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Pratigya 2 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Balwant tries to spy on Sajjan

Pratigya 2 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Pratigya asks Krishna to tell her the truth. Krishna looks on. Sajjan says I will tell you, I sent him to find out about CCTV. Pratigya says why? Sajjan says I sent him to find out how CCTV works as I need it on my working site. Pratigya asks Krishna why he was not telling her? Krishna says you keep inquiring me like I am a criminal. Sajjan tells Pratigya to trust her husband. Sumitra says she can put her son in the witness box, she doesn’t trust anyone. Pratigya says sorry to Krishna, he leaves from there. Shakti says I feel bad for Pratigya, we are fooling her. Sajjan says stop your tongue and go from here.

Krishna comes to his room. Pratigya says I am sorry. Krishna says you are doubting me too much these days, am I not your husband? Pratigya says I am sorry, I am stressed with work. Krishna says I am working too, I don’t need your sorry when you keep repeating the same mistake, he leaves from there.

Sajjan tells Sumitra that we have to hide the truth from Pratigya. Sumitra says she can do anything to find out the truth, she is a magician. Kriti and Garv come there. Sajjan asks what happened? Kriti cries and says why are we lying to mother? Garv says our parents are fighting because of us. Sumitra hugs him. Sajjan says we can lie to save someone’s life, I am doing all this to protect you. Nobody can separate your parents when I am here. Komal comes there and thinks this is happening because Adarsh brought Krishna’s watch in the house, I will teach him a lesson tomorrow morning.

In the morning, Komal comes to Adarsh’s milk shop but Balwant and Dhara are there. Dhara is beating a guy, Balwant asks who deleted the footage? Komal takes a stick and beats Dhara. She says you are a man by beating another man after tying his hands? If you have guts then fight me and I will show you that I am Sajjan’s daughter. Balwant looks on.

Pratigya writes sorry on Krishna’s plate. A woman comes there and asks can I talk to Pratigya? Sumitra says it’s the teacher.

Dhara tells Komal that I will show your standard. Komal shouts who the hell are you? Adarsh comes there too. Komal tells Balwant that I lost my husband and daughter but that doesn’t mean I am beating everyone around. Balwant folds his hands and says I did a mistake, I didn’t have proof against him. I see you feel the same pain, I am sorry. He takes Dhara from there. Adarsh smiles at Komal.

Scene 2
The teacher tells Pratigya that Kriti and Garv are not performing well in the school. Pratigya says they are bright students so how is this possible? She checks their work and gets tensed. The teacher says you are a working woman but you need to give time to your kids, you people are not focusing on kids, nobody came for Samar in the school. Pratigya asks what did Samar do? She sends all the kids away except Samar.

Balwant shows the device to Dhara and says I have put a radio receiver in Komal’s bag. She is our spy now to know more about Sajjan’s family. We will find the culprit now.

The teacher tells Pratigya that Samar was found watching the x-rated videos. Samar says you don’t know what we can do against you. Pratigya slaps him and says you thought you could threaten the teacher in front of everyone? Pratigya says sorry to the teacher and says I will bring him on the right path. Shakti whispers to Krishna and says Samar might tell the truth to Pratigya in anger.

Adarsh tells Komal that I will call you when I need someone to be beaten. Komal shouts why did you bring Krishna’s watch and give it to Pratigya. She shouts at him but loses balance and falls in his arms. Her bag falls down. Adarsh sees the radio receiver and thinks Balwant must have done it to spy on her family, he throws it away before Komal can see it.

Samar tells Pratigya that you want to know bigger news? Krishna tells Pratigya to stop all this, you can either be a lawyer or choose this family now.

PRECAP – Krishna is miffed with Pratigya. She tries to pacify him but he locks himself and cries. Pratigya tells the family that I will continue my work and find the culprit who killed Balwant’s son. Krishna looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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