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Waada raha sanam _ twinj episode 3

Hey Guy’s ! Rhea is back 😀

Episode : 3

Kunj and twinkle both are ready and excited to go for a school picnic 😄

Kunj goes inside the bus and sits beside Shruti.. ( twinkle’s so called friend and kunj’s crush)

Twinkle comes inside the bus and her blood boils when she sees him with her 😤 ( jealously feeling 😉)

T : kunj tu Vaha kyu baitha hai, aa na yaha aake baith..

(Kunj ! Why are you sitting there ? Come sit here na)

K : (Murmuring) Iss ladki ko na kuch samaj nahi aata 😫
(Why don’t this girl understand 😫)

K: nahi ! nahi ! twinkle Mai yaha comfortable hu 😁

(It’s okay Twinkle I am comfortable here 😁)

Twinkle to herself : bada aaya Mai yaha comfortable hu! 🙄

( Huh ! Stupid 😬 I am comfortable there 😒)

Akash enters in the bus and sits beside twinkle ( kunj don’t like him) watching him sitting with twinkle he leaves his place and goes there..

K: Tu yaha kya kar raha hai 😒 ja kahi aur jake baith 😬
(What are you doing here? Go sit somewhere else 😬)

A: kyu bhai ? Meri marzi Mai kahi bhi baithu!.. Tuje kya ?

(Why Bro ? My choice wherever I sit 😒 Why do you have problem ?)

T: Maine bola usse yaha baithne K liye 🙄

(I said him to sit here)

K: tu Chup rahegi do minute k liye? 😡

(Will you be quite for two minutes 😡)

T: nahi Chup rahungi kya karoge Tum?! 😒

(No I won’t keep quite 😒 What will you do ?)

Kunj holds akash collar and says : utth yaha se Maine bola..

(I said get up from here 😠)

A: leave my collar

Kunj leaves his collar and akash goes behind to sit with Shruti..

kunj sits with twinkle ❤❤
{ After half an hour**** Twinkle is ignoring kunj… Her face is towards the window ***}

K: Sunn, baat kyu nhi kar rahi mujse??..( she ignores)

(Hey ! Why aren’t you talking to me ?)

K: acha sorry muje Aise baat nahi karni chaiye thi ( she ignores)

(Okay I am sorry I should not have talked like that)

K: acha kaan bhi pakad liye, ab toh maaf kar de ( she ignores)

(Okay I held my ears also ! Atleast now forgive me)

Kunj holds her hand..

K: Tuje pata hai na mujhe vo nahi pasand Fir kyu usse yaha baithne K liye bola??..!!

(You know na I don’t like him at all 😒 So why you asked him to sit with you ?)

T: Aur tune jo kiya uska kya?!

(And what you did ?)

K: kya kiya Maine?

(What I did ?)

T: bol toh aise raha hai Jaise Isko kuch pata hi na ho!!

(Speaking as if he doesn’t know 😒)

Some people interfere : Yaar tum dono toh aise lad rahe ho jaise husband and wife

( Areh! They are fighting as if husband wife )

( they laugh) ( kunj and twinkle ignore them)

T: haath chod mera

(Leave my Hand)

K: kyu chodu ?

(Why should I leave ?)

T: sab kuch bhi samaj rahe hai kunj

(Everyone is taking it wrongly)

K: you know i don’t care about people..!! Ab jab tak tu muje maaf nahi karegi tab tak nahi chodunga!!

(You know I don’t care about people !!! So I won’t leave your hand until and unless you forgive me )


Precap : under construction 😅😂

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