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Riansh FF – You are precious to me (Chapter 2)

Thanks for your lovely responses as they motivate me to write. So I am up quickly to write the next episode. I made it funny due to the last emotional episode.
Shayari credits:- Aishu di

Aryan: NNnnoooooooo…..(I know some people thought it’s Vansh but there’s a surprise)

Riddhima (with a smirk): what happened Aryan?

Aryan: Riddhima are you serious? Soup 🍜 mein itna namak kaun daltha hai aur aap sab Kaise ye soup pite hai ?[who puts so much salt in a soup and how you guys even having this]Riddhima: really?
She took her bowl of soup and had a bit of the soup and said: wow mrs.dsouza great soup and also this is my favorite tomato soup.

Aryan : No Riddhima it’s horrible. Have you got high blood pressure that you can’t detect how much salt is there?
Vansh (angrily): how dare you Aryan? Riddhi is ok but you must go consult a doctor in your own hospital as she knows what’s good and not good for her.!! And( he was cut- off by Riddhima)
Riddhima: ok Vanshu he understood now.Keep quiet 🤐 and eat
Vansh:ok Riddhi
He was like this after Riddhima told to keep quiet 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Everyone was in awww of their bond and was laughing at Aryan.
Aryan: But bhai (he was cut-off by Ishani)
Ishani: What the….. Have you gone nuts Aryan?
Siya : Yes Aryan Bhai aap tik hona (bro are you ok)cause this is so delicious and salt is enough not more nor less.
Dadi: Aryan are you ok? I think you have lost your taste.
Chanchal: did you sleep well yesterday?

Aryan: yes mom and Dadi!Really Siya and Ishani!You all are saying that I have gone mad.😡
Rudra: No my son we are telling that all are having the same tomato soup and enjoying it but you are the only one who is complaining.

Vansh and Riddhima was enjoying their fight and none noticed it expect Angrey.

They were like this when the family was questioning Aryan ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

Suddenly Aryan’s eyes went to Riddhima and he noticed her smile then when he saw Vansh also he understood what was going on.

Aryan : oh now I understand you both are behind this right Vansh bhai and Riddhima?

(Angrily)Vansh: first Riddhima now I am also involved wow Aryan.
Riddhima: I know you don’t like tomato soup that much but that doesn’t give you the license to blame us.

Angrey: bhai didn’t do anything. Stop blaming without proof Aryan.
Chanchal: something has happened to you because you are blaming others for your mistakes,so I think I will take an appointment to a doctor for you today itself.
Aryan: Vansh bhai enough now or else I will go to the mental asylum so pls save me pls….

Riansh burst out laughing 😂 at Aryan’s plea and,
Vansh said: ok now since riddhi had fun playing with you I will save you but you should to say sorry to Riddhima. So chachi he is ok and not mad but if he tries to insult or irritate Riddhi I will do it again. If anyone tries to trouble my sweetheart I won’t bear it.

Chanchal : ok Vansh that’s awesome 👏 I am happy that Riddhima has a great Best friend who will protect and keep her like a princess. Also Aryan should be given such lessons or he won’t mend his ways.
Aryan: Mom you too!!! Thanks Vansh bhai

Riddhima: yes chachi I am lucky Vansh is with me otherwise I wouldn’t have been alive.
Vansh: Jo log guzar gye wo kbhi waps nhi aate..
Or yaar sacche kabhi chhod kr nhi jate
{those who are dead never return and true frnds dont leave u}
Riddhi now you are making it breakfast emotional and also you are my precious to me.princess Riddhima.
Riddhima:really am I your princess?
Vansh: of course.
(With this smile he said)👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Riddhima:Then I want you to fulfill your promise.
Vansh: surely Riddhi

Riddhima: thanks Vansh and (she was cut-off by Aryan)
Aryan: sorry Riddhima for interrupting and disrespecting you but now can I know whose idea it was and what was your plan??
Riansh:if you guess the person whose idea it was then we will clear your confusion otherwise sorry dot com and now quickly guess it.
Angrey: Shaggy and he has come bhai
Riddhima: yaay Vanshu
Vansh: anytime sweetheart.

Done for today. If you got bored sorry as I am in a bad mood but still writing this. I have 3 questions for you all pls don’t ignore and answer:
1. who has come?
2. Who made that plan?
3. Who is shaggy?
* At least if you get one correct or if you reply to my questions I will update otherwise I will take a lot of time 😁

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