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Pyaar Ke Papad 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar wins a reward

Pyaar Ke Papad 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Inspector scolding the family for selling the drugs, which is illegal. Jagat and Mangal try to clarify. Gupta defends his sons. Inspector says its a crime to sell harmful drugs. He arrests them. Omkar and Shivika come and stop the police. Omkar says its not their mistake, real culprit is someone else. Shivika shows the video. Inspector asks if this is not true. Omkar says you can go to this address and catch the seller of drugs. Inspector says if this is true, then you will get 5 lakhs as reward and honor. Omkar and everyone get shocked. Jagat says Omkar came on right time. Mangal says we were much worried, now we can breath well.

Gupta says whatever happens is for the good, you both got saved. Mangal says now start preparing for their engagement. Triloki asks where

is Devki. Devki gets water for him and praises Omkar. She says Omkar earned 5 lakhs, he got a big drugdealer caught, now he can come to talk about engagement. Triloki gets shocked and angry. He thinks that Omkar will take his place and rule over him. She gets scared seeing this dream. He says this guy doesn’t let me sleep. He calls Alankar and asks when are you coming. Alankar says I m coming, I will be there tomorrow and then everything will be fine.

Its morning, Kishore says Omkar fulfilled the condition, he is going to come. Triloki says Shivika will marry Alankar, this engagement won’t happen, Alankar is a Sanskari guy. Shivika gets ready. Triloki starts acting and asks how can the people insult us. Devki asks what’s the matter. Triloki says your family is in news. Kishore says I m not able to understand. Triloki says how can Shivika work with Omkar before marriage. Shivika says I will talk to those people. He asks her to think about Shalu’s marriage. He says Shivika won’t do the job now. She says I can’t leave job, I have to pay loan. She says the house will run even after you get married and go, take leave until marriage, do anything after marriage. Shivika goes. Kishore says wow, you should be an actor. Omkar comes to meet Triloki.

He says I have arranged 5 lakhs. Jagat, Mangal and Nandu get the money in sacks. Mangal says we are giving this to you. Triloki says I will count it first. Omkar says fine, you can count it well. Triloki sits to count the coins. Omkar looks on. Jagat says kundli dosh ended and even conditions are met, we should talk about engagement. Triloki says let me handle the matters of my home. Omkar says Shivika will take her own decisions, and we will respect it, we won’t force her for anything. Shivika smiles. Alankar gives cheap advises to the auto vendor. He then charges money.

Omkar collides with Alankar. Triloki introduces Alankar to everyone. Alankar says I have come for marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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