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Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 20

Epi begins with Ron getting a call. He says what you can’t do it. Marcus squeezes his shoulder. Ron sighs and says ok it will be done. But please go to the doctor. I beg you. The call gets cut off. Cam says what happened. Ron says let’s go back we have a lot of things to do. Marcus says no first tell me what was the call about. Ron says our work should be done today. This time we have to do double. Cam says you are joking right. Ron gets angry and says do you think iam really joking. Our lives are in danger. And mostly our love. Marcus says what happened. Ron says nothing we can’t do any mistakes today. They all went home except of Marcus and Hybrid.

After sometime Ron calls vansh kabir and other racers. He says the time has came where the daredevi game will begin. All nods. Vansh says Ron what has came. Ron says vansh you have to win three races to get into the most and daredevil race. But there’s only one rule, there are no rule. It means it will cost your life. Vansh nods.  Cam says there will be betting. Kabir says if that racer loses the race . Ron says than we will loose the money and racer his life. You remember guys u signed the contract. Have you guys read it carefully. Racers says yes Ron we know and we are ready for it. We are happy to help you. Ron says guys u can back out now. He puts all the contract on the table. He adds you can tear this up and you are free to go. Daredevil crew comes forward and hand the contract to Ron. Ron says are you sure. They say  yes Ron. Kabir says to vansh this crew is mad why they want to sacrifice their life. Vansh says I don’t know also. Ron says Ryder and Ford you guys didn’t signed it so you guys are free to go but without ridhima and Ray. Vansh says iam not a quitter. Kabir says me too. Vansh looks at him. Ron says done. Let’s begin with daredevil game.

Other side ridhima wakes up and sees ray. She tries to wake him up. Just then doctor comes and says thank god you are awake. How are you feeling. Ridhima says where iam I. What happened to ray.  Doctor says Ray is sleeping. Don’t worry everything is fine. Ridhima says but I was on a mission how I end up here. Doctor says only he will answer u. Ridhima says who. Just the Ron says me. Ridhima looks at him and says you. How dare u lock me here and what did you do to ray.  Ron says just gave him a anesthesia. Ridhima says let me go .Ron says not so soon. We are heading towards my daredevil mission and gets what vansh and kabir are with me. Ridhima says vansh. Ron says yes. I came here to say bye. He injects ridhima. Ridhima murmurs stay safe pliz. Ron says I will and I won’t let something happen to vansh. I promise ill save him in any circumstances. Ridhima says vansh. Ron leaves the room and says she still cares for vansh. Ron wears  black jeans, black jacket and black shoes. Everyone awaits for him. Vansh and kabir also wears the same. Ron says lets go .let the daredevil gave begin. He smirks. After sometime they come to out of the town where no one is shown. Ron sees a person waving at him. Ron says are you ready daredevil crew. All says yes. Ron says thank you for supporting me entire time. Crew says we know why and what are u doing. We will always support u. We know how  many times you saved us, u didn’t let anyone die. If u weren’t here maybe some of us would be died by him.they point towards the person who was waving. Ron says let’s show them whose the boss. Crew goes near the person. Person says ready to die Ron. Ron says ready as always Morgan. Morgan says my crew is ready. Other crew comes stands beside Morgan. They eyes daredevil crew with hatred.  Ron says let’s start. Morgan says 10PM sharp.

Vansh says why are we having different names. Ron says in race we call their nik names not their real name. Kabir says Morgan is not his name. Cam says no he’s name is mahesh. He changed his name to Morgan. Vansh says it means Ron  and Cam is not your real name also. Ron looks at Cam both smiles towards vansh. Kabir says than what is your name. Ron says find out. Cam says lets go.

Ron says everyone check your car so that everything is fine. Crew with kava check their cars. They says fine. Ron says brake. They say clean.Ron says check your transmitters. Iam I clear. Vansh says yes. Kabir says Ron why are we checking our cars. Ron says because I don’t trust him he can play dirty. He will do everything to be called himself The Daredevil King . He guys if something really happens pliz tell me I’ll do anything to save you guys. Promise me. Crew says promise. Ron says ranger and ford. Kava says promise. Ron smiles. He prays. Cam says everything  will be fine. Daredevil crew racers with other crew. Daredevil crew won each race. Ron smiles. Vansh says I want to race. Ron says but u won the race. Vansh says another one what say mahesh. Mahesh says its Morgan. He says bring it. Vansh sits in the car.  He says its Manuel. He starts the engine. Other racer is ahead of him. Vansh speed up his car. Other racer tries to distract him. Other side Morgan says you will loose a crew member ron. He doesn’t know what he is gotten himself. Ron gets a call and Cam says what happened .Ron says  someone bet double of price on other racer. If he won than money will go to Morgan and if vansh will win and money we will win also but now I only want vansh safety. Vansh seems distracted by the racer ahead of him. He didn’t see sharp turn is coming. He says oh no…Ron says  vansh what happened..vansh says he fooled me  sharp turn is coming. Ron says slow down. Vansh says other racer  is not doing. Ron says he will do it ,every sharp turn we have to slow down. Vansh sees sharp turn near he slows down. Ron says now drift. Vansh does. Vansh sees racer still ahead of him. He says fine now you will see not to mess with Vansh Rai Singhania. He speeds up and finishes the line. Vansh says I won.Ron says  thank God. Vansh comes to the crew. Ron runs and hugs him.Cam also joins them. Vansh gets shocked.

Precap: Vansh says Ron is not the bad guy here. Something is definitely wrong and I will find it.

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