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Patiala Babes 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chef Vikas Khanna Likes Babita’s Tikki

Patiala Babes 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Babita with Minnie sells tikkis at their stall and gets tensed that they could sell 6-7 tikkis till now. Nayeem bi says today is mela’s last day. Laala says he will inform all his police team to come and buy Babita’s tikki. Hanuman scolds him that policemen need to perform their duty first. Minnie says Laala uncle is right, publicity is very important. She licks Babita’s pics with tikki and ingredient pics and shares them in social media. Nayeem bi also share among her group. People start coming again. A few customers run away saying Vikas Khanna came. Minnie gets excited saying world famous chef Vikas Khanna came here. Hanuman asks if he is superstar. Minnie says he is cooking world’s Shakrukh Khan and Babes is his big fan. She rushes to see Vikas. Babita also

tries to leave in a hurry, but Hanuman stops her and says work is first. She gets back to her work sadly.

Vikas Khanna arrives in his car. Khatri and his wife greet him. Reporters ask when he stays in US, what brought him back to his motherland. He says Punjab’s pleasant smell brought him back here, he is searching different dishes with special recipes to include them in his new book and Khatri invited him to taste mela’s different dishes and include best one in his book. Minnie hears that and excitedly informs Babita that Vikas Khanna will taste her tikki. Babita also gets very excited. They submit Paitala Babes tikki with other dishes. Vikas tastes each dish and likes all, but unable to decide winner. Khatri says one more dish is left. Vikas Khanna tastes tikki and stands freeze enjoying its taste. He says this is perfect recipe by Patiala Babes, he would include it in his book. Babita and her team rejoice while Khatri and his wife fume in jealousy, but act and announce Babita as winner. Vikas asks Babita if he can come to her home tomrrow at 11 a.m. to get her tikki recipe. Babita gets more excited hearing that. Hanuman feels jealous of Vikas Khanna seeing Babita’s attention towards him. Laala taunts him.

Next morning, Hanuman gets ready and Laala says commissioner has called Hanuman to maybe honor him with medal for his outstanding services and zero crime rate in his jurisdiction. Hanuman gets happy hearing that and opens main door. Reporters click his pics. He shuts door and says commissioner sir has sent reporters beforehand for his interview. Babita with Minnie enters and says reporters are waiting for Vikas Khanna. Hanuman gets more jealous. Vikas reaches their house. Minnie says reporters and murmuring that this old haveli does not suit Vikas Khanna. Kammo says she knew it and asks Vikas Khanna to come to her house. Khatri also backs saying his house all modern amenities. Babita says he will not go anywhere as this haveli is filled Hanuman’s morales and self-respect for women which Khatri’s house lacks. Vikas says he likes havelis as it represents Punjab and wherever women are respects, it is equal to a temple. He asks Babita to give her recipe now. She says there is nothing special in her recipe and she used all usual ingredients. Reporter asks then what was special in it. Babita says she is following same old grandma’s recipe with exact ingredients. Minnie says it is her family recipe.

Precap: Babita tells Nayeem bi that she wants Ashok to see her pic in news paper and realize her value. Mita informs Minnie that she wants to give 10% Kurana enterprises share to Babita and Minnie.

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