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#Riansh Born to be united.. Episode 13

Hello everyone.. back with another episode ..

I think to end this soon..as day by day it’s getting less comments..

I think this track is boring..so no worries..

Lets start with the update..

Everyone was at the dinning table… Eating silently…

Vansh thought to break the silence..

Vansh:- So as the engagement will going to happen in next two days…we all need to prepare for it…

It’s Vansh Rai Singhania’s sister’s engagement.. every thing should be perfect..

Chanchal:- Sejal Beta you are party planner so would you like to plan your best friend’s engagement??

Sejal:- Aunty If you have not asked me then also I will be the one who will plan..😉

Dadi:- Okay Sejal so you have to start because very less time is left..

Sejal:- Don’t worry dadi we will start from tomorrow only..

Kabir:- Aryan just think once..you are ready to engage na else don’t complain later..that I have not warn you…

Aryan:- No Kabir I am ready..you forget I have also asked same question to you and I was badly torched by your fiance..you want the same with you..

Ishani(excitedly):- You are engaged Kabir ??

Aryan:- Yes he is engaged a year go only..

Vansh was on nine clouds.. listening that Kabir is engaged..

Vansh:-What!! with whom??

Kabir:- Sorry I forgot to tell you all about Sejal and me..we are engaged..

Ishani:- what you are sejal’s finance..

Aryan:- Yes he is…and I think he is fed up with her.. that’s why he didn’t dare to start with marriage..😂

Sejal:-(angry) Aryan you better shut up else you will know the consequences..😤

Aryan:- Sorry sejal..just kidding..he love you a lot ..bass..😄

Vansh was very happy..but after seeing Riddhima he was again upset..as she was sitting quietly..he want to see her happy but..

Everyone was chit chatting..but two were just sitting silently..one was riddhima and another one was angre..

They didn’t speak to them as they knew both need some time..

After dinner everyone was going to their respective rooms as they all were tired..

But Vansh wanted to talk with Riddhima to change her mood..so he asked..

Vansh:- Would you like to accompany me..for a night walk..🙂

Riddhima:- hmm.. okay

Vansh:- Great!! so lets go..

They was just walking..there was complete silence..

Vansh thought of breaking it..

Vansh:- So why are you so quite..I think you should just chill.. because everything happens for a reason..

Riddhima:- I think you are right..I was just thinking where to start so.. waiting for you..

Vansh:- Okay so let me start..you said that we are friends right?

Riddhima:- yes..

V:- so will you believe you friend ??

R:- Well I will not mind..

V:- so I wanted to say that Angre is really a nice guy..he always used to remember u..and sometimes I have seen him crying also..he was all alone..he was quite different from all my employes that’s why he is my personal assistant..

But trust me first he is my best friend a perfect one who was always there for me..

R:- hmm.I trust you..😊

V:- So lets bygones be bygones..!!??

R:- okay 😊..Thank you so much for changing my mood..

You know when ever I was sad sejal and Aryan used to crack stupid jokes..from which I used to get irritated..but what you did was something interesting.. Interesting very interesting (saying as Vansh says..)

V:- So you are making fun of my line.. Intersting very interesting..😅

Both were .😂😂

They were talking random stuffs..

When a dog come ..he was going towards Riddhima..and Riddhima was really scared..

R:- Vansh help na..he is coming towards me only..

V:-(laughing) so mis Riddhima is getting scared from this dog really Riddhima..I think you were brave…but you are really coward..that day you were not scared from those goons who were having knife in their hands but you are scared from this cute dog..😂😂

R:- Cute Really Vansh!! Itna cute h toh gale kyu nahi laga lete..cute my foot..are you helping me or not..

As dog was coming towards..he barks..

And our scared Riddhima hugs Vansh.

Vansh’s pov

It’s so kind of you Mr.dog..you made my day.. Thank you so much..

Dog goes..😂

Vansh:- see Riddhima dog has gone..😅

R:- Really??

V:- yes

Riddhima breaking the hug..

R:- So what were you saying I am coward..ha !! I will see you.😠

V:- (mummurs) You can see me I don’t have any objection..

R:- Did you say anything??

V:- No lets go home else another dog will come 😂

They both wish each other good night and move towards their respective rooms..

Next Morning..

Everyone was busy in their own stuffs..

Chanchal and ishani was preparing lunch..

While dadi was doing pooja…

Riddhima has gone to hospital..due to some emergency.

Sejal, Kabir was discussing about engagement..

Where our two love birds Aryan and Siya were spending some quality time with each other..

