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Chandragupta Maurya 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Reaches Paraspura

Chandragupta Maurya 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Dhananand excitedly tells his team that he will go to Lalbaug and return with his biggest enemies’ dead bodies. He says his sister would be happy seeing servant Chandragupta’s dead body. Durdhara helplessly smiles. Bhadrasal brings Jagatjala’s message and reads that Magadh’s 2 biggest enemies are killed. Dhananand says he is eager to go to Paraspura and see Chandragupta’s dead body personally. Amartya rakhas asks what about Dahak and Nishumbi. Dhanaannd says this letter has Jagatjala’s royal seal and he trusts him more than any other taluk chief and if he has assured, then he must have killed Chandragupta, let him go and see dead bodies personally.

Chanakya tkes back his team to their hideout and explains how and Chandragupta found out Dahak and

Nishumbi’s assassination plan and how they planned everything from misleading Dahak and Nishumbi, letting them kidnap their friends, keeping Piplivan badge and flag in Dahak’s trunk and informing Durgam Dugu, then changing whole situation against Dahak and Nishumbi, etc.. Sthul says his plan was excellent as usual, but he has one question. Chanakya asks if he wants to know why I did not get into trouble. Sthul says he is scholar and know everything, he disappoints always. Everyone laugh.

Jagatjala gets Dhananand’s message that he is visiting Paraspura. He gathers all his maids and informs that king is coming, so they should make arrangements to greet like in a royal way the king deserves. Chanakya and his team get tensed hearing that and decide to not go in front of Dhananand. Jagatjala scolds Martand that he will pronounce Martand as next taluk chief in front of king, he has to act conscientiously. Martand insists Chandragupta to accompany him when king arrives. Chandragupta tries to avoid, but in vain. On the other side, Kalki insists Durgeshwari/Mura to be along her when king arrives. Even Mura resists but in vain. Dhananand arrives on his chariot. Jagatjala with all his team greets him. Dhananand gets down from his chariot and says he is eager to see his enemy Chandragupta’s dead body. Mura is standing aside and her veil flies. Chandragupta gets tensed thinking Dhananand will see her face.

Chanakya Niti: A hunter’s success or failure depends on his alertness and when his target finds out that it is being targeted, it escapes; similary one has to keep their plan a secret, else enemy will not fall prey.

Precap: Dhananand scolds Jagatjala that he killed his sent assassins instead of Chandagupta.
Jagatjala says his advisor Lalkha napit gave him many proofs against them.

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