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RadhaKrishn 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Tulsi Curses Krishna

RadhaKrishn 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Shankchurn continues fighting with Mahadev. Mahadev attacks him with trishul. Trishul hits him and he falls down from cliff shouting in pain. Tulsi tells Krishna that she can sense Shankchurn’s pain. Earth shakes, and Tulsi gets more concerned. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Krishna’s magic/leela, Shankchurn’s end was possible; if it was destined, why did Krishna take time. Mahadev says it takes time to create hatred in someone’s mind and he feels bad that Krishna has to face his close friend Tulsi’s hatred. Gauri says problem ended at last. He says its not the end yet and a big disaster is awaited.

Tulsi confronts Krishna that she loved even him, but he betrayed her. Radha says Krishna didn’t betray her, he instead increased her love for Shankchurn. Tulsi reminisces hugging Krishna disguised as Shankchurn and feels guilty for touching a stranger. Krishna says Shankchurn wanted to win the whole universe, so he had to do this to stop him. Tulsi says she doesn’t want to hear anything, Shankchurn is punished for his sin and even Krishna will be punished for his sin via a curse. Radha requests not to curse Krishna in anger and repent later. Tusli says she needs revenge and not repention, so Radha should move away or else she will also be cursed. Radha says she can curse her along with Krishna. Tulsi says they are too proud of their unity, so she curses that Radha and Krishna will separate forever and Krishna who was proud of developing love in anyone’s heart will become stone forever.

Mahadev gets sad hearing that. Gauri asks if Krishna will become stone. Mahadev says curse cannot be foregone. Devtas emerges and asks what will happen to the universe if Krishna becomes stone. Mahadev says if they don’t, their dear ones will suffer; so only Krishna can do whatever he can now. Balram requests Tulsi that her curse is in appropriate. Radha requests to take back her curse. Krishna says it can’t be. Radha requests to curse her instead of Krishna as she made a mistake. Tulsi says she rightly cursed Krishna to make Radha feel the pain of separation, Krishna will become stone by tomorrow morning. Krishna asks Radha not to waste time and spend the remaining time with her. Balram requests Krishna to reveal his true identity to Tulsi. Krishna says he cannot. Radha insists and says she will if he doens’t. Krishna warns her to stop or else he will do something which she wouldn’t have imagined. Radha says if he also wants to curse her, she is ready for that. Krishna gives his promise to her. She asks why is he increasing her pain with his promise. He says he cannot let things happen before their time. Radha says she will not let him become a stone monument. Krishna asks not to change destiny. Tulsi says they are trying to trick her again, their separation will happen for sure and they can’t escape.

Krishna’s foot turns stone. Universe starts disintegrating. Radha points at Krishna’s foot. Krishna desires to return to Dwarka before he turns stone. Balram says he will fulfill his wish. Krishna is unable to lift his foot. Radha helps him. Balram whatever it happens, they will reach Dwarka as soon as possible. They head towards Dwarka in chariot. Radha sees Krishna’s both feet turning stone and feels guilty. Krishna says they have to face their fate together. Radha says she cannot stay away from him. He asks her to accept the fate and stop crying. Radha says he is turning into stone and wants her not to cry, how is it possible. He says even if he becomes stone, he won’t separate from her; they are separated many times before and reunited; they can be together via souls if not via bodies. She asks what does he mean. He asks her to stop chariot as he feels thirsty.

Balram stops chariot and gets worried seeing Krishna’s feet turning stone. Krishna says he is not worried as his elder brother is there to carry him. Balram says he is ready to carry him whole life and carries him near water shone. Radha feeds him water. Krishna says stone cannot quench its thirst even if its near water, but his thirst is quenched by Radha and he is satisfied. Devi Gauri asks how will world move if Krishna becomes stone. Mahadev says she is right. She asks if its the end. He says its the beginning of Radha and Krishna’s journey’s new form which nobody has seen before and what nobody saw yet will happen.

Precap: Radha sees Krishna turning completely into stone and says she cannot live without him. He asks to capture these moments in her memory. She says she will do whatever any lover hasn’t done to her love.

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