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Pandya Store 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam defends Dhara

Pandya Store 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Prafulla hugging Raavi and crying. Raavi and Rishita’s grahpravesh happens by the rituals. Mangalam….plays… Rishita smiles. Raavi cries. Dhara shows Darshan’s pic and prays. She says you both are going to start a new life, take dad’s blessings. Rishita thanks Lord. She says I have finally married Dev, bless us that we don’t get separated ever. Raavi goes. Rishita asks where is Dev’s room, I m too tired, I want to rest. Dhara says wait for some time, there are some rituals.

Janardhan vents anger and recalls Rishita’s words. Bua asks him to control his anger. Janardhan says I will get Dev killed. Bua slaps him. Kalyani asks what did you do. Bua says it happened because of you. Raavi recalls Shiva’s words. Dhara sees Shiva going to Raavi and thinks it won’t be right if I go there. Shiva sees Raavi and says I hate you even more. She says you got happy, you told me that I won’t marry Dev. He says I didn’t have a choice, else I would have not married you. Bua says Kalyani is responsible for all this. Janardhan says Rishita isn’t your daughter, so you are calm, my blood is boiling, I will not leave Dev. Bua says I got insulted in front of Manav and his family, my blood is also boiling, calm down, everyone knows that Rishita has married Gautam’s brother, Gautam has more respect than yours, do anything but after the elections. Janardhan gets angry and hits the wall.

Suman asks Jagat not to worry, Raavi has become her bahu. Gautam says don’t worry, I guarantee that Shiva will keep Raavi happy, they will also fall in love, he is gold at heart. Prafulla says I will never believe this. Shiva pours water on his head. He angrily goes. Dhara says nothing will happen to Raavi. Jagat says I just wish Raavi to stay happy. Suman asks Gautam to get his stick. Jagat says I know she wants to beat me. Suman says no need to get it now. She asks Jagat to go home. Jagat says I trust you. Prafulla asks Suman to take care. Suman says I have four sons to take care of me, go. Jagat and Prafulla go.

Suman gets angry seeing Dhara. Gautam says Dhara, get food for Suman to the room, I m taking her there. Dhara says I know Raavi, I couldn’t keep your faith, if things were in my control, then I would have got you married to Dev, I have wronged you, I know you are the best, if you have any place for me in your heart, then forgive me. Bua packs Rishita’s bag. Janardhan burns the stuff. Bua says Rishita can’t get any comforts in that small house. He gets angry.

Prafulla asks Anita did she trap Hardik, where is he. Anita says he left. Prafulla says you had a good chance, why did you let him go, you have no option than Hardik. Dhara gets food for Suman. Suman says I don’t want any drama now, you both have ruined the family respect. Gautam says listen to me.

Jagat asks what did you say, Hardik and Anita’s alliance, you know who is he. Prafulla says Dhara’s brother. Jagat says you think Dhara will let this happen. Prafulla says she is busy, we have to use this chance. Suman asks Dhara what did you want. She says I kept asking, no one told me, you ruined everyone’s lives, Dev and Rishita love each other, they are happy, you ruined Raavi and Shiva’s lives. Gautam says you can’t blame Dhara always, she isn’t responsible for all this.

Rishita makes Raavi’s bags out. She says I have a right on this room. Raavi says I don’t want Dev or this room, stop it.

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