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Betrayed in your love. #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here is a new OS of mine. Please do comment on it to be encouraged to update more os episodes.
So let’s start.
Riddhima has entered an unknown place.
Then she has found Vansh being near a tight person.

Vansh has got shocked seeing Riddhima being reached to that place.

Vansh( being shocked): What are you doing here?
Riddhima( being angry): Just shut up Vansh. You don’t have the courage to ask me any question. I’m the one who has came here to ask you and know from you how you could be able to cheat me?! How Vansh?!
Riddhima was being very angry on Vansh and she was screaming so much on him.

Riddhima( being very angry): Why you have betrayed me Vansh?!!! Why you have taken from me a very special person?! Why you have cheated me that much?! Why Vansh?! Why?!
She kept screaming and shouting on him.
Riddhima: I need an answer now. Do you have really kidnapped my brother since all those years and you were fooling me?! Do you really were going to kill my innocent brother?!
Vansh was just silent.

Riddhima( being angry and shattered): I need an answer now Vansh. Answer me now! Do what I have said is right?
Vansh has also got angry.

He has came near Riddhima in an angry way and he has putted his finger near her lips to stop her from talking.

Vansh( being angry): Yes Riddhima. I’m the one who has kidnapped your stupid brother. Because he deserves that.
6 hours before.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I can’t imagine that what I have known is right. How could Vansh kidnap my brother Kabir?! I’m sure that those stuff could never be the truth. My Vansh would never betray me and give me all those pain and suffer.
Vansh loves me so much so how he will betray me that much?! He always showers me with so much love and care so he couldn’t cheat me and kidnap my brother Kabir.
Especially that he knows how much I love my brother Kabir so much.
He knows how much I got to suffer a lot since the previous 3 years when Kabir bhai has got kidnapped.
He knows how I’m trying my best to find him and I’m really suffering while Kabir bhai isn’t with me.
Actually, Vansh was supporting me so much during those 3 years.
He was supporting me very much and helping me to reach to Kabir’s place. So how he could kidnap Kabir?! How he could do that to me?!
No Riddhima, Vansh would never do that to you. Vansh would never betray you or cause any of those pain and hurt to you. Vansh is your husband who could never hurt you or make you suffer. Don’t make what you have known could destroy your relationship with Vansh as what you own is just doubts and nothing is cleared yet.
While I was being in my confusion and hurt, I have found Vansh in front of me.
He was smiling while looking at me.

He was being very romantic when he has came and hugged me very tightly.

Vansh: Why my lovely wife is being very confused and upset like that? I can’t tolerate seeing that upset face reaction of yours sweetheart. So can you please tell me what is disturbing my baby doll?
I has putted my hands on his face.

Me: Nothing Vansh. I was just thinking about Kabir bhai. You know that today is his birthday, so I’m thinking so much about him along with missing him so much. This is the 3rd birthday of his birthdays that we couldn’t able to celebrate it together as him and I have used to do. I really wish that I could find him.
After I have finished my words, I have observed the change in Vansh’s face reaction.
His face reaction was a mixture of an anger and a mysterious look.

It is the first time for me to fear from him.
I’m feeling that what I have known is right and that what I would never be able to tolerate it.
I was looking at Vansh very deeply.

I was hoping that he couldn’t be the one who has given me all those pain and hurt.
I was hoping that the man that I have loved him the most couldn’t be the one who I hate him the most for kidnapping my brother.
Me: Vansh, please don’t leave me. Please don’t betray me or hurt me. I really can’t bear any other betrayal. I can’t bear another pain and hurt after what I have taken from the kidnap of my brother.
He has became very close to me.
Then he had hugged me very tightly.
I was trying to forget my confusion and stress while being in Vansh’s arms.
I was hoping that he could always be my supporter not my cheater.

While we were hugging each other, something has gotten inside my eye.

So Vansh starts checking it in a very caring way.

I was being sure that Vansh is loving me so much he couldn’t betray me at all from the so much care that he was showering me with it.

Then he has kissed me near my eye and he was making me very close to him.

I was feeling how he was wanting to make me relaxed and chilled.
Vansh: I would never be able to betray you or cause any pain to you sweetheart. You are a part of me so how I could be able to cheat my own self.
His words have relaxed me a little bit.
I was trying to forget my confusion for some time and I was just staring at Vansh in a very caring and loving way.

Then he has made me sit on a chair.
Afterwards, he lays on his knees.
Along with holding a red flower on his hand.

