag: Happy birthday again…

Rajesh: You both know each other before?

Prerna tells Rajesh and Veena about their meet.

Veena smiles.

Rajesh: Moloy, they are faster than us.

Moloy smiles.

Prerna then remembers about Veena’s words. She already told about the groom’s family.

Prerna: This means??

Veena nods yes…

Prerna smiles looking at Anurag.

Bela: Fine, just now I wished you to meet your partner and he arrived now.

Prerna introduce Bela and they both greet each other.

Bela: Ok, everyone are here. Cut the cake.

Prerna cuts cake and feeds to Rajesh, Veena and Bela.

Bela: Now feed to Anurag.

Prerna gets shy…

Anurag smiles and feeds her instead.

Bela and Nivedhita teases them…

All are happy except Mohini.

Mohini goes to a corner.

Prerna sees her and goes to her with cake.

Prerna: Aunty, I didn’t feed you cake.

Mohini: Sorry beta, I was thinking of something. Happy birthday.

Prerna: Thanks aunty. Here is the cake.

Prerna feeds her cake.

Prerna: Aunty, I don’t know whether this relation will work or not, but your decision is more important as you are also like my mother. I can’t disappoint my mother.

Mohini nods yes…

Bela calls Prerna and she leaves.

Mohini thinks that she is a good girl….

Scene 4

Dev along with his family and Mahir come to Sona’s party.

Dev sees Sona and stands awestruck by her beauty!!!!

Sona greets them. All exchange their wishes.

Nikki: Sona didi, happy birthday, here is my gift.

Sona smiles…

Sona: Thank you Nikki…

Rhea, Neha and Ishwari too gifts her.

Mahir sees Sona and thinks she is perfect for Dev.

Neha: Bhai, you give your gift.

Dev is standing still….

Neha punches him to give the gift. Sona laughs…

Dev: Sorry for the morning misunderstanding. Happy birthday…

Sona: Thanks…

Nikki: Didi, open the gift now.

Sona: Now?

Rhea: Yes, our bhai never gifted a girl other than us. So, we are curious to see what he has got for you.

Asha: Sona, open it. Everyone are so eager.

Sona opens the gift and finds a diamond ring and gets shocked…

Ishwari, Neha, Rhea, Nikki and Mahir smiles!!!!

Dev: Why are you shocked? Didn’t you like the ring?

Sona: It’s beautiful but I think it will be more expensive.

Dev: Nothing is expensive than happiness. Are you happy?

Sona smiles and says thank you.

Sona then goes to attend other guests. Ishwari and girls go with Asha.

Mahir: Dev, you rocked man. First ball itself sixer.

Dev: Mahir, don’t pull my legs. She treated my mother and also, she is going to work in my house from tomorrow. It’s a small gesture.

Mahir: I don’t think so…

Dev: Mahir…

Mahir gets a call.

Mahir: It’s from Bela. I’ll talk with her and come.

Dev: Tell her that I asked about her.

Mahir: Sure…

(Mahir and Bela’s past will come in the future episodes)

Dev sees Sona’s playful nature with the kids and smiles…

She cuts cake and feeds to everyone…

Dev genuinely feels happy to see her smiling. He thinks what is happening with him….

(Kuch rang Pyaar ki plays)

Scene 4

Mahir attends Bela’s call…

Mahir: Hello my lady love…

Bela: I called you to introduce my friend Prerna.

Mahir: Atleast today you introduce us. It’s been 5 years but you have never introduced me to her. You also don’t post any pictures in social media. So, I don’t know her.

Bela: It’s her birthday today. Even she is excited to meet you.

Bela is about to give the phone to Prerna but just then Nikki comes out.

Nikki: Mahir bhai, you are here? I was searching you for everywhere.

Mahir disconnects the call. Bela and Prerna gets disappointed.

Prerna: Ok leave, let’s meet on some other day.

Mahir: What happened nikki? Any problem?

Nikki: Come in, I need your idea to unite bhai and Sona didi…

She drags him and goes in!!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!

Precap: Anurag – Prerna & Dev – Sona dance together!!!!

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