And Angre,vansh and rudra was discussing stuff related to office…

Aksh:- Everyone is busy in their own work no one loves me..

Ishani:- If everyone is busy then why don’t you also get busy in your stuff.??🤨

Aksh:- there are soo many guests in house..I want to enjoy with them..

Vansh:- Okay champ so what about picnic..

Aksh:- Yay mamu apne meri man ki baat khe di..love you mamu you are the best…

Ishani:- Bhai you and picnic..Am I dreaming..

Vansh:- why any problem..If you believe you are dreaming then you don’t go..

Ishani:- Why I will not go..

Vansh:- Then shut up with you stupid logics..

Dadi:- If we all will go then who will prepare for engagement..

Vansh:- Don’t need to worry.. Every thing will be done..

Chanchal:- No you all go..we have to do many things..and yes I have decide my gold jewellery also..😅

Aksh:- uff oh dadi you and your jewellery..

Dadi:- Vansh chachal is right you all go we are fine here..

Vansh:- Okay as you wish..

Angre:- Bhai but where we will go..

Vansh:- Farmhouse ??

Siya:- Great so you all are deciding to go farmhouse without me??😟😟

Vansh:- No Siya how can I forgot about you..even if you forgot us because of your love we will not forget you😉..


Sejal:- But Riddhima she is in hospital..I know she will refuse us..

Vansh:- No she will not..tell her that I have planned..

Ishani’s pov

Bhai is soo confident that she will not refuse his plan..😌

Sejal:- okay see..she dials Riddhima and puts the call on speaker..


Sejal:- Hello Riddhu..

Riddhima:- yes Sejal anything important..

Sejal:-yes actually we all are going to farmhouse and you have to join us..we will pick you from there only.🤨

Riddhima-sejal you na I am busy..I can’t come..😔

Sejal:- Riddhu pls give it a try..Vansh has planned it..and he was saying that you will not Denny..

Riddhima:- You know my schedule na..if I will come today then I will not able to attend engagement tomorrow..

Aryan:- no..no.you don’t come today I want my best friend at my engagement..😥

Siya:- What are you saying Arayn..she will come today also pls Riddhima ..pls..

Aksh:- pls beautiful we will miss you if you will not come..

Vansh:- pls Riddhu maan jao..

Ishani’s pov

Wow not bad bhai Riddhu..and pls..

Riddhu:- so you all are here.. okay but atleast after 1 hour let me complete some work…

Vansh:- Okay I will come after exact 1 hour..

Riddhima:- Okay bye see you all soon…

Call ends..

Everyone shouted mission successful…

Kabir:- Vaise Vansh how were you so confident that she will not deny you..

Vansh:- there’s nothing like this..you all get ready..

Vansh left.. blushing..

Ishani:- Siya you see bhai was blushing..

Siya:- Yes I am very happy that our old vansh bhai is back..

Aryan:- And our workoholic Riddhu who never agree us for going out on week days.. because of Vansh she agree..!!

I think we will see a new couple after sometime..😉😂

Kabir:- Yes you are right Aryan..they are bonding very well..you know Riddhima has gone for a night walk with Vansh yesterday..and after that her mood was also good…

Angre:-(teasing) Kabir how d you know??🤨

Kabir:- Because I had gone to her room to meet sej…

Realising what he spoke..

Because I had gone to check Riddhima..🤭

Aryan:- We know …you gone to meet your fiance.. atleast don’t lie..

Sejal:- okay let’s get ready..we can do these talks after wards also…

After 1 hour..

Everyone was ready..

Vansh:- So lets go..

Aksh:- yes mamu lets go..I can’t wait..

Vansh:- okay..

Vansh’s pov..

I have to anyhow safe a seat for Riddhima in my car..

Angre:- Bhai lets take two cars I think everyone will adjust in that..

Vansh:- yay okay..

Sejal:- who will sit where..

Ishani:- let me tell..(I know bhai wants to sit with Riddhima..let me help him..)

So Angre,me,Sejal and Kabir can sit in Angre’s car and

Siya,Aryan,bahi, Riddhima can sit in Bhai’s car

Aksh:- Mom you forgot me…🙄

Ishani:- so sorry beta..you can go in anyone’s car..

Askh:- I will go with mamu..

Vansh:-Okay so lets … Riddhima will be waiting..(Thank you Ishani..love you)

Precap:- fun + tantarums

Done with this episode..I know it’s short but what to do assignments..😟

Hope you will like it..

Do comments..As it really motivate me to write more…

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