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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) Happy or shocked? …. Ch-6

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In the morning,

At KR Mansion,

Everyone was worried as it had been 9 hours since she was not at home and too without without informing anyone…

Aryan called love hospital and asked the receptionist about ridhima’s whereabouts and came to know that she is in operation theatre since night and he along with Kabir and serial went to the hospital and got to know about the patient Ridhima was handling.

Kabir:- what happened? Don’t worry she will be ok.

Vansh:- who are you? how did you came to know about her?

Kabir:- I am Ridhima’s brother your dadi is inside the operation theatre , reception told.

Vansh:- oh! ok?

(And told everything to him)

Kabir:-Don’t worry my sister is expert in critical surgeries …your dadi will be fine. (Smiles)

Again Vansh felt like his head was spinning and but held his head to focus, angre who was noticing it was growing worried for him (By now all the member have came back from the canteen) .

After 2 hours,

Ridhima came out and Vansh went to her.

Vansh:- what happened? Is she ok?

Everyone:- say something.


Vansh and Kabir (together) :-what?? (Tensed)

Ridhima:- actually we tried hard and we saved her the operation was successful congratulations she will get conscious in next 5 hours …

Vansh (relieved😌):- thank god, thank you so much miss ridhima!

Unknowingly in happiness and excitement Vansh hugged her and she hugged 🤗 him back then they broke hug as they realised and felt little awkward and now stood back to the their positions and were talking and watching everyone happiness but suddenly Vansh Falls unconscious…

Ridhima:-Mr. Raisinghaniaaaaaa…… (Shocked and concerned)

Angre:-Bosssss… (Shocked)….

That’s all for todays guys,

I know it is short but I was feeling little better today thank you for all your lovely comments and wishes. . . .

I will try to post next one soon….

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