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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidika leaves Agarwal house

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vaidika clarifies to Bari Amma that her sons will live with their mother, like Sahil is staying with his. Nani tries to stop them. Aarya says the one who holds a real soft corner for Vaidika can also go away. Nani now comes to request Sahil but he holds his hand. Nani decides she will also go with her daughter. Vaidika brings Ved to the hall. Ved runs to Sahil and asks him to join them. Sahil says it’s good for everyone that Ved leaves with Mummy. Ved now asks Aarya to stop Mummy Papa, he doesn’t want to leave Papa. He asks why they are leaving, she always claims Ved is her favorite brother. Aarya’s heart melts for Ved but Shirtij clutches her hand. Vaidika had brought Virat and leaves with her children. Aarya steals a direct look with Vaidika, and leaves the hall by herself. Vaidika turns

to look towards Sahil, he symbolically kiss her ring and holds his tears back. Deepak tries to console but Sahil wants to stay alone for some time. He cries when everyone has left.

In her old house, Vaidika was still confused why Sahil did all this. Nani brings the luggage bags inside. She was curt and taunts that her husband has shown his real worth, this is his true color. He is bored of her, and proved himself to be an Agarwal. Vaidika turns to leave. Nani says she warned Vaidika they have an age difference and they won’t be able to end up together. This is the guy Vaidika wanted to protect and Aarya married that Shirtij. Vaidika clarifies to her mother she doesn’t know the complete truth, and she won’t hear a word against her Sahil.

Sahil was in his room thinking about Vaidika. He gets a call from her but she doesn’t speak, and instead place the phone on her chest. Sahil contently hears her heartbeat. Vaidika sings, ‘Saathiya… Sangg rahay tera pyaar’. Afterwards, Sahil says I love you. Vaidika replies I love you too. Sahil says I love you three, I love you four, and I love you forever.
In the room, Shirtij reads the papers. Bari Amma says she named the 51% property after him, as he demanded. Though the family was against it. Shirtij turns to leave. Bari Amma pleads him to hug her for once, she has long awaited to see him close to herself. She valued him more than Sahil and her family. Shirtij doesn’t let her hug himself and curtly asks what love. He is her son, her DNA and got all the selfishness, shrewdness and greed from her. He isn’t Sahil who has a heart, it won’t matter to him even if she dies in front of him. He will never speak what she wants to hear. Shirtij asks if she wished to purchase his love in return of this property, it was his due right which he had to get anyway. She must go to her son Sahil, he needs her more. He pushes Bari Amma towards the door. Sahil had just come inside and supports Bari Amma. Bari Amma leaves the room in tears.

In the balcony, Prachi holds a hand over Shruti. Shruti stops Prachi and argues what’s the problem with her, she didn’t delete any matrimonial profile. But she questions Prachi why she made a profile for her. Whatever happened years ago was also her husband’s mistake. She has suffered a lot already, she will only decide herself what she has to do with her life. Prachi says Shruti can’t think so much, who is teaching all this to her. Deepak comes from behind and says he is. He admires Shruti for being a good disciple and replying to Prachi well. He questions if Prachi hasn’t been able to control her flirtatious husband, that she always blame Shruti. Prachi wasn’t ready to listen anything against Puneesh. Puneesh is his elder and son in law of this family. Deepak advices Prachi to care for her unborn child, not.

PRECAP: Prachi argues for her Godh Bharai. Aarya says nothing in the house will take place without her permission and warns that Vaidika shouldn’t be invited here. A stranger comes to Vaidika’s house.

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