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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 20

Hello everyone i m back so happy from your response keep supporting

So basically this episode was supposed to be emotional one bt my dearest behna asked me to add some sense of humor so i add that hope u will like it

So episode starts here

Ishani goes to angre and hold his hand in anger and drag him to the room

He left bewildered and goes with her

Scene 1

Angre’s room

Angre – what the hell are u doing ishani..😣

Ishani – u can’t do this engagement angre😧 i can’t see u with her it is pericing my heart

Angre – why are u getting affected by this

Ishani – i don’t know angre bt u can’t do this engagement and thats final..

Angre (angry)- give me the reason damn it ishani

Ishani – i don’t know angre bt u can’t do this for God’s sake don’t do

Ishani – no ishani i will do this if u won’t give me the f**king reason

Ishani (cupping his face) – angre plz don’t do..i can’t see u with anyone😭

Angre (shrugging her hand ) – i will do this..becoz u don’t have the blo*dy reason😬

Ishani – i have the blo*dy reason damn it..😬

Angre (shouting) – then just say it ..plz😬

Ishani – i can’t angre,😩

Angre (shouting) – then i m going to do this engagement😬

Ishani – no angre u can’t😬

Angre (shouting ) – why why can’t i tell me damn it😬

Ishani fuses her lips with angre

And angre’s eyes are out of the socket

Ishani (backing off from lip lock ) – becoz i love u damn it..i love u..

Angre has now tears in his eyes (aww my cry baby i m in love with this guys nowdays)

He cupped her face

Angre – tell me once again

Ishani (crying ) – i love u angre i can’t see u with anyone😭

Angre ( weeping her tears) – i love u too jaan i loved u since i saw u first time😭

Ishani – then why didn’t u tell me😦

Angre – i was waiting for u to initiate jaan i m sry..😭

Ishani (hugging him ) – sry angre i love u so much i can’t live without u plz don’t do this engagement with ragini😭

Angre (hugging her back ) – i love u too jaan..bt how will i brk this Engagement what abt vansh bhai..

Suddenly vansh and riddhima comes

Vansh ( angry) – what the hell is happening angre come let complete the engmnt

Riddhima – yes bhai come lets go

Angre – bhai i can’t

Vansh – u can’t back off angre lets go

Ishani (holding angre’s hand )- he won’t go bhai. don’t force him..

Vansh (angry) – bt why and u stay out of this.. let Him speak

Angre – bhai wo..wo..ime.ish..wo..we..

Ishani – bhai we love each other and he can’t do this engmnt (this is called guts..bhai pyr kia to drna kya..😂)

(Drti me bhi kisi ke baap se ni hu ha bs kutta piche pd jaye to alg baat h 😂😂)

Vansh (angry) – if this is true then why he is not speaking

Ishani – just say it damn it angre

Angre – bhai..wo i…me..wo

Vansh (pissed)(eyeing riddhima ) – u both brother sister duo are same first she was  adamant not to admit that she love me and now u r doing the same

Ishani – bt bhai why will angre admit that he loves u. He loves me..

Vansh (glaring her ) – shut up ishani..

Riddhima (giggles) – c’mon bhai just admit it..

Angre – bhai me and ishani love each other and i m backing off with this engmnt

Ishani vansh and riddhima sighs in relief

Riansh (banging their head) – finally mission completed

Ishangre (perplexed) – what mission

Riddhima – u both are just dumbo this was our plan idiots to make u both confess your feelings

Ishangre – whatttt!!!

Vansh – yes mere gadho..(donkeys)

Angre – bt boss how i mean when

Vansh – let me tell u

Flashback starts

Angre is crying seen ishani’pic

Angre – i love u jaan

(Do u remember this scene guys)

Someone is watching him

#spy mode on

Vansh goes to riddhima

Vansh – u again hide something from me 😣

Riddhima – what did i hide vansh

Vansh – that angre loves ishani

Riddhima – sry vansh i wanted to tell u bt bhai forbided me sry..

Vansh – its ok now how to make them confess

Riddhima – we will put so much pressure on them so that they will confess it themselves

Flashback ends

Just then ragini comes

Ragini – angrezi come lets go and get engage

Ishani (coming forwarding angre) – he won’t go

Ragini – i m not talking to u..stay out of this..

