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Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: RV reconfirms Rocky’s identity

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sania coming to meet Rocky. She says I can recognize your face with closed eyes, you are my Rocky, right, tell me. He says it will be better than you control yourself. Sania says all the past offences are excused. He thinks Sania is out of her mind. RV says maybe you are saying right, we don’t want to take risk, we can’t take this case lightly until we are sure that he isn’t Rocky. Sandhya says yes. RV says you can trust me right, nothing will happen to Happy, I m with her always. Kulwant says nothing will happen to Happy, Rocky isn’t a threat for Smiley or Happy.

RV says we don’t want to have any doubt in mind, you can trust me, Smiley is a champion. She is strong than this, all of us are with her. Kulwant asks him to be careful, the hotel needs Shaan’s

investment. Sania flirts with Rocky and says you deserve the best, that is me. Rocky gets away and thinks I lose my temper seeing her, maybe she has the proof of my evidence, I have to go close to her. He says if I refuse, it will be a lie, you have something which no one else has. She says trust me, I can do anything for this face. He does shayari. She says I didn’t understand but it sounds romantic. He says you are also romantic. She says no one can stop me from coming to you.

Rocky comes to hotel and surprises Happy. She asks him to sit. RV is in the jail again. He asks constable to take anyone’s permission, he has to meet Rocky right now. Happy says RV is a busy man, he has his own business, don’t worry, he will be here in some time. Rocky says this place is mine, even this hotel is mine. Jailer says ask RV to leave, I m doing my work. He gets a call. He thinks they won’t mend their ways, they are making me wait here, RV has gone there to check in the jail. He says if RV is busy, even I have work, I will go. Happy thinks maybe he wants to go to jail. She says leaving in anger is not right, please sit, RV is on his way, you like the lassi of our hotel, shall I order it. He says no thanks. Constable says its not possible. RV says I have seen poverty closely, if you let me meet Rocky, maybe I will praise you to commissioner and you get a promotion. Constable says come Sir. RV says well done.

Happy asks are you okay. Constable asks RV to fill a form. RV agrees. Rocky rushes to bathroom and calls jailer. Jailer says RV is here again to meet you, you have to come fast. Rocky says manage him for just ten mins, I will come. Happy locks Rocky in the bathroom. He asks Happy to open the door. She says good that nobody saw him, no one will go there, we have to catch Rocky. Rocky threatens her. She calls RV. He says I m finishing formalities and then I will go in. She says please call me after you meet Rocky. She thinks did Rocky escape, or is this silence any trick to open the door, maybe he is waiting for me to open the door, he can run away. She hears his voice and smiles. She says you will have no choice now. Babbi says no one can meet a prisoner living in single cell, I know the regulations well. RV says I will not obey any rules, don’t take me for granted, you will be retired from practice if my doubt about Rocky is true. Babbi asks for judge’s order.

RV calls the judge and asks do you remember Rocky’s case, I suspect that he escaped from prison, his lawyer is creating a hurdle, yes thanks. Babbu thinks RV won’t let Rocky get out of the prison all life. RV goes to check the cell. Babbi thinks jailer got someone else in Rocky’s place. He asks RV to come if he is done. RV gets shocked seeing Rocky. Rocky catches his neck and scolds him. RV leaves. Babbi says if you harass my client next time, I will have you all fired. He taunts RV for losing to him. RV thinks how is this possible. Rocky takes Shaan’s get up again and tries to flee. He gets shocked seeing Simmi. He recalls going out of the bathroom window by taking Simmi’s help. Simmi says I know you are Rocky, come fast. He leaves his voice recording to mislead Happy.

Happy asks RV about the wound marks. She says Rocky attacked you. She cares for RV. RV thinks Happy will hate me on knowing the truth, I won’t be able to tell her what I feel for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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