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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Shani dev is born.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana continuing with the story. ganesh says what happned then? Ravana says then devi Chaya decided to meditate and pray to mahadev for a boon, she wanted her right and what she deserved as she was also giving birth to surya dev’s son. devi Chaya meditated for years standing on a mountain and praying to mahadev, soon the fire of her meditation and prayers started burning the entire mountain.
Mahadev and parvati then hear the prayers of devi Chaya in Kailash, mahadev is impressed. Mahadev gives darshan to devi Chaya and calms down all the fire around. Devi Chaya says mahadev, I am blessed to have your presence finally! Mahadev says devi Chaya, you have whole heartedly prayed to me, what do you want? Ask for a boon child! Devi Chaya says mahadev, I want nothing but

my right and my son’s right! I just want what my son and I should deserve. Mahadev says I understand devi Chaya, I bless you that the son that you give birth to shall be a divya child, he shall be known as Shani dev and shall be blessed amongst the gods. Mahadev says your son will give you your right. Devi Chaya is happy and she thanks mahadev.
Devi Chaya goes pregnant to a pond and says how do I deliver my baby now? my stomach is paining and soon my son will be born, what do I do? Suddenly a horde of crows fly above devi Chaya. Devi Chaya is worried and she steps inside the pond and lies down in the water, as she screams in pain. A pregnant devi Chaya gives birth to her son, Shani!
Ganesh here gives ravana more water to drink and says so my this is bholenath mahadev! Who blessed devi Chaya with a divya son even before shani dev was born. Ganesh says har har mahadev and ravana starts saying har har mahadev with ganesh. Ravana is about to keep the aatma ling down on the ground to praise mahadev, ganesh thinks this is what I wanted. Suddenly ravana realizes and he stops and brings the aatma ling back in his hand. Ganesh says what were you doing? You could have lost the aatma ling, be attentive next time ravana ji. Ravana says yes ganesh ji and continues with the story.
Ravana says after that, shani dev was born and he became a young child in the pond water itself. shani then goes deeper inside the pond swimming, to find devi Chaya. He comes out with devi Chaya and then Chaya says my son? shani? Shani says yes mother, it is me shani! I have known your sorrow all this time when I was in your stomach too, because I could feel your pain mother. Don’t worry, your son has come and I will give you your right even if I have to go to war with my own father surya dev.
In the morning, shani’s crows all cover up the sun. the sun’s light does not reach earth and mahadev see shani going to surya lok with devi Chaya.
In surya lok, surya dev has organized a treat for all gods because his son yam dev has been proclaimed the god of death and also the ruler of yam lok. Devi Sandhya feels something will be wrong and tells surya dev about it, surya dev tells Sandhya not to worry as nothing will be wrong.
There shani dev comes to surya lok with devi Chaya.

Precap: Shani dev comes in the palace and says father you have done injustice with my mother. Shani dev uses his power and attacks surya dev, turning surya dev’s entire body black. The world loses the sun! mahadev intervenes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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