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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Doorcrashes KK’s Meeting To Inform About Culprit

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khurana sees Sharma ji waiting for Siddhant outside and asks him to come inside. Sharma ji asks him to check first if Siddhant is free. Khurana takes Sharma ji and reminds siddhant that Sharma ji is IT dept’s vigilance officer. Siddhant says he was checking important case. Siddhant tells Sharma ji that you didn’t respect me as I have bail you out of the case. He asks him to give all details of the transaction. Sharma ji says I can lose my job. Siddhant says you will lose your respect and asks him to load details in pendrive. Sharma ji takes it and goes.

Siddhant asks Purva to take details of the persons who did the transaction of 50 crores. Purva checks and tells that Goel sold diamond worth Rs 50 crores. Siddhant thinks if he got poor.
KK calls Prabhakar and tells that

Ajit etc want to meet you. Prabhakar says they shall meet at home in the evening. KK agrees. Prabhakar tells Gayatri that KK has a doubt that someone has conspired against him in the airlines deal. Siddhant says I will have an important meeting. He calls Sweety and asks him to meet Sharma ji in IT dept, then asks him to call Sharma to Khurana’s office and asks him to find out to whom Goel sold diamond of 50 crores Rs.

Siddhant comes to KK’s office. Security guy asks him to sign. Siddhant asks what to do to get rid of this security. He asks him to talk to Seema, security incharge. Siddhant comes to Seema and asks if this is school, who asks for daily attendance. Seema says security is my concern, I can’t help you. Anushka says everyone has to follow the rules of Reddy corporation. She says you are temporary here and says if he don’t want to work then she will talk to Srikant reddy. Siddhant says he will manage. She asks him to talk to her and asks what is his problem. She tells that there is so much going on in Prabhakar’s uncle. Siddhant says he is a man and not an angel. He says you would have told me there. Anushka says this is called dignity.

Siddhant gets Sweety’s call and he tells him that Goel bought the diamond for 400 crores and sold it here for 50 crores. Siddhant says he will find out. Prabhakar comes to KK’s house. Ashok shows anger on Prabhakar. KK asks them to greet Prabhakar first. KK asks Prabhakar why did he ask for their financial details. Prabhakar says I feel that one of them shook hands with Goel and that’s why you lost the deal. Ira sitting there tells that Prabhakar is insulting them. KK asks Prabhakar if he checked the papers.

Siddhant comes there and is stopped by guards. Anushka asks him to wait till the meeting is finished. Ira says may be Prabhakar get the money from Goel. Siddhant gets Sweety’s call and he pretends to talk to Anushka. He tells that Anushka slipped in the bathroom. Rao goes to check. Just then Anushka comes there. KK runs to the meeting room. KK says important meeting is going on and asks him to leave. Others say the meeting is over and tells KK that he has given much liberty to Prabhakar and his son. Siddhant says I know who is responsible for airlines deal loss. KK and Others look on shocked.

Precap: Siddhant tells that Goel had bought the diamond for Rs. 400 crores and sold for 50 crores. He says he has found why he sold the diamond for cheaper price, says where that 350 is gone.

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