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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan comments on Ishqi’s upbringing

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahaan thinking of Ishqi. Ishqi says Ahaan saved me today. She thinks of their meetings. She says he knew I was worried, he wasn’t with me and still he was with me. Kartik and Sonu come to Ahaan and find him lost. They give shocking news to Ahaan. Ahaan doesn’t react. Sonu says Ishqi…. Ahaan reacts. They smile and act. Kartik asks what happened now. Ahaan says I m not worried. Kartik says there was no problem in Sonu’s engagement, but Ishqi’s engagement had a problem, why do you care. Ahaan says Mayank and his family had to get embarrassed because of Ishqi, what if Sarla got upset. Kartik says so what. Ahaan says you were arguing with Sarla. Kartik says you are being illogical, you calm down.

Sonu says I will listen to you, whatever Kartik says. Ahaan says thanks, girls have to be extra careful in our society, I had seen her Mausi, she was so embarrassed, I don’t want our Dadi and Chachi to get embarrassed. Sonu says its good that someone from her office returned ring on time. Ahaan asks whose office. Kartik asks did anyone really come from her office. Ahaan says yes. Kartik says there is a ring box at home, did you get the ring from there. Ahaan says shut up. Kartik says Ahaan had given a ring to Ishqi from the ring box to save her. Sonu asks what.

Ishqi sees her love list getting ticks. She says this list is for Mayank, not Ahaan. She feels love for Ahaan. Ahaan says she has always made mistakes, I have a list about girls, girl should not have filmi ideas about love, marriage means responsibilities, I will make anti Ishqi list. Ishqi says this list is just for Mayank, I have to give him a chance. Ahaan says that girl is bad news. Sonu says she isn’t such, I felt bad for her today. Ahaan says that’s waste of time. He leaves. Its morning, Ahaan comes from jog. Sonu sees Mayank. She asks are you okay. He says yes, I m okay, I want to do something for Ishqi, I m not a good BF. She asks what does Ishqi like. Dadi comes. Sonu asks does she like chocolates or flowers, her fav colour, anything. Mayank says she loves holi. Dadi asks what will you do, guys like to impress their wives, it looks good in films, one should control wife. Ahaan asks is everything fine at Raj’s house. Sonu says I m going there after breakfast. Ahaan gets a call. He leaves. Dadi asks him to have breakfast. Ishqi meets Ahaan and thanks him. She says I have to return the money to you. He asks did you come to show money. She says I don’t have money to show, I just came to say that it was my mistake. He says finally, we agree on something, yes, it was your mistake, you think you will throw money on my face. She says I can never do this, we know the value of money. He argues and calls her wrong. He says you can never get a class, your parents, your family got their respect, will everything get fixed. She stops him and says you helped me, so I m silent, don’t take my parents’ name again. He says your upbringing is wrong. She says you can’t tell me anything like that, its between Mayank and me, I will talk to you. He says I hope Mayank sees your truth, you can’t be right for anyone, your upbringing is wrong, your family is wrong. He goes. She says you did wrong to tell this about my family.

Dadi asks Suman why is she letting Ishqi do a job. She says I don’t like that girl, control her. Kartik says just imagine, Sarla would say the same about Sonu. Dadi says yes, its Saas’ duty to control bahu, you will get slapped by me. Kartik jokes. Suman says I know Ishqi’s first impression isn’t good, but she isn’t such. Ahaan says first impression is right. He goes. Ishqi gets angry on Ahaan’s cheap talks. Bhola comes. Ahaan shouts on him. Bhola says this parcel came for you. Ahaan checks and gets money. He gets Ishqi’s notes. She writes… my parents gave me good upbringing, keep the money, thanks for helping me. Ahaan comes to meet her at her house. Maasi says Ishqi isn’t home, come. Ahaan says I came to return this. Maasi asks him to at least have tea. He sees Ishqi and her mum’s pic. Maasi says I wish Dadi was here on her marriage, Dadi was very happy when Ishqi was born, she used to say that she will adorn Ishqi on her marriage. Ahaan asks Ishqi’s parents… Maasi says they passed away in her childhood. He gets shocked. Ishqi comes. He looks at her.

Maasi says its Suman’s call, she is asking to keep engagement on holi. Ishqi says yes. Ahaan says we will celebrate. Sonu goes to tell Raj about Mayank.

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