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Muskaan 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Gayatri learns Kajal’s truth

Muskaan 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kajal getting up and hitting Shantanu. She hits him and gets a knife. She says you can’t kill me, I will kill you. She stabs him to death. She gets shocked seeing Gayatri at the door. Gayatri looks on shocked. Muskaan says it will be very much wrong if I accept Ronak’s love by going against Gayatri. Ronak looks on. Jaya asks will you never accept Ronak. Kajal acts like a kid again. Gayatri shouts stop. She goes to slap Kajal. Kajal twists her hand and keeps a knife at her neck. She accepts how she killed her parents.

Gayatri gets shocked. Kajal says I will not kill you, you are Ronak’s mum, you are my Saas. Muskaan says I m staying as Ronak’s friend so that we can stay without any tension, I can’t think of any other relation until Gayatri accepts me with my past. Jaya asks what will you do if Gayatri never accepts you. Muskaan says then I will never accept Ronak. Kajal gets water for Gayatri. She reminds how Ronak won her heart and left her in mandap, Ronak didn’t come because of Muskaan, but she didn’t shatter, she is strong. Kajal accepts all her crimes. Sujoy sees Muskaan with Jaya. He smiles and thinks I m getting peace, you are safe when you are away from Kajal. Sujoy wants to get Shantanu’s call.

He says Shantanu will expose Kajal, Muskaan will be safe there. Kajal says Shantanu wanted to become a hurdle between Ronak and me, you did wrong. She laughs and asks are we best friends now, will you help in making Muskaan out, if you don’t listen to me, I will kill everyone. Gayatri says don’t do anything to my family. Sujoy thinks to wait for Shantanu’s call. Kajal says you have to do what I say, like a dog. She scares Gayatri and makes her a puppet. Kajal asks gardener to come, Gayatri is calling her. Dolly comes to Sujoy and asks did you see the pujari somewhere. Sujoy sees Dolly and turns away. H says he went that side. Ronak sees Bua coming and sends Jaya. Everyone goes to pray. Muskaan thinks I want to be with Ronak. Ronak prays to get help. Gardener comes. Gayatri lies to cover up Shantanu’s murder. Gayatri’s phone rings. Kajal checks Ronak’s call. She asks her to lie to Ronak. Ronak is on the way.

The family comes home. Ronak and Muskaan look for Kajal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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