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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina plans to send Munna and Pandit to Delhi

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts in school. Sports teacher comes there and says Munna and Pandit are selected in cricket team. They both refuse to play. Pandit comes to canteen and asks for something. Canteen lady refuses to give anything. Munna comes and pays her money. Lady says 12 rs is yet to be paid. Pandit pays it and says Sameer is his friend too. They argue. Naina and Swati see them fighting and think they are missing Sameer. They plan to send Munna and Pandit to Sameer house in Delhi. Naina studies hard. Sameer voiceover tells that he was getting in bad company and started having bad habits. He plays cards with his bad friends. His friends tease the girls. Sameer supports them and beats the guys scolding them. He comes home with minor injuries. Dadi teases him. His voiceover tells that he was

making all Dadi’s words right. He calls Naina, but Tai ji picks his call. His voiceover tells that he used to hear Naina’s voice less and engage tune more, and tells that Naina was like ajooba. Sameer goes with his friends again. Shanti teacher tells the result of 2nd unit test and tells that Naina Agarwal got 93 percent marks. Everyone claps for her. Shanti teacher praises her and says you have proved that love is not blind. Naina says she topped in the test as she had promised Sameer.

Shanti teacher hopes even Sameer must be fulfilling the promise. Pandit is hungry and couldn’t bear the hunger. Naina comes to him and gives him ladies finger dish. She tells him that she talked to Sameer and told about their fight. He will call them once he is fine. Swati tells Munna that she heard Naina talking to Preeti and telling that Sameer is unwell. She asks him to go and visit him, and tells that pandit is going. Munna says he will go there. Pandit also says the same thing. Naina says this is called true friendship and asks him to give rose to Sameer from her side. Swati gives rose to Munna and tells that it is for Sameer. She asks him to go and save his unwell friend. Munna says yes and says Sameer, my brother….I am coming. Pandit also says the same thing. Naina smiles.

Rakesh is in the teacher’s room and waits for Shanti teacher. He tells that he couldn’t wait. Shanti teacher comes there and sits. Rakesh says she is late. Shanti teacher says next time she will not get late. Rakesh says he is troubled due to hot weather and says Principal shall get it in donation from rich parents. Other teacher tells that it is him only. He says he will get AC’s in the staff room. Shanti teacher gives him note of the books to buy in the library. Rakesh checks it. Naina’s letter falls down from her book. Rakesh picks it up. Shanti teacher takes it, and tears it. Teacher asks about the selection of the cultural event teacher. Rakesh says he will be the one. Shanti teacher says she has selected Lochan sir as his hindi is good. After everyone leaves, Rakesh picks the pieces and join them to read. He is shocked to see love letter and thinks Shanti teacher is having an affair.

Rakesh sees Shanti and Lochan sir talking about love poetry and doubts they have an affair. He tells to other teachers and tells that he has a proof.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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