Vansh: Let’s change that stress and upset mood by giving a romantic mood to that moment as I really want to see a smile being drawn on your face sweetheart.
I have taken the flower from him, but due to my hesitation and confusion I have got hurt from the leaf of the flower.
Me: Ouch!
Vansh has got shocked seeing my finger bleeding.
He has immediately taken my finger and has putted it on his mouth to take out that blood.

We both were staring so much at each other.
Me: Impressive! So you are the one who has given me the pain along with being the one who has cured it! Not bad Vansh!
I just hope that the pain that you are giving it to me Vansh is just a hurt in my finger not a very huge betray that I couldn’t be able to bear it.
He has kissed me in my forehead in a very romantic way.

Vansh: If I’m the one who will give the pain, I could also be the one who could give the treatment! I could do anything just to see you being happy and being in the best mood ever.
Me: I know that you would never hurt me Vansh especially when it comes to something special to me as you know the other shade of mine that could come very quickly if I got to face a betrayal.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh’s POV starts:
I don’t know why I’m not able to feel comfortable from Riddhima’s behaviour. I’m feeling as if she is hiding something from me. I don’t know why she is that tensed and serious.
I was trying my best to make her feel relaxed, but what she has said at the end of our conversation makes me very worried. Does she could has known the truth?! Does she could has known that I’m the one who has kidnapped her brother Kabir?!
No, I’m sure that Riddhima will never know that. I have to be very alert. I have to be very careful and not make her doubt me. Actually, I have to go to that idiot and do the last move in my plan so I could get rid of him and finish that game. He has to admit about everything he has done it to Riddhima so she could know how much her brother doesn’t deserve her love. I have already gave him so much punishment for what he has done, I just waiting for him to gain consciousness to end that chapter forever.

Riddhima has left me to go to the washroom.

So I was staring at our picture together while I was teary.

I was very stressed and worried that Riddhima could know what I have done. I know that she will be very shattered and heartbroken.

I know that she could hate me very much, but if she has known Kabir’s truth she will forgive me.

I was making our picture very close to me.

I was hoping that everything could go the way I want without any problem.

I was hoping that Riddhima could trust me and understand what she will know so we could live our lives happily without any struggles.

I was looking at the washroom and I was afraid that Riddhima could come suddenly and she could observe me being in that state.

Afterwards, Riddhima has came and I was trying to be normal with her.

Then my mobile rings.

It was a call from the one who was keeping an eye on Kabir.
Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
Vansh has left me to answer an urgent call.
I don’t know why I felt that this call is related to Kabir.
So I have followed Vansh and I starts listening to his conversion without making him notice me.

I was hearing some little words from Vansh’s conversation.
Vansh(on the call): Be sure to make him in his complete consciousness. I will come very fast. Just be alert and don’t make him cause any noise until I could arrive.
I wasn’t understanding about who he was talking about, but I was feeling that the person that he talks about him is Kabir bhai.
Vansh’s behavior is making me very sure that he has kidnapped my brother Kabir.
I have to know where Vansh is going.
I have to clear that confusion and know if really Vansh has kidnapped my brother or not.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
After Riddhima has heard Vansh’s call, she has returned back to the room.
She starts spying on Vansh and checking his stuff.
She was trying her best to get any clue so it could clear that confusion that she owns it.
She has opened Vansh’s laptop.
Then she has got shocked to see a CCTV footage of Kabir being in a dark room.

His state was very critical.
Riddhima was super shocked.

She was very teary seeing her brother in that state.

Riddhima to herself( being angry and shocked): Vaaaaaaansh! It has got cleared that you are the one who has kidnapped my brother Kabir. Trust me I will not leave you. You have just seen my love, but now you will see my hatred and revenge. I will reach to the place of my brother and you don’t know what I will do next.
Riddhima was crying very much.

Then she has closed Vansh’s laptop as if no one has checked it.
Moreover, she has gotten an album.
She starts looking at Kabir’s picture while she was being teary.

Riddhima to herself: Don’t worry Kabir bhai as your sister Riddhima will come to you and rescue you. I will punish the one who is behind your kidnap and made us suffer that much.
She starts looking at her pictures with Kabir while she was smiling and crying at the the same time.

She was being remembering all the beautiful memories that she has spent it with her brother Kabir.

Afterwards, Vansh has entered the room.
So Riddhima has pretended as if she wasn’t knowing anything.
She wasn’t wanting to make Vansh know what she has known.
He was reacting normally and he was just staring at Riddhima.

Vansh: I’m in a very nice mood today so I just want to share that nice mood with you sweetheart.
Riddhima to herself: Nice mood?! Really?!
He was very relaxed while he was drinking his coffee.

