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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhima sold his clothes to buy a book!

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

In this episode Tulsa went to clean the clothes as Jijabai ordered. Bhima picked up the torn papers, he said that the clothes will get washed, her anger will cool off too, but this book can not be put to order again. Flinging the papers on the floor again Jijabai said that she is not interested in their books and their education , she asked Bhima to buy a new book but warns him not to spend a penny from the house. Jijabai left.

Ramji wanted to help Seth ji but couldn’t do so because of his cast, he asked Seth ji to substitute him from this job. Seth ji didn’t allow, he asked Ramji to fulfil his promise. He collected the rice and lentils form the ground. They made their way through the village selling their goods. Seth ji gave Ramji some money apologizing for not having enough to offer. He put them in his hand against the norms, Ramji thanked him.

Meera asked Tulsa not to inform Ramji about the incident because he is already tensed. Jijabai interfered asking them to tell everyone they want; she is not afraid. Tulsa clarifies that she is keeping it a secret because Ramji is already stressed. Anand and Bala came saying that they couldn’t find Bhima. Ramji asked where he went. Jijabai answered that he might have went to play. Ramji was curious since it was Bhima’s study time, which he doesn’t utilize for anything else. Bhima came saying that he went to buy a book for Tulsa. Ramji inquired why; Tulsa already has one? Bhima said that while they were playing the book was torn in pieces. Ramji asked about the money from which he bought the book, Bhima said that he sold some of his clothes. Jijabai was astounded. Ramji said that he has sold jewelry to buy himself books. Bhima disappointedly said that in this house he cannot sell anything except his clothes as he has lost all the rights. He only owned the clothes his father gave him. Bhima can survive with a few clothes, but he will not let his sister remain uneducated. Everyone left.

Ramji reminisced on his first wife’s thought and how she used to love her and on the other had his second wife how only values money.

Thinking about how the book torn into pieces Bhima sat alone. Tulsa inquired if Bhima was a prince who has dozens of clothes to waste off, Bhima replied that one who has a sister like her is not less than a prince. Meera told Tulsa that Bhima is left with only one more cloth to wear. Bhima asked Meera not to compare clothes with books. Tulsa hugged him and promising to continue her education despite all condition.

Jijabai was worried about Bhima and his potential actions, she wanted to do something about it. Ramji asked her to tell the truth about todays incident. He knew that Bhima lied since he can not tear books. Jijabai told the truth, she said that Bhima lied to because he knew that Ramji would react abruptly. Ramji warned her from making such mistake in future. Books are a very important for his children, he will not tolerate her being a problem in their education. Ramji left.

Bala and Anand gave their clothes to Meera and asked her to alter them for Bhima. They asked Bhima not to interfere as they will not listen to what he has to say. They were proud of their little brother selling his clothes to buy books. For Bhima less clothes were not an issue, he assured Bala and Anand. Ramji asked Bhima to accept what his brothers has to offer. Bala and Anand could have bought him new clothes or an entire shop for him, but they were short of money. Bhima asked Meera to alter his precious size, his old clothes were tight. Bhima thanked his brothers saying that by wearing their clothes he will feel more loved. It was an honor for him to share clothes with his elder brother, it will bring them all a lot closer to each other than before. Bhima went inside. Meera wiped her tears and asked about tomorrow’s occasion. They realized that it was Bhima’s Birthday. Meera said that every year Bhima bai used to cook his favorite meal, they will have to do the same and celebrate will joy. Everyone agreed with Meera, it will make Bhima happy.

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