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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Jijabai donates for the Temple!

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Ramji questioning the villagers about their bind trust towards Maharaj, whilst he ate grapes In front of them. Some villagers protested and agreeing with Ramji. Maharaj puts the grapes down and started asking for mercy from the divine God. Ramji taunted him not to a make a new story upon which Maharaja ferociously asked Ramji to silence himself. Maharaj will answer questions regarding all the negativity one has for him. He told everyone that the prayer was held to evaluate his people. The villagers inquired. According to Maharaj the lower cast wanted to create hurdles between them, and God and they have succeeded as Ramji’s interruption caused them to let go of their prayer. Maharaj further added that he ate those grapes to evaluate their belief. Ramji’s interruption caused three of his members to turn against him. Numbers of such disbelievers will continue. Those man asked Maharaj for forgiveness, he let the other villagers decide. Pandit was eager to punish them on spot, everyone started beating them mercilessly.

Maharaj told Ramji that he and his son will suffer soon. He warned Seth ji for his behavior and disregard.

Seth ji told Maharaj that while putting his shop on mortgage he had some food in storage. He requests Ramji to arrange some other workshop for him. Ramji suggest him to sell door to door, it will ease the coming days. Ramji will help him in his work.

The villagers were asking donation for Maharaj’s temple, they asked the lower cast to donate as well. Jijabai wanted to contribute, Meera stopped her from helping the ones her family is fighting against, Jijabai persisted that it will sort their problems and ease their difficulties. Bhima stooped her from, he told her that she must not help in making a human’s murti. He is requesting her from the relation they have. He asks Jijabai not to support the wrong. According to Jijabai Maharaj’s Murti is not a sin, as he is worshipped, he is a God to her. Jijabai handed over the money to the collectors. Bhima warned them that he will not let them build that Temple as it supports all wrong reasons. The villagers left. Jijabai held him responsible for creating problems amongst the lower and upper cast members of this village. Bhima remembering what Guru ji taught him earlier to stood tall inform of his goal and not to abandon his faith. Bhima was determined on what he preached and believed in his doings and will so in the future. He will fight for the right and win. Bhim left. Meera asked Jijabai not to be an enemy, Bhima will not change.

Strolling the cart Seth ji and Maharaj were selling rice and lentils. The villagers bought few of both. In order to save the lentils from falling and going to waste the Ramji touched them which caused everyone to return their purchase. They wasted all. Ramji wanted to stop but couldn’t.

Tulsa was being praised by Anand for her efficient learning skills. Jijabai came and scold them. She than tried to snatch the book from Anand’s hand, Anand had his grip firm on the book. Bhima came running in. All three were fighting over the book, resultantly it torn in pieces. Meera stopped Bala from interfering. Bhima wanted to know why Jijabai was against their study. She wanted Tulsa to do the house chores, and no one can stop her from commanding her daughter. According to Jijabai everyone is against her. He wanted to know if she has the authority to summon her daughter for work or not. Tulsa interrupted that she could ask anything of her, but as for today she has completed all the work. Jijabai threw all the clothes on the floor telling her to clean and dry them. Jijabai asked if Tulsa is up for it or not in an aggressive tone.

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