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Ek Aur Prem Kahani – ANUPRE Four Shots (3)

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With the issue sorted Prerna and her family are so happy. Thats when their Neighbor Dolly’s marriage day arrives. Prerna is all decked up and goes to Anurag as usual to show herself before anyone else sees. He is sitting in the rocking chair correcting the shirt button with a thread.

Prerna: Anurag..see how I look? Is everything fine?

Anurag: Why are you asking me? Ask your Mr.Bajaj

Prerna: My Mr,Bajaj? What are you blabbering? He is never mine

Anurag: Then why did you ask money to him? Cant you wait for me? Did papa ask for money from you? Whats the urgency ?

Prerna is hurt by his words and tears slip out from her eyes down her cheeks. Anurag sees her tears and cups her face

Prerna: Papa asked him what can I do? Have I ever done anything against your words?..that..that day too everyone went for the party but I stayed back because you did not want me to go. But you never understand me..you keep shouting at me?

Anurag hugs her and comforts her

Anurag: Im sorry Prerna…I should have known this…sorry na

He breaks the hug , pulls himself away and holds her . He scans her and is mesmerised by her beauty.

Anurag: You look heavenly

Prerna: Why arent you ready yet?

Anurag: Why is this marriage a hurry? Couldn’t they keep it later or what?

Prerna: Maa was saying that tonight is so auspicious and just by exchanging a dhaga or a mala marriage is considered complete tonight

Anurag: Woh..my ornament is distraught and my shirt button is out too..see..

Prerna gets the mala and makes it ready

Anurag: By the way when is Mr.Bajaj leaving?

Prerna is irritated and puts the mala around his neck and turns to leave. Anurag holds her hand and pulls her closer

Anurag: Prerna..yeh kya karliya tumne?

He says pointing the mala around his neck.

Prerna: Anurag..shut up

Anurag: What? You only told that tonight just exchange of mala is enough to consider a marriage complete

Prerna: Anurag..

He grabs the thread ball near him and takes a part of it, ties its ends and puts it around Prerna’s neck. He fills her maang with sindoor

Anurag: Im completing the work which you left incomplete

Hoth tere mai ke pyaale
Kajrare naina tere
Maathe par sinduri subaha
Julfho main raina base
Saansein yeh teri hain

They mimick the wedding rituals

Dhadkan bhi teri hain
Jeevan yeh tera hua
Tere hi choone se
Tan man saja mera
Hui main parineeta

Anurag slowly gives a peck on her forehead . She turns red in shyness. Anurag gets up and hugs her

Prerna: Anurag..

Anurag: Ill tell papa once Im back from London. We will cancel the talks with Komolika and get married once again with everyone’s knowledge

Prerna breaks the hug and turns away . Anurag goes closer to her and gives her a kiss from behind

Jiya dole haule haule
Kyon yeh dole janu na
Jiya dole
Kyon yeh
Janu na

Anurag and Prerna unite in matrimony. The scene freezes

The next evening

Anurag has boarded the train to Mumbai. His thoughts are filled with Prerna.
Anurag in mind: Itni yaad kyu aathi ho yaar Prerna….I wish I could jump off and come to you bit this trip is needed to prove my worth in business so that I can ask for your hand in return from dad

He starts his trip full of jpy thinking of the previous night and his future dreams.

Few months later

Anurag gets back from London. Missing Prerna unable was unable to contact her while at London. He jumps out of the train from Mumbai on the platforms of Kolkata railway station yearning to see her face. But he sees Moloy

Moloy: Anurag your wedding date is fixed for next week

Anurag: Papa woh Prerna…

Moloy: She is married to Mr.Bajaj..a week ago

Anurag is shocked.

Suddenly he gets to reality when he hears a clattering noise. He gets up wiping his tears. The episode freezes

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