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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunika traps Ira in her lies

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The ladies are looking at the jewellery. Pushpa tells Kunika to select whichever set she likes for herself. It will be a shagun / gift from my side. Kunika selects a set which costs 9 lacs. Kunika acts before her MIL. I cannot accept this expensive gift. Pushpa tells her to buy it. It is nothing in front of your happiness. I can even give such necklaces to my enemies only if they decide to pack their bags and leave the house! Kunika asks Pushpa to give her money in place of jewellery. Mishri’s upbringing, her education is more important than all this. She is a very bright student. She passed the exam and got selected for international seminar. Please give me money in place of jewellery. I will save them in a bank in Mishri’s name. I am sure she will make us proud one day. She is very talented.

Ira fumes whereas Pushpa feels blessed to have found a DIL like Kunika. Kunika calls Mishri her responsibility. I am Akhilesh’s wife and your daughter. There has to be some difference between Mishri’s old mom and me. I don’t want to be a preloader like others. Ira informs her she isn’t staying here as a preloader. No one has to worry about me. I cannot take care of myself and bear our expenses too. I am only staying her for Mishri’s sake. Devina suggests her to pay half fees then. Ira says I will pay the full amount. Akhilesh tells her against it. I cannot forget that Mishri is your daughter too. You can do something for your daughter if you want. We can share the fee amount. Devina tells her the last date of submission. Ira agrees to arrange the money by tomorrow. Let me know if Mishri needs something else. She has my phone number. She goes. Akhilesh also leaves for office. Pushpa advises the jeweller to leave the jewellery here for today. I will send it to your shop in some time. Devina and Kunika smile seeing their plan work. Now Ira will have to pay half fees for Mishri’s seminar. It isn’t a small amount. Kunika wants to make sure Ira misses this deadline. Devina has already called the bank managers of their area. Ira wont get any loan. Kunika smiles. Mishri is Ira’s weakness. We have to make full use of it! Devina seconds her.

Adi is talking to Bhoomi. You are enjoying life but I don’t do anything these days. Badi Ma and Akhilesh don’t trust me so I am seeking help from you. I need 1 lac to start a new investment. He notes down her details and ends the call. It is Bhoomi and Bhavik’s joint account. Bhavik has withdrawn 5 lacs just now. I wont spare Bhavik!

Bhavik is doing a video call with someone. Don’t tell anyone about the money or project. We will rock the city once our plan succeeds. He ends the call hurriedly as Ira enters. She has come with a box of sweets. Mishri got selected for International Seminar from her school. Bhavik smiles. She is my niece after all. His smile disappears seeing the fee amount. Ira says Akhilesh and I have decided to share the amount. Bhavik assures her he will pay her share but Ira tells him not to worry. Mishri is my responsibility. I came to give this news and sweets to Mishri’s Superman Uncle. I have to now go to take loan. He calls her the worst sister and best mother of the world. She nods. Bhavik resumes his call as soon as she leaves.

Ira fails in getting loan from any of the bankers. I don’t wish to disappoint Mishri. A lady suggests her to take loan from hospital itself. Hospital gives loan to employees and the money is dedicated from their salaries every month. Akhilesh is still in hospital. You can get this done right away. Ira thinks this is what she was afraid of. I have to do this for Mishri though. She thanks the lady and heads to Akhilesh’s cabin. He asks her why she came here to bother him. She tells him she dint come here to bother him. I need a loan of 50k. Loan amount can be deducted from my salary. He asks her why she said at home that she will manage it. She reasons that she is only taking a loan. He advises her to stop all this. I can shoulder this responsibility on my own. She is unrelenting. He gives up. Leave the papers here. I will see them.

Kunika asks the same lady if she did her part in front of Ira. The lady nods. Kunika smiles. Ira was acting yesterday. It is my turn today!

Adi confronts Bhavik. Why are you misusing my sister’s money? Bhavik tells him it is his and Bhoomi’s joint account. I have invested them in business. I will deposit them again upon my wish! Adi keeps asking him but Bhavik taunts him instead. I don’t misuse my money like this. Adi decides to tell everything to Akhilesh but Bhavik isn’t bothered. Adi stomps out of the room. Bhavik is positive about his project. No one will say anything to me once I succeed in my project!

Ira thanks Akhilesh. I know you hate me but you have never let this come between me and Mishri. This is what I expected from you. Kunika asks Akhilesh what Ira is doing here. She reads the form. You came here to seek monetary help! You were bragging earlier that you would use your money to send Mishri to the seminar but you ended up coming here to seek help. I was right about you! You are indeed a preloader! Ira warns her to shut up. I came here to take loan. It will be deducted from my salary. I am doctor of this hospital so I can get it. I don’t have to hear anymore! Kunika repeats at her that she is a preloader and will always remain one! Ira shouts at her to stop her nonsense. Akhilesh looks on helplessly. Ira tells her not to interfere between her and Akhilesh’s decisions. This is my money. Kunika calls Akhilesh and MIshri her family but Ira warns her not to take Mishri’s name. Akhilesh tells them to stop arguing. This is my office. Kunika apologizes to him. I brought lunch for you. Akhilesh asks Ira to leave. I will sign the loan papers and send them to you. Kunika makes her fall intentionally. Akhilesh decides to get the mess cleaned from someone else but Kunika tells Ira to clean it herself. She makes Akhilesh sit down while Ira cleans the floor. Kunika reaches out for the chutney box but opens it intentionally. She stands near Ira so when she gets up, the chutney box flies in air. Kunika blames Ira for it. Akhilesh also refuses to let her do anything. He goes to call doc.

Ira offers water to Kunika to sprinkle on her face and eyes. Kunika tells her to relax. I am fine. You can show this fake concern to someone else. Ira understands she was acting. Kunika calls it demo. You need to see the real thing.

Precap: Kunika acts as if she cannot see anything. I knew Ira hates me but I dint know you will fall so low. Akhilesh fires Ira and refuses to sanction her loan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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