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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 5)

Virat meets Vikram Singh Joshi Rathore

Chapter 5

Virat – I’m Virat Chavan IPS

Vikram – You are Sayi’s husband!

Virat – Yes sir. Sir, I know this is not the right time to tell this, but you are my role model. You have always amazed me with your work. Your dedication towards work and your love for your family always makes me motivated.

Dadu : As you specified earlier, this is not the time to talk this. I’m here for Sayi. (Turning towards Advay)

Dadu : How’s Sayi? You wanted a donor right? What’s her blood group ?

Virat – Sir, AB -ve.

Dadu didn’t look at Virat.

Advay – Yes dadu, she’s AB-ve. We running short of AB-ve. Will you be able to arrange someone?

Virat – Advay, even my blood group is AB-ve. I can donate.

Advay looked at dadu who didn’t react to what Virat said.

Advay – Virat, get yourself tidy. Go to my cabin and get yourself clean. Then you can donate.

Virat – Where’s your cabin ?

Advay – 1st floor, turn left and the last room. Pulkit will be there.

Virat – Okay.

Virat walked away from there leaving Advay and dadu alone.

Dadu – Any response from Sayi?

Advay – Not yet dadu. As you know, it’ll take 48hrs to know her recovery rate.

Virat went to the cabin and found Pulkit. Pulkit was in a call with Madhuri.

Pulkit – I don’t know Madhuri. Sayi’s condition is changing within every 10min. I guess she had some traumatic experience when she in Gadchiroli. She keeps saying, “don’t do anything to my abba”.

Madhuri – Bhau, I’ll come there? I want to see Sayi?

Pulkit – No Madhuri, you have Devyani and harini with you. Take care of them. And let them not know about Sayi.

Madhuri : Okay Bhau, but please update me.

Pulkit – Sure Madhuri. I forgot to tell you one more thing, Sayi will have a memory loss.

Maduri – Bhau what are you saying? Once she recovers, she won’t know us? (She starts crying)

Pulkit – Madhuri please, please don’t cry. I’m trying my best to not cry. The worst part is, we haven’t told Virat how serious will memory loss be.

Pulkit turned and was about to end the call, when he saw Virat standing shocked.

Scene shifts to an abandoned place (probably a jungle)

Driver – hello madam! I have completed the task. I hit that girl, and she’s almost over.

……. – Did you go check?

Driver (scratching his head) – Um..Yes yes. I was about to go closer when I saw a police officer.

…… – That must be Virat then.

Driver – Madam, you won’t cheat right? You’ll pay me the full amount na?

…… – Oyi Mr. I’m Patralekha, and I never go back to my words.

Driver – That is enough for me madam.

Paakhi – She died right ?

Driver – Yes madam. Because I drove the lorry in full force. She must be dead by now.

Paakhi smiled and ends the call.

Paakhi – Sayii..Poor Sayi, your count down has begun.

(Shivani bua who wanted to ask paakhi about something heard the entire conversation and was shocked. She left the room very quietly)

Back to hospital

Virat – She won’t remember me?

Pulkit – I don’t know Virat. She might not.

Virat – How long will it take for her to recover?

Pulkit – It depends on how she wakes up. As of now, the recovery rate is low. She might recover or she might not. We need to hope for the worst.

Virat listened to what Pulkit said and went ahead to clean himself.

Virat kept telling himself – Nothing will happen to you Sayi. You’ll definitely remember me. I’ll be there with you till your last breath.

Virat looked fresh when he met Advay.

Advay – You can take rest Virat. It’ll take 48hrs for Sayi to gain conscious.

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