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Mere Sai 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Srikanth Helps Barber

Mere Sai 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Barber returns home tired and tensed. His wife asks if he arranged money, he pays money to Sarkar each month, where did the money go. Barber says he gives interest to Sarkar each month and cannot dare question him as he is king of Shirdi, he is not even educated to check documents. Wife asks who will help them now. Srikanth hearing their conversation standing near door walks in and says he will help them. Bheema’s evil cousins drop oil on Dwarkamayi steps. Sai gets ready with his begging bag and is about to step down when he notices oil on steps and cleans it smilingly. Couins get more jealous seeing their second plan failed. Srikanth notes down Barber’s all explained calculations. Anta and Panta reaches with goons and shout at Barber to get out and vacate house, else he will break

house. Srikanth asks couple to go and control Anta and Panta while he finishes calculations. Anta breaks things around. Srikanth asks couple to go out before they destroy more things. Couple walk out. Anta ask to pay loan amount. Barber says he does not have money. In Dwarkamayi, evil cousins tie thin rope in front of main door to make Sai fall down.

Anta and Panta order barber couple to get out of house as now Sarkar owns it. Srikanth walks out and warns to stop. Panta taunts he goes into anyone’s house, anyways vacate house right now. Srikanth asks what did this barber do. Accountant says barber took 15 rs loan and did not return it yet. Srikanth asks loan which barber took 10 years ago, till now he has paid already 30 rs in total. Anta shouts not to teach them and oppose Sarkar without any proof, else he will not be spared. Srikanth shows calculation. Anta continues yelling. People gather outside house and watch their drama. Accountant stops Anta and say people are watching and even they will seek Srikanth’s help, so it is better they leave from here. He apologizes Srikanth and says his eyesight is weak, so he must have missed calculation. He takes barber’s fingerprint on loan closure documents. People discuss someone has come finally to revolt against sarkar, earlier Sarkar’s own son revolted and then his nephew Govinda and now this teacher, soon sarkar’s injustice will end. Accountant takes them away. Barber with his wife thanks Srikanth, and he walks away. Barber reminisces Sai’s words that someone may help him by evening. He runs behind Srikanth and says he will follow his advice of not tonsuring widows’ heads. Srikanth asks to rethink as he does not want him to take decision in haste. Barber says he does not like widows’ sad face while tonsuring their head and will support his barber community. Srikanth smiles and leaves.

Bheema’s evil cousins return to Dwarkamayi and spread garbage all around the place. Sai enters. They both get tensed and apologize Sai. Sai offers them mangoes. They ask what is it. Sai says they gave what they had and he is giving what he has, gets busy cleaning barbage. Elder one fumes that Sai is taunting that they have garbage in them, let us go now and return afterwards.

At Kulkarni’s house, Chihu after finishing her bland food feeds Govinda normal food prepared for him. Govinda insists her to have a bit as he knows she ate bland food. She accepts a bite. Kulkarni walks in and shouts at Rukmini that she did not obey his order to not let Chihu out and give her bland food. Rukmini says tai had bland food. Kulkarni yells at Chihu that she has to live a widow’s life secluded in a room and eat bland food. Govinda says aayi had bland food. Kulkarni yells at him and says for Chihu’s mistake, he will punish Govinda. Chihu confronts him to stop yelling at her, she is following all his orders, even then he finds faults in everything. Kulkarni continues yelling at her.

In Dwarkamayi, Sai is busy in his chores when evil cousins enter and run away with Sai’s bag. Sai asks them to return his bag, but in vain. They reach a quiet place and see lots of fruits in Sai’s bag and eat them all. Sai reaches there and asks them to return his bag if they have finished eating fruits. Elder one shouts he will never return his bag and picks brick from bag.

Kulkarni’s accountant returns to him and says people have started revolting against him and are discussing when he cannot control his sister and family, how can he control them. Kulkarni determines to punish Chihu and set an example.

Precap: Kulkarni in front of whole village says his widow sister broke religious rules, so he will get her head tonsured in front of whole village. Barber with shivering hands extends shaver towards Chihu’s head.

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