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Krishna Chali London 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer realizes his crime

Krishna Chali London 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Krishna saying we will manage everything, are you under any pressure. Sunaina asks will you confess or not. She scolds her and asks her to listen to her. She says you have ruined Veer’s life, you don’t love Veer, you don’t worry for her. Krishna gets shocked. Constable takes Sunaina with her. Sunaina comes home. Veer sees her in weak state and checks her. He asks how is she feeling now. She says I m not able to get up, I feel very weak. He says don’t worry, we will go to hospital. Sunaina thinks I will never let you know truth. Krishna recalls Sunaina’s words and says why did mum say this, should I accept that letter. She cries. Veer checks Sunaina’s reports and says strange, she has much weakness, I know she has stress, just see the reports, everything is

normal, it should reflect somewhere, I don’t understand. He gets a call. Doctor says lets perform some hormonal tests. Veer says that’s a good idea.

He goes with doctor. Nayani and Shashank come there. Nayani asks what happened to mum. Veer says I don’t know, I will do my best to manage this, we can’t break. He gets a call again. Nayani asks him to meet Krishna, she will be with mum. Shashank says this is your hospital, nothing will go wrong. Veer says sorry lawyer, yes I will come. He leaves. Sunaina asks where did you send Veer, why. Nayani asks her to take rest, Krishna also needs Veer. Sunaina runs out. She sees Veer. He says science is strange, you can never falsify it, you were faking an illness, why, you had lied, right? Sunaina says I m really weak. He says enough. He asks Shashank and Nayani to take Sunaina home.

He says I did this drama to know why you lied, I promise you, I will come back, my wife needs me right now. He goes. He meets Dubey and Bua. He asks Dubey to have patience and trust him. He consoles Bua and says we are Krishna’s strength, we have to keep her strong. Veer and lawyer go and meet Krishna. They take her statement about Radhe’s death. Veer holds her hand. She gives her statement that she was married to Radhe, who died in a car accident. Veer gets an email from London. He checks the FIR details of Radhe’s accident. He gets shocked. Krishna says he had planned a surprise for me, I was going to meet him, I received his phone call, he was telling me his location. Veer recalls the accident. Krishna says someone else picked his phone and said he met with an accident. He thinks this can’t happen. Krishna tells the same date and place. Veer gets shocked. Krishna says people told me that it was a black car, driver didn’t get down the car after the accident, like a coward and a murderer, he drove away, he left Radhe to die.

Veer cries. Krishna sees Veer and holds his hand. She asks what’s happening to you. Krishna says Veer returned to India on the same day. Veer leaves. Krishna worries. Veer cries and stops the car. He feels sick and cries out. He comes home and says I killed Radhe. Sunaina says no, you didn’t do anything. Veer says I killed him. She says no, it was an accident. He says I ruined Krishna’s life, I m his murderer. She asks where are you going. He says to accept my mistake and tell truth to my wife, since that accident happened, I wished to support that dead man’s family, I never imagined that it will be my Krishna, I need to go and tell her. Sunaina says you don’t have to get involved, you just prove that Krishna didn’t kill Radhe, you both are meant to be together. He says this is wrong, I won’t do this. She cries.

Sunaina comes to meet Shukla. She says Veer will try his best to bail out Krishna and prove her innocence, I need your help. Veer gets kidnapped. Lawyer says we have to find Veer, you will be presented in the court tomorrow. Krishna gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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