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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s office struggles continue

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Naina is following Kanji while he cleans the house. Sameer tells Kanji to hear what Naina is saying. Kanji does so but it cracks the carpet. Sameer is irked. He tells them that the vacuum cleaner cleans carpet. Naina says first you use vacuum cleaner and then you spend electricity to clean cleaner. He insists that it how it is to be cleaned. Don’t worry about electricity. Just do as I say.

Kanji serves paper currency to Sameer in breakfast. Sameer questions Naina. Naina tells Sameer he enjoys spending money. I thought you would want to use them in every possible manner. She points at the notes on the plate. Use / eat it whichever way you want to. Kanji and Sameer look at Naina. Sameer is about to dip the notes in tea but Naina takes it away. She serves him breakfast.


is also eating breakfast when Tai ji and Tau ji enter. Tai ji taunts them again. Bela invites them for breakfast as well but Tau ji coughs to stop his wife. Tau ji asks Anand if he got court notice. Will you return the money or fight with us in court? Anand replies that they don’t know how to fight. Let those people fight who know how to! He hands his brother 50k cash. They are shocked. Anand asks his brother to write it on paper that he took 50k from him. Tau ji asks him if he will make him write. Anand says I have learnt it from you only. He guides his brother as to what to write and watches intently as his brother drafts the letter. He throws the file on table instead of giving it to Anand and leaves.

Sameer reaches office. Mama ji asks him which new car he is buying. Sameer is confused. Mama ji says I am sure you bought a necklace for Naina as you recently got married. I went to Bank today. Manager told me that you withdrew 50k. Is everything fine? Sameer says he took it for some personal work. Mama ji says it is your money. You can use it however you wish to. We don’t mind it but the government does! What should we label this expense as? Sameer sits there tensed. Mama ji asks him if he used that money for gambling. Sameer admits that Anand needed that money. Mama ji asks for more details. Sameer tells him everything.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It is said that you shouldn’t hide anything from your loved ones but it isn’t right especially when it comes to people like my Mama ji. I did the worst thing by telling it to Mama ji that day.

Mama ji compliments Sameer on what he did. Kaku Sa must be pleased. Bless you. Sameer requests them not to tell this to anyone. Mama ji and Devang assure him about it. Sameer heads back to his desk. Mama ji mumbles that everyone just wants to spend money.

Bela tells Preeti about a prospective groom. Preeti wants a guy from Bombay. This is my wish! Bela says it is as if everyone living in Bombay is waiting to marry you. Preeti suggests her to wait for some time. Why did you call them tomorrow? Bela reasons that things wont finalize so easily. It will take time. Anand says things will only be taken forward if you like the guy and his family. Preeti hugs him happily. Bela also hugs her daughter.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Many people thought that we wont remain married for even 6 months. We wanted to prove everyone wrong but instead we were proving each other wrong. Our life had become a roller coaster ride!

Naina sits leisurely in the house after Kanji leaves.

Mama ji scolds Sameer on his another mistake. He peeks at Naina’s photo in his wallet to keep himself grounded.

At night, Sameer and Naina look at the blank frame and make faces. There are times when they sit next to each other but then on some days, they sit in two separate corners of sofa when they get angry. Days pass by and they have their share of ups and downs.

Mama ji introduces some guy to his colleagues. Sameer stands there with an extended hand but Mama ji introduces Devang to the guy. He praises his son in front of him. Sameer stands there with a straight face. Mama ji tells Sameer he dint introduce him to that guy intentionally. He would have asked you about business and you would have been clueless. I am sorry if you felt bad but it was the right thing to do. Sameer overhears his Mama ji mocking him in front of Devang.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I was very unhappy with Mama ji’s behaviour. I couldn’t even tell Naina all this. I dint wish to upset her. I also dint wish to tell her that the Sameer who failed in the exams in schools and college was failing in the exam of life too!

Naina makes Kanji cover the sofa using plastic and cloth pieces. Naina says Meenakshi aunty sat on the sofa with dirty legs. Sameer would have complained of the stain if he had seen it. He will be happy now. Preeti and Kamya are upstairs. She goes to cook something for them. Sameer and his friends come with a load of kites. They are excited about flying kites. Sameer’s friends tease him on Naina’s reply when he calls out for her. They see the sofa packed and wonder why they are wearing raincoat. Kamya shares that Naina put them so they don’t get dirty. Naina and Pundit slide down it. Kamya reminds them of an incident where Naina had not let them take off the covers from the new car. She teases Sameer calling him middle class. Sameer removes the covers angrily.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina thought well and wanted to save the sofa from dirt but she only got my stares in return. Naina must be thinking that her good deed went down the drain while I was thinking that Naina’s efforts went in drain because of what I did!

Precap: Naina, Sameer and their friends fly kites on their house terrace. Sameer kisses Naina sweetly as they fly the kite together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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