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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Toshiji warns Simmi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya tells Ruhi it feels good to be back in office. She is nervous too. Ruhi tells her not to be nervous. They will give her same cabin where she used to sit and she can do same work. They go to her old cabin and ask employee to shift to another cabin, but Adi says he won’t shift. Aaliya has come back after long time, she first should sit with trainees and get used to work. Ruhi argues. Aaliya says she is fine with that. Ruhi thinks she will need to talk to Ishita about Adi.

Ishita asks Raman wasn’t he at office. He says his wife was enjoying break, so he thought to join her. Ishita asks whether Amma was also involved? He says yes. She says what kind of surprises he gives, but she loved it. Raman says he likes it when she gets jealous. They go for lunch.

Bala and

Appa are tired of eating bananas. Appa says he will cook something. Bala stops him and asks why ladies couldn’t take them with them. They must be enjoying so much. Amma and Bala’s wife come back. They say they left Ishita there with Raman. Bala asks how did he come? Amma says he came to surprise her. Bala asks them to cook something, they are hungry. His wife and Amma go. Shravan comes home. His mother asks what he will eat. Shravan says he has already ordered because Appa and Bala said there is nothing to eat at home. Bala is impressed first, but then gets angry as Shravan ordered food from an expensive restaurant. He asks from where he gets so much money? Shravan says youngsters know how to make money. Kiran calms Bala.

Raman and Ishita return home. Raman is tired. Ishita says they should have such days often. Let kids work and they can enjoy now. She goes to change and screams. Raman goes to check. Someone has written on glass “I am back”. Mihika also comes there. She recalls Bhavna telling her Sonakshi’s spirit is back. Ishita is scared. Raman tells her no one is there, someone joked with them. He won’t spare whoever did this joke.

Raman gathers everyone and asks who did it. Simmi asks why he is looking at her. He says he’s telling everyone and everyone knows it’s Simmi who has problems with Ishita. Simmi gets furious and says Ishita is paying for what she has done. Raman also gets angry and says when he finds out whoever did it, he will kick that person out of the house. Simmi drops lipstick, but no one notices it. Raman goes. Ruhi now gets mad at Simmi asking what problem she has with Ishita. Simmi asks what proof she has and she better look after Ishita else soon she will be in asylum. Now Mihika gets angry. Toshiji asks everyone to stop. She understand whatever happened with Ishita is bad, but it can’t always be Simmi. She asks everyone to go to their room. Simmi thanks Toshiji for supporting her. Toshiji leaves. Simmi can’t find lipstick. She is worried thinking what if someone finds it. Toshiji takes her to room and says she knows Simmi did all this. She saved her this time, but next time she won’t spare her. For her all her children are equal and Raman is finally getting his memory back because of Ishita. She doesn’t want her to do anything with Ishita that causes problems for Raman. Simmi asks what about her daughter who suffered because of Ishita? They all can forgive Ishita, but she will never forgive Ishita. Simmi cries. Toshiji consoles Simmi and asks her to move on now thinking it was an accident. Forgive Ishita. Simmi says she thought Toshiji would understand her pain, but she was wrong. She asks Toshiji to leave, she wants to be alone. Mr. Bhalla hears all. He tells Toshiji he didn’t expect this from her when she comes out.

Aaliya tells Adi only Simmi can do this. He ignores her. Mani calls her and asks to put phone on speaker. He says he’s launching a new product and he wants Adi’s company to make a presentation on marketing. He wants his company to get marketing contract. Adi gets happy and says he will have presentation ready. Mani tells him to take Aaliya’s help, she is an expert. Mani disconnects. Aaliya tells Adi they will start working on it from tomorrow. Adi again starts ignoring her.

Raman brings hot chocolate for Ishita saying he made it. Ishita says it’s so bitter. Raman wonders how did that happen. She says he must have used wrong powder. He says he will go and fix it. Ishita thinks Raman looks fine, but he must have taken everyone’s class. She is sure it’s Simmi behind this, but she can’t say anything to her else she will hurt Pihu. Raman comes back with hot chocolate. This time Ishita likes it. She falls asleep on his shoulder.

Precap: Mihika finds out from Neelu that Ishita has gone to mental asylum to distribute sarees. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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