Angre – i can’t ragini plz ishani and i love each other

Ragini (shouting) – so u both are going to ruin my life..am i a tissue to whom u can use and throw😬

Angre – listen ragini i understand your state bt plz i can’t i don’t love u i love ishani😦

Ragini – bt i love u angre my love is enough for us

Ishani – u miss ragini just go don’t come between us

Ragini – you are the one who came between us

Angre plz i love u.. and u have to do this engmnt

Vansh – ragini is right her life will ruin if this engmnt won’t happen lets go angre

Ishani – bhai plz no😭

Suddenly ragini vansh and riddhima started laughing

Ishangre – have u guys gone mad..why are u laughing

Ragini – becoz u both are just duffers

Ishani – plz spill the beans damn it..i m fed up now

Riddhima – let me do the honor😎

Flashback starts

Riddhima – vansh we have to do something to unite them

vansh – angre is best for ishani bt Wht can we do

Riddhima – i have a plan

She calls someone

Riddhima – hello my darling i need your help urgently

Vansh (snatching phone from her ) – who the hell is here and why are u calling him darling

Caller – its not him jiju its her..

Vansh – whatt!

Ragini – its me jiju ragini riddhima di and i are freinds

Riddhima (putting phone on speaker) – so ragini u have to come here as angre bhai fiance and make ishani jealous..

Ragini – ok my darling riddhu

Flashback ends

Ishani – thnq so much bhai and riddhu u did so much for us..

Otherwise this idiot would have never confess his feelings(Eyeing angre)

Angre (rolling his eyes) – as if u were  shouting day and night that i love u angre😏

Riddhima – o…maago turu lob..

Looking like perfect couple

Vansh – ok guys we are going just come in 5 minutes becoz i can’t wait more to get engaged with my sweetheart

And they leave

Ishani (hugging angre) – i love u angre

Angre (hugging her back) – i was dying to listen this jaan

Ishani (hitting him hard ) – bt why were u kissing that ragini last night (ab maza ayega na bhidu 😂)

Angre (shocked) – who..me when.no ways

Ishani ( pissed) – no me..i was kissing her last night😏

Angre ( chuckles) – u didn’t tell me that u r lesbian

Ishani (pissed) – shut up or i will kick your ass for sure..

Angre (encircling her in arms ) – don’t u want kids jaan..

Ishani (shy) – u shameless man!!

Angre – jokes apart bt i didn’t kiss her it was just she felt something in her eyes and i was helping her in removing it and we fell on bed

Ishani (sighs) – thnk god. Otherwise

I would have killed u both till now..

Angre( giggles) – by the way the kiss was just amazing

Ishani (hugging him)(shy) – u r mine only mine.. u know i got so scared angre what if i lost u.. i can’t believe that i would be able to.love someone after aryan

Angre – i m here jaan don’t worry

She says

Meri mohhobatt tera didaar hai..
Yeh sun ne ko wo aaj phir bekarar hai..
Dil me armaan..
aankho me tera intezaar h..
Tere sang mukkamal hone ki khwaishe hazaar hai..
Tu mere jine ki wajah..teri inaayat ne ye sawan phir.. brsaya hai..
Mera khoya hua bharosa ek bar phir laut aya hai..
Dil me jo ho..bin soche kehe jana..
Bas ek wada kro..kbhi chhod k mt jana..
Jo kabhi kisi or ka tha..aaj mere pass wo sbse kimti noor hai..
Is baar kismat se ldna pda toh wo bhi manzur hai..
Meri pehli mohhobatt na sahi..pr mere dil ka sukun ho tum.
Jo sir se kbhi na utre..wo junuun ho tum..
Lo kehe dia mene..wo..jo sun na tumhe accha lgta hai..
Jao apne dil se puch lo..mera pyr saccha lgta h?

Scene 2

Riansh and ishangre are standing on stage
First riansh exchanged the rings and then ishangre

(Badhai ho engemnt ho gyi.. so much of aaram i got…)

Done for today guys hope u all got satisfied with this forgive me for mistakes if any

We were talking abt pimples yesterday and i got one today😭😭 pr don’t worry meri koi engagement nhi h😂😂

Basically this epi was full of ishangre moments  riansh moments will come later

And many of u guess corrected abt vansh ‘s plan

Ab accha chlti hu duao me yaad rkhna 😂

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