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Episode starts with..

Vansh comes home.. 

UMA: Vansh, where were you till now? I’ve been calling you for a long time. But, you didn’t pick my call. 

VANSH: Mom, actually..

UMA: Vansh, what happened?

VANSH: Mom, actually.. Vihaan.

UMA: Vansh, I forgot to tell you. I’ve chose a place for ishani’s wedding.. You come with me..

VANSH: Mom, this marriage won’t happen.

UMA: Vansh, what happened to you? Why are you speaking like this?

VANSH: Mom, please listen to me.. This marriage is actually a drama ( tells everything) . Mom, ishani loves Angre.. Mom, even Angre didn’t accept this love. I made this drama to make him realise ishani’s love. Mom, I know that this is not right. But, I did all this for ishani’s happiness. Moreover, I know that her decision is right. Because, none can understand and care ishani as Angre does.

Saying so, he holds her hand.. 

Uma gets upset and takes her hand.. 

VANSH: Mom, I know that you are upset. But, believe me. After thinking a lot, I took this decision. Now, ishani is in hospital.

UMA: What!! What happened to her?

VANSH: Mom, don’t worry. Actually, ( tells everything). Now, she is fine. Mom just think, how much she would have loved angre that she without even thinking about her life she saved Angre. Mom, she is emotionally connected to him. Love happens once in life. But, it lasts even after our death. Such love can’t be wrong. Mom, angre understood ishani. Now, even he loves ishani. I trust my friend. If you trust me then, believe that my decision won’t be wrong.

UMA: But, why didn’t you tell all this to me?

VANSH: Mom, I don’t want you to get tensed unnecessarily. Now, everything is fine. Mom, please understand. Mom, it is you who said that everyone has their right to choose their own love. It is you, who taught us that love can’t be wrong. In that case, do you think that ishani’s decision will be wrong? Moreover, even you know about angre. Just think, whether he’ll suit ishani? Just think, whether he can protect and support ishani? Just think, whether he’ll suit ishani? Then, you’ll get all your answers.

UMA: Vansh, take me to ishani..

Vansh takes uma to the hospital. 

Uma enters the room and sees both ishani and angre. 

UMA: Vansh just now told me everything. Ishani, why did you hide this from me?

ISHANI: Mom, my intention was not wrong. Angre, didn’t accept my love. I tried much, but he didn’t. In that case, how will I tell you mom?

ANGRE: Aunty, it was my mistake. I hurted her a lot without understanding her love. I thought about vansh and his friendship. But, ishani’s love made me realise my mistake. I promise you that I won’t hurt her anymore. Please, accept our love..

ISHANI: Please mom..

VANSH: Please mom…

Uma laughs.. 

VANSH: Mom, why are you laughing?

UMA: Seeing you all. You three are still like kids. Ishani, I can understand my daughter. My daughter won’t take wrong decision. Moreover, I even know angre. He’ll definitely make you happy. And vansh, I know that when you support a thing, then it can’t be a wrong one. I trust you. So now, I trust you all three. But, this marriage will happen on one condition.

VANSH: Condition?

ISHANI: What is it, mom?

UMA: I’ll get you both married according to my wish. This time, it must be me, who will select the venue, dates, decorations and everything. I’ll agree to this marriage only if you three accept this condition.

All the three laughs.. 

Suddenly, vansh gets a message and his laugh vanishes. He goes out. Angre notices this and follows him. 

ANGRE: Vansh, wait a second..

VANSH: Tell me, angre..

ANGRE: Vansh, what happened to you? Why did you book those tickets? Why do you want to go abroad? You didn’t inform this to anyone. Why? I need all my answers right now.. You can’t escape from me. I know that you are getting away from riddhima. Why? I even know that you have decided to go abroad because you want to go away from her. Why? What’s the reason? What happened to you? What is making you to distance yourself from riddhima?

Riddhima who was standing behind them hears this.. She cries and goes. 

VANSH: A promise..


VANSH: (tells everything). I have promised myself not to disturb riddhima anymore. I have decided to get out of her life. Angre, do you remember that day when riddhima was admitted in the hospital. You came to me and asked me to save her. You asked me to do something. I even promised you that I’ll save her. But, only then I realised that nothing was in my hand. I went to temple. I asked god to save her. I asked god’s help to keep up my promise. But, there is a fact that we won’t get anything until we lose something. To save riddhima, I gave my love. My love is no more important for me than her life. I want to see her happy. I can sacrifice anything for that. I had only my love with me. I sacrificed my love to save her life. Moreover, I’m not lucky for her.

Saying so, he cries.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, have you lost your mind? Didn’t you hear what she said in that godown?

VANSH: I heard. It was my only wish. But, now nothing is in my hand. She doesn’t know that I loved her. Let her be in her own way. I don’t want to disturb her anymore. That’s why, I decided to go abroad. Within few days, she’ll forget me. This is my final decision, angre. But, she’ll remain in my heart throughout my life. I came here for her. Now, I’m leaving for her. But, I won’t let anything happen to her. I’ll leave only after closing aryan’s chapter in her life. Vansh’s chapter will also get over along with it. Please, don’t tell this to anyone. If you have ever considered me as a true friend. Then, don’t tell this to anyone.

Saying so, he goes.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, why did you do this? What happened to you? I won’t let you go..

On the other hand, riddhima cries reminiscing her moments with vansh. Just then, vansh comes there and sees her crying. 

VANSH: What happened to her? Why is she crying?

PRECAP: You have only 20 minutes left. Will you find her? or, will you save her? Can you do both in two minutes? I don’t think so… 

Do comment your views and suggestions if any to be made.. 

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