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Udaan 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor tries to alert Anjor

Udaan 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhanu letting Sameer take his camera and leave. Anjor comes to storeroom. She cries seeing her toys. She sees Rajvanshi house board and cleans it. Sameer comes and asks what are you doing here. She says nothing. He says Chanda called us for dinner. They leave. A goon looks on. Chakor says Anjor and Sameer are in Bhanu’s house. Pakhi asks what, its a big problem, he is already doubting on me. Chakor says I have to save them. Sameer asks Bhanu why is there no development in this village. Bhanu says Suraj used to live here, he has ruined this house, he was like a goon, I have saved this village. Anjor gets angry and drinks water. Bhanu says I had mercy on this village and developed it, Suraj’s deeds were all black. She drops the water by mistake. Sameer asks where is washroom. She

guides him. Bhanu thinks how does she know where is the washroom. He asks did you come in this house before. Anjor worries. She lies that she asked the servant. She goes. Bhanu calls servant and asks him about Anjor. Chanda says you are merciful, you have hired a servant who is deaf and mute. Bhanu says yes, how can he talk to guests, they look young, did they get married or not.

Chanda says they are married. He thinks you are very innocent, I know they are lying, I have to find out, what game they are playing. Anjor says I packed my bags, Sameer its not safe to stay here, just pack your bags. He says I m going to stay here, stop troubling me. She says its not safe. He checks the pics. He sees stamp on the people’s hands. Anjor asks are you listening to me, its imp. He twists her hand and says I m not old Sameer now, I m in my senses, how do you know everything about this haveli. She says the village isn’t safe, I don’t want our lie to get caught. He says maybe you know it, tell me the truth. She says yes, I m from this village, all the people are bonded labor, even I got this stamp in childhood, that’s why I m explaining you that this place isn’t good, come with me. He gets shocked and says I won’t come, did you see the state of the village, I will expose the tortures of Bhanu. She looks at her. Chakor comes to the haveli. She says I have to save Sameer and Anjor from Bhanu, even if I have to lose my life.

Its morning, Chakor joins the job at Bhanu’s haveli. Chanda asks her to work until old maid comes back. Chakor says my name is Champa. Bhanu doubts on her and goes to see her face. He asks who are you. He sees the stamp on her wrist and leaves her. He thinks she is my bandhua. Chanda says you doubt on everyone. He says police and media are trying to enter our village, the stamp will show who belongs to our village. Chakor thinks this stamp is also on Anjor’s hand, Anjor can fall in trouble, I have to take Anjor out from here. Anjor comes to Sameer. She thinks he will not listen to me. She says Bhanu will kill us if he knows our truth. He says I will prove your dad wrong this time by collecting solid evidence. Chakor sees Sameer leaving. Bhanu asks Sameer where is he going, where is his wife. Sameer says she is in room. Bhanu asks where are you going. Sameer says I m going to see the village beauty and click some pics. Bhanu says your eyes look shining like your wife left you alone for the first time, I m joking. He asks his goon to keep an eye on Sameer. He asks Chakor what is she doing. Chakor says I m cleaning the stuff here. He says just do your work, don’t try to hear our talks. He goes. She thinks Sameer’s life is in danger, I have to tell this to Anjor, so that she takes Sameer and leaves.

Precap: Chakor writes a note for Anjor. Bhanu gets the chit and opens it. He says now you both can’t go out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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