Riddhima was looking at him in a very surprised and shocked way.
Riddhima to herself: How you could living your life that naturally while you are kidnapping someone and torturing him that much?! How you could be a very cold blooded person like that?! I wasn’t believing that I still doesn’t know my husband. I can observe that the one who I’m loving is another person than what I’m seeing him right now.
Vansh has came near Riddhima.
Then he has hugged her very tight and long hug.

Vansh: I need your prayers so much Riddhima. I’m going to do a thing that I was dreaming about it since so many years and I really need your prayers and support. After finishing that stuff, everything will be very fine and we will be very happy being together.
He has kissed Riddhima in her cheek.

Then he has left her.
Riddhima to herself: I will not make you succeed in what you want Vansh. I will free my brother from you. Just wait and watch.
Get back to the current time.
Vansh( being angry): Yes Riddhima I have kidnapped Kabir since the previous 3 years. He isn’t like what he appears to you. He isn’t that caring and loving brother. He is a very cheap and cunning man who deserves to be killed thousand times.
Riddhima has got angry from hearing Vansh’s words.
So she has putted her finger near Vansh’s lips to stop him from talking.

Riddhima( being angry): Don’t you dare to say a word about my brother. You are that cheap man not my brother Kabir. You are the most cunning person in the whole world. You have cheated me so badly Vansh and I will not leave you.
Then she has left Vansh and she has rushed to Kabir.
Kabir wasn’t in his compete senses and his state was very critical.
Riddhima( in a caring way): Kabir bhai, are you hearing me? I’m your sister Riddhima. I have came to take you with me.
Kabir( in a hesitating way): Riddhima.
Riddhima: Yes bhai. I’m Riddhima.
He has immediately hugged her.

Kabir: Thank God that you have came Riddhima. I was sure that you would never leave your brother.
Riddhima( in a teary tone): I’m sorry bhai for being that late on you. I’m sorry bhai for making that evil person kidnaps you and make you suffer that much. I’m really sorry for trusting him and making him fool me that much. I promise you bhai that you will get out from here and nothing will happen to you. We will be together and no one will separate us from each other.
Vansh was standing and looking at them while he was very angry.

Then he his anger reaction turned into a very dangerous one.

Vansh: Do you think that you will get him out from here?! I think that you don’t know your husband that much sweetheart as I would never leave my enemy and no one could take something from me forcefully.
She has came and faced him.

Then he comes closer to her and he has putted his hand around her neck.

Vansh: Your brother will take his punishment sweetheart and you will not be able to change anything.
Riddhima has removed Vansh’s hand aggressively.
Riddhima: Don’t you dare to call me sweetheart. I’m not your sweetheart and you are not my beloved Vansh. You are another person who I doesn’t know him. You are just my enemy who has kidnapped my brother and now you will not be able to do anything to my brother as your own wife is the one who will punish you a very hard punishment Vansh.
She has gotten out a gun from her purse.
Then she has pointed that gun on Vansh.

Riddhima: You have betrayed me in your love Vansh and you will just take betrayal to be equal that betrayal.
He was looking at her in an angry way.

He wasn’t being afraid from that gun that Riddhima was holding it.
Vansh: He is the one who must be your enemy not me Riddhima. Your brother is a very cunning person Riddhima. He is the one who has betrayed you not me. He is the one who has killed my father to steal his business and properties. He is the one who was just sticking in making you marry me to take all VR businesses. I have each and every proof that could support my words.
Riddhima was shocked while listening to Vansh’s words.

Riddhima: What nonsense you are saying?! You are just saying any stupid stuff. My brother could never do something like that.
Vansh: I’m saying the truth Riddhima and you from inside know that your Vansh could never kidnap or hurt anyone for no reason. Just connect each and every stuff that has happened and you could know the real face of your brother.
Riddhima has got silent.
She was just shattered and isn’t able to understand anything.
Riddhima( still holding the gun): Even if you have a reason Vansh, still you have betrayed me. Today, I have lost the most important 2 persons to me. I have got betrayed in your love Vansh along with being betrayed from my own brother. You both have made me very broken and I would never be able to live my life after what you both have done with me. Now, I can’t trust anyone after you both have done with me.
A gun shot has happened.

The end of the OS. I hope you like it. Please guys tell me your opinion on the comments about that os. I know it is a tragic one, but I tried to write in each and every genre. So I hope that you have liked it and enjoyed it. Please tell me how it was the os so I could be encouraged to write more os episodes. The previous os wasn’t having that respond that I was getting used to it so please guys support me on that os so I could know if I will complete writing an os or I will stop on that point and I will complete just writing the ff. So please keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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