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Ladies Special 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar Feels Helpless Seeing Other Surgeon Performing His Patient’s Surgery

Ladies Special 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Meghna returns home sadly and thinks why did Jyoti leave her alone, they are like siblings than friends. Mandar walks to her reminiscing Khadar bhai packing his belongings in factory and telling him that he wants to stop staying in factory before Meghna kicks him out. Mandar asks not to say that, he is a family member. Khadar bhai says this factory is only Meghna’s now, when she did not spare her best friend, why will she spare him. He says there is no need to pity on him and walks away saying he will return tomorrow for supervisor’s job and inform Meghna to just clothes and not entangle them.

Amar’s patient’s wife walks to him and says it is her husabnd’s operation today and she wants only Amar to perform operation as she trusts only him. Amar says even new

doctor is very trustable and he will guarantee that. Lady thanks him. After successful surgery, all assistant congratulate and praise new doctor. Amar feels sad but congratulates new doctor. Doctor thanks Amar for giving him opportunity to operate. Amar returns to his cabin and looking at god’s pic cries that in childhood he wanted to become doctor in a drama, but teacher gave him patient’s character, so he was adamant and teacher removed him from drama. He continues that he wanted god to cure Mota pappa’s hand in exchange of his hand, so he is happy for that and does not complain. Bindu reaches there and gets sad hearing his conversation and leaves without meeting him. In local train, she cries sitting on a seat when her copassenger asks if she fought with her husband. Bindu smiles and says she is fine, sees Viraaj’s pic in news paper and says her friend is marrying the Viraaj Parimal.

Viraaj reaches outside Prarthana’s house in his luxury car with machine gun laden bodyguards and waits for Prarthana. Seetaram says let us go home as there is a big parking problem. Viraaj does not agree. Peon hands him over Prarthana’s letter saying Prarthana sent him a letter and he searched him everywhere but found here. Prarthana peeps from balcony and hides. Viraaj notices her and sends bodyguards from there warning to inform Das babu and dismiss them from job if they don’t go.

Amaar walks towards his car when Kangana notices him and thinks of spending time with him in ileu of taking lift. She sends her driver home and asks Amar if he can drop her. Amar agrees. She acts as surprised seeing Puneeth there. Puneeth says he is Amar’s personal assistant now. Kangana taunts that Amar is so kind hearted that he helps anyone even without qualification, but Amar should be careful from misusing people. Puneeth feels sad hearing that. Amar notices that. Kangana sits in back seat and asks Amar to sit with her, but he closes door and sits with Puneeth in front seat and discusses tomorrow’s schedule ignoring Kangana. Kangana feels more jealous. He reaches home with Puneeth. Mota pappa asks how was his first day at job today. Bindu says it must be well. Moti mamma serves prasad to Amar and Puneeth. Amar says he compromised with his feelings and now he feels happy. He reminisces the incident where Bindu gives him moral gyaan. Bindu senses that runs to kitchen unable to hold her emotions.

At night, Mandar and Meghna with children take Baba for a wheelchair ride in society and get sad seeing Jyoti’s house locked. Mandar reminisces Meghna’s wrong decisions and Meghna reminisces Mandar opposing her. Drama continues…

Precap: Prarthana confronts Viraaj that he should have trusted her once and informed her truth if he really loves her. Mandar leaves Meghna’s house. Bindu collapses on